To Shannon: What Should Have Been

Well, we were out with everyone from work at some club. We’re all having a good time, dancing, drinking and joking around. You and I are flirting a little bit. We’re trying to not let anyone notice how much we are, but trying to totally turn on the other person…a sort of subtle torture. We take care to not dance the slow dances together, but during the fast dances we spend almost as much time looking at each other as we do the person we’re dancing with. As the night goes on people begin to leave…eventually its just you and I…

Well we’re all by ourselves…and the air about us is a little awkward…we’ve been flirting with each other all night, and we’re both pretty turned on, but now we’re alone…together…We make some small talk…joke a little…and then it happens…the DJ plays a slow song. We sit still for a moment…holding our breath…until finally I ask you to dance. You take my hand as I lead you to the dance floor. At first we keep the distance between our bodies, but we’re getting carried away in the moment, and before either of us know it we’re holding each other tight, dancing cheek to cheek. I’m running my hands through your hair. You tilt your head back and we look into each other’s eyes. We bring our lips together gently, a soft, sweet, first kiss that conveys more passion than any words can describe…

Although the kiss lasts for only moments, it seems that time has slowed for us. When at last our lips part it seems that an eternity has passed. The song continues on and we just hold each other tightly, knowing what our hearts desire. When the song ends we return to our table and gather your purse. We know that it is time to leave, but the night is hardly over. In silence we walk back to my car and drive to my house. Not a word is spoken. None is needed. Our interlocked fingers say all that need be said. Finally we arrive at my house. I open the car door for you and walk you to the front door. We walk inside. I leave you standing in the living room and walk around the corner. When I return you can hear the soft murmur of music. The same song we had danced to so many minutes ago. I pull you close to me and we dance. Again our eyes lock and we kiss. But his kiss is charged ever so slightly with the hunger and desire we feel. Our hands run up and down each other’s backs as our kiss continues. Our kiss lasts the entire song, growing stronger in time, but never hurried or unfeeling. As the song ends I pull away from you and slip the straps of your dress from your shoulders.

I kiss you again, but briefly. I kiss down your chin and along your jaw line. I stop at your ear and kiss the lobe before I nibble ever so gently upon it. I kiss my way down your neck, my tongue flicking out a silent staccato. I feel you tense as my lips reach your collarbone and continue lower still. Your breasts barely hold your dress up as I kiss ever closer to the cleavage you have exposed before me. I kiss the top of both of your breasts and my tongue traces lazy circles upon your breasts. I stand tall to kiss you deeply on your lips. As our mouths open and our tongues meet I slide your dress lower. As it falls to the floor you put your arms around my neck. I unfasten your white, strapless bra and you press your body close to mine, shoes and panties are all that cover your body.

Apparently you decide that it is not fair that you’re the only one bearing flesh. You pull away from me and allow me only a momentary glimpse of your beauty before you get closer to me and begin to unbutton my shirt. As the buttons are undone lower and lower you kiss my chest, your tongue darting out to flick a nipple now and then. With the last button undone you remove the shirt completely. You kick off your shoes and push me down on the couch. You pull off one boot and then the other. You get on your knees between my legs. You bring your face down close to my crotch as you unbuckle my belt. As you unbutton and unzip my jeans I can feel your breath hot against my lower belly. As you pull my jeans off, your head follows and I can feel your hair caressing me through my boxers. With my jeans removed you stand, take my hand and pull me up from the couch. We now appear to be on equal ground.

Slow music is still playing in the background, so I pull you close to me once again. I look down at you and you look up at me. You blush, smile and turn away. I imagine it because you can feel my hardening cock press against your belly. I smile and with a gentle hand turn you face to mine. I kiss you gently and hold you close.  For song after song, we remain embraced. We let the music move us. Time slows for us, the heat of our skin touching is heady and a little overwhelming.

Whether its impatience, a renewed sense of courage after standing nearly naked with me for so long or just plain desire I’ll never know, but you take your hand and reach into my boxers. You wrap your fingers around me and pull ever so gently. “I’m tired of dancing,” you say. You turn me around and sit on the couch before me. You pull my boxers down. My cock standing out before you. You reach one hand forward and cup my balls. Your other hand reaches around to my ass. You pull me forward, guiding my cock slowly into your open mouth. Your lips close about me, and as you gently suck on me, your tongue slowly dances about my length and your hand massages my balls. You continue on, occasionally taking me out of your mouth and licking down to my testicles and back to the head until finally I can take no more. I don’t want it to end yet, so I release myself from your pleasurable grip. “It’s my turn.”

I push you back into the couch and position you so that your ass is barely on the couch. I kneel between your spread legs. Our eyes meet as I inch my face closer and closer to your waiting pussy. I slowly slide my tongue out and caress your outer lips. You close your eyes and moan softly. I push the tip of my tongue between your lips until I find your clit. With the first tentative touches you moan and place your hands on my head, your fingers entangling themselves in my hair. I suck your clit into my mouth and hold it carefully with my teeth. You gasp loudly, arch your back and hold my head to your crotch. All intentions of being playful are cast out. I increase the tempo of my sucking. My tongue flicks rhythmically across your clit. I slide one of my fingers into you. Your moaning increases. The louder you moan, the more aggressive I get. I’m sucking, licking, nibbling and fingering at a feverish pace. “God, I want you in me now!”

I move away from your pussy. I lay you back on the couch, your hands grasp at me as if you are afraid that I may leave. I kiss just above your pubic hairs and follow it with kiss after kiss, each one climbing higher up you body. I stop at each breast to kiss and suck each nipple, only long enough to make them hard. I climb onto the couch between your legs. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull my cock to your waiting pussy. With a slow, measured stroke I slide deep inside you. You arch your back and hold me inside you with your legs. Once you relax your grip a little I kiss you and begin taking long, slow strokes. After a while I can tell you want it faster and harder. I find myself unwilling to hold back any longer and increase the tempo gradually. I feel like every inch of my body is on fire by the time I’m thrusting as hard and fast as I can. We are both moaning and crying out. Sweat covers our bodies as we match each other’s rhythm thrust for thrust. Finally I can take it no more. With a few final thrusts and a yell I cum as hard as I ever have. That couple of thrusts are enough to send you over the edge and you orgasm follows almost immediately after mine. Once the moaning, yelling and jerking has stopped we collapse into each other and hold each other close until the morning light shines upon our faces…

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