Damn Time Zones or Why are no men up when Woman wants to play?

The blog linked below made me think. The title should be pretty obvious in terms of what the blog is about (though there is so much more to it and you really should go read it damnit), so I’m not going to re-tell what she writes, but I will share what it made me think about.

Why are no men up when Woman wants to play?.

There was a time in my life where I had no trouble finding people to go online and play with, and it really didn’t matter what time or day. It was never too hard to find someone. About eight years ago though it became more and more difficult.  My traditional stomping grounds became flooded with bots or neanderthal jack-holes. I don’t have the time or patience for it. Eventually I met some cool people to play with online through myspace but even that has dwindled with time (though I am really good friends with some of those myspace people).  Now I find myself willing and ready to play, but the people I want to play with are never around or in the mood.

I’ve found some sites for meeting adults online, but most of them are pay.  The chat rooms I used to go to are so swamped with bots that it is not worth the time. I love showing off on cam or playing with another.  Hell, I love some good old fashioned sexchat, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the works any more.

I’ll admit it…I’ve become pretty bitter about this.

6 thoughts on “Damn Time Zones or Why are no men up when Woman wants to play?

  1. I can relate. When I first started blogging/writing for others to see it was back when Yahoo had 360. I met a lot of good people through that site and was able to connect and chat with most of them. I agree there used to be decent chat rooms from the early 90’s to around 2006 or 2007. Over the last several years, it has turned into a bot central, with either bots and/or people trying to get men to pay to play.

    There are other adult mediums that you can meet and chat with folks, but now it is everyone can see what you are doing/saying unless you are a paid member. Such as anywebcams.com or camfrog, etc. MySpace is in the dumps and Facebook doesn’t allow you to be too anonymous without people flagging you and getting you removed.

    So, like yourself, I am pretty bitter about the whole thing..


    1. I loved yahoo360. I met some awesome people there. Its a shame that yahoo can never hang onto the things that worked and can’t fix chat somehow. I used to have some success with irq back in the day but that seems like another failed system.


    1. I had to take a little hiatus while i put the finishing touches on my first novel (which is out now), but i have been working on a couple of short pieces that i should have posted soon.


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