Working Late Part 1


      It’s been a tough day at work, things seemed to keep piling up on your desk. You decided to stay late so that you could start fresh tomorrow. It is well past 7:00 and the only people left in the building other than you is the cleaning staff. Your floor is completely dark except for your lone office in the corner. You tiredly get up from your large desk and walk about your office. You’re one of the up and coming new executives, warranting covered parking and this great corner office. You’re back is to the door and you are looking out your window at the quickly setting sun, when you hear something behind you.

      You turn quickly and see me standing there. You recognize me immediately as one of the office cleaning crew and your fright ends. “Can I help you?” It sounds like a lame thing to say, but its all you can stammer out. For some reason you’re not thinking quite clearly.

      “Not really. I just saw the light on and thought that maybe someone had forgotten to turn it off.” You can tell I’m checking you out as my eyes drift over every inch of your body before they end their journey looking straight into your own. “Is there anything you need?”

      “Not unless you can finish off this mess,” you point at the pile of papers on your desk, “or fix a pair of ripped nylons.” Another part of your bad day, they were brand new.

      “Well I can’t do your work, but perhaps I can take care of your problem with the nylons.” You’re feeling a little dangerous and decide that maybe a little fun would make you relax a little. You lift one foot and place it on your chair, causing your short black skirt to climb dangerously high up your thigh.

      “I caught it on something here.” You point to a place just below your knee where the stocking is ripped. “And the run just continued all the way up to here.” You trace the length of the run all the way up your leg with your finger, ending with your finger stopping just out of sight beneath your skirt.

      “Hmmm, let me get a closer look at it.” I move closer to you and drop to one knee. I place one hand on your ankle and run my other hand up your leg, following the rip until my fingers are resting against your already moistening crotch. “Yes, I think I can fix your problem. Why don’t you sit down on the edge of your chair here and let’s see what we can do.”

Your body is a tingle with excitement. You’ve never done anything like this before. You’re nervous, but you can’t seem to stop yourself as you sit down, your ass barely on the chair.

Without a word I push up the edge of your skirt so that I can see your pantyless crotch and the end of the rip in your stockings. I’m on both knees, kneeling before you like some altar of lust. I slip two fingers inside the rip in your stockings and quickly increase the size of the rip, exposing your wet lips. “I’m sorry. I seem to have slipped. Let me make it up to you.” I move my head closer to your sweet smelling pussy when suddenly I’m interrupted by the sound of a door opening.

      “Hello? Who’s here.” The yell comes from the door down the hall. Without a second for thought you push me back under your desk and scoot your chair all the way in.

      “It’s just me Robert.” Of course your boss had to stop in tonight…its only fitting.

      “Oh, working hard I see…” You didn’t hear much after that. What Robert couldn’t see was me licking and sucking at your beautiful pussy from beneath the desk. It was all you could do to keep from making any noise other than an occasional ‘yes sir, no sir’. Robert stands at the door of your office and talks for nearly 20 minutes. During this time, I’m quietly thrusting my tongue in and out of you, sucking on your throbbing clit and driving you to the edge of climax.

      Finally, as you think you’re about to explode from the pleasure you’re receiving, Robert gathers some papers from his office and leaves. You give him nearly a minute after the door closes behind him before you let out the loudest moan of your life. You back out from your desk and grab hold of my head, pulling my mouth hard against your sopping pussy. I start sucking your clit harder and pulling on it gently with my teeth. You begin to cry out and finally yell at the top of your lungs, no longer caring about who knows what is going on.

      As your body begins to stop shaking from your massive orgasm, you pull my face up and kiss me, tasting yourself on my lips. “I think I could learn to like working late…”




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