Working Late Part 2

You lean back in your chair with a contented look on your face. I stand up, take my shirt off and use it to wipe off my face. By the time I’m finished you’re reaching forward and undoing my belt. In a flash you have my pants and boxers around my ankles. I lean back onto your desk as you wheel your chair forward and suck my cock into your mouth. I moan and place my hands in your hair. I moan and gasp as you slide my dick in and out of your mouth.

You can tell that I’m getting close and you let my cock fall from your mouth and suck one ball and then the other into your mouth. You move your tongue all around while you gently suck on my testicles.  Once you release my balls you sit back and look at my cock. You take your thumb and place it at the base of my cock, sliding it slowly up my length until a large pearly drop of my precum dripping out of the tip. Your tongue slides out of your mouth and catches it before it can drop to the floor.

We stare into each others eyes as you pull your cum glazed tongue back into your mouth. “Mmmm, I think I’d like some more of that.” I smile for just a moment before you dart your head forward and swallow the length of my cock. My smile is quickly vanquished as a low guttural moan escapes from my lips. You suck me like a woman possessed. I pull on your head in time with your bobbing. My body tightens up as my orgasm overtakes me. You stop bobbing and open wide your throat as jet after jet of cum leaves me.

Once you’ve swallowed all I have to offer you lick off my cock and stand before me. You lean forward and kiss me, thrusting your cum covered tongue into my mouth. I’ve never tasted my own cum before and it surprises me a little, but your passionate kiss quickly drives any hesitations away from me. You’ve enjoyed yourself so far tonight, but what you’ve had so far is not nearly enough. It’s been a while since you’ve felt a man inside you and tonight was definitely going to be the night. As you pull away from me you can see in my eyes that I will be more than willing to oblige.

I start to stand when you place your hand on my chest and shake your head, letting me know that you don’t want me to move, yet. You take a step back, spread you legs slightly and stare into my eyes. Your eyes never leave mine as you unbutton your blouse one button at a time. Once the last button is undone you let the shirt drop to the floor. You run your hands over your white lace bra covered tits in a way that seems oh so familiar. The clasp in the front of your bra is quickly undone and your bra falls to the floor.

I suck in a deep breath as I look upon your magnificent breasts. When I lift my eyes to yours again I can see the hunger in them. I stand and take a long stride over to you. I kiss you hard as I move one had to a tit. You moan under my touch and crushing kiss. With one hand on my ass, you move your other hand to my already hardening cock. You break our kiss, nibble on my ear and whisper, “I need to feel you inside me.”

Without skipping a beat I slide my hand under your skirt and finger sopping wet pussy. Satisfied, I pull away torn to your desk and slide everything onto the floor. I grab you and lie you down upon your desk, your ass nearly hanging off of the edge. I move in quick and slide my cock completely inside your hot, wet pussy. You let out a quick yell as I thrust in and out of you as hard as I can. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me into you with every thrust. I grab a breast in each hand, squeezing and groping as I go. We’re both moaning and gasping, our lives become the ever growing pleasure as we fuck hard and animal like.

You can feel an orgasm building deep inside you. You pull harder on me and beg for me to cum inside you. Your verbal prompting is all I need. I can feel your pussy clenching at my cock hard. I let go of you tits and place one hand on each hip. I pull you into me hard with every thrust. Just when I don’t think I can thrust any harder or faster I find a little reserve of strength and do just that.

In a matter of moments the world is spinning for us. Your orgasm comes first and you rock hard against me and scream. This pushes me over the edge and I shoot load after load of cum inside you. I cry out and struggle hard to keep up those last couple of thrusts. My knees threaten to give way beneath me as the last of my cum shoots deep within you.

In time I pull out of you and sit heavily in your chair. You get up from your desk and sit on my lap. We nuzzle each other affectionately for a while. You look up at your decimated office and say, “Let’s straighten things up here real quick and then go to my place. I’m sure we can be a little more messy there.”

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