Stranded, Part One

The rain poured down, drenching me completely as I walked up the drive of the first house I could find. I had been walking for nearly an hour with no signs of civilization other than the road.  What had started out as a shortcut through the mountains had turned into nightmare. I climbed the steps onto the patio and knocked on the door.  There was no answer so I knocked again, a little louder this time.  Thankfully the door opened a crack, only enough to show a light inside and an eye peering out.  I spoke quickly, desperate to get in out of the rain, “Hi there. Sorry for the time, but my car broke down, my cell phone isn’t connecting and it’s pouring out here.  Would you mind if I used your phone?”

The door opened a little further, and the woman on the other side looked me over, diving whether I was legitimate or some sort of psycho.  Whether it was her pity or my pleading look that convinced her I do not know, but she opened the door further and motioned for me to come in. “I don’t have a phone, but you’re more than welcome to come in and dry off until the weather clears.”  I looked around and noticed that there was indeed, no phone, nor any evidence of electricity that I could find.  The light came from a single kerosene lamp sitting on a table in the center of the room.

“Thank you very much,” I said as I entered the house. “I was beginning to think I might drown out there.”  The house was as rustic on the inside as it was on the out; it looked like the cabin my family spent every summer at when I was a child.  “I almost didn’t see your place through the rain.”  I turned and got my first good look at my savior; she was tall and blonde, wearing a bulky bathrobe that hid much of her body.  I would have said that she was my age, but one look at her eyes told me that she was older than she appeared.

“I’m surprised you did find the house, you’re the first person I’ve seen in three months other than the delivery boy, and he still gets lost every now and then.” She smiled and her eyes twinkled, lending to her youthful appearance.  “My name is Lenora by the way.”  She held out her hand and I shook it, pleased by her strong grip.

“I’m Michael.  So tell me Lenora, what makes you stay up here so isolated and alone?”  She released my hand and walked further into the house and I followed close behind.

“I’m a writer, or at least I was a writer.”  She stopped in front of a large, stone fireplace, stirred up the coals within and placed a couple of new logs inside.

“Was?”  I watched the fire slowly catch and then looked back to her.  She stared at the small, flickering flames as she spoke, her voice a whisper.

“I was published once, when I was in college, but life kept me from writing any more after graduation.”  There was the hint of some story buried in those words, but I didn’t want to pry.  “I decided a few months ago that I had to give it another try, and make a fresh start of things.”  Her eyes left the fire and stopped on me, “so I bought this place, an old typewriter and enough paper to last me for years.  I sold my old house, left most of my stuff in a storage locker and moved up here, bound and determined to write something worth publishing once again.”

“So are you making much progress?”  I turned and faced the fire, soaking up the warmth, but hungry for more.  I had forgotten how cold mountain rain could get.

“Some, but not as much as I’d like.  I think part of my problem is that I’ve got so much I want to say that I end up jumbling it all together when I try to put it to paper.”  She looked down and noted the slowly growing puddle forming on her hardwood floor beneath my feet. “Oh my, I didn’t realize you were that wet.  Here I’ve been going on and you must be freezing.  Let me grab you some blankets and you can get out of those wet clothes before you freeze to death.”  Without another word she ran off down the hall and returned with a stack of blankets, “Just strip down and hang your clothes off the mantle so they’ll dry.  I’ll be back in a few.  Would you like something to drink?  Wine?  Coffee? Tea?”  Her voice faded as she moved off into her kitchen.

I yelled after her, “wine would be great thanks.”  Quickly I began to strip off my clothes and set them by the fire.  When I had finished I turned to grab a blanket to wrap around myself and at just that moment Lenora walked out of the kitchen.  She stopped and stared and I froze in my tracks.  Our hesitation lasted only a moment before I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around my waste.  “Sorry about that,” I murmured as a little bit of a red rose to my cheeks.  I don’t usually blush, but something about that brief moment made my temperature rise.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said as she walked over, a pair of glasses and a bottle of wine in her hands. “Its my fault for walking into the room without warning you.”  She sat on the couch and motioned for me to join her, “I hope you like red, it’s all I have left at the moment.”

I sat down beside her and took the offered glass, holding it as she poured, “I actually prefer red thank you.”  She filled her own glass, set the bottle on the nearby end table and we both took a drink.  For the first time I looked at her not so much as my salvation but as a woman; there was little for me to see physically, her bathrobe hid much of her body, but the way she was sitting exposed one of her legs all the way to the middle of her thigh.  Her leg looked strong, lean and pale; hinting that she took care of herself and that what was hidden beneath the robe looked just as nice.  All in all she was a pretty woman, not in a supermodel sort of way, but more like the girl you went to school with and never got up the nerve to ask out.

She asked me what I was doing up here and I told her about my attempted shortcut, consequent breakdown and trek through the rain. While I was telling my tale I would occasionally catch Lenora checking me out, no longer with suspicion, but with a hint of interest.  I felt a little thrill at this and had to shift and rearrange my blankets to keep my manhood from making its presence known.  I’m not sure if I was too late to avoid her notice or if it was just her way of moving the conversation forward, but she asked about whether I had a girlfriend or not, and when I told her I didn’t she asked why.  I explained that I was just playing the field right now and that I dated plenty, but just hadn’t found a woman whom I wanted to keep around in a more permanent fashion.  She listened attentively and asked questions every now and then, but her gaze told me what was on her mind.  She had gone from simply checking me out to openly devouring me with her eyes.  It was getting harder and harder to hide my erection; I knew she wouldn’t have minded seeing it, but I was enjoying her growing lust and wondered what it would take to get her to make a move on me.

Lenora poured the last of the wine into our glasses and I decided it was time to flirt back and see what happened.  We started talking about what we liked and disliked in members of the opposite sex, and I made sure that some of her more obvious attributes made it onto my likes column, pointing out some of her features as I went, causing her to blush furiously from time to time.  The wine was beginning to have an effect on both of us and our conversation began to get more and more racy.  Lenora’s face was a little flushed from the wine and conversation and she excused herself to go and grab another bottle of wine and a little something to eat.  “May I help?” I asked. 

She shook her head and quickly replied, “No, I’ve got it.  I’ll only be a minute.”  Her response seemed a little anxious, so I didn’t push the issue and settled back to wait, thinking about how nice a shortcut this had really turned into.

About five minutes had passed and Lenora hadn’t returned.  I didn’t hear anything coming from the direction of the kitchen and I couldn’t imagine what was taking so long, so I got up from the couch and quietly walked toward the kitchen.  I peeked inside and didn’t see her there, so I walked in a little further, but stopped when I saw movement reflected in the glass of a cabinet door.  At first it was hard to make out what I was seeing in the glass, but the longer I looked the easier it was to see that my gracious host had a hand up her robe and was rubbing herself!  I couldn’t make out any details, but it appeared that she was biting on her lip to keep silent, and by the lack of noise I’d say she was doing a good job.  Smiling to myself, I walked back to the fireplace, took my place on the couch and slowly fondled myself beneath the blankets, watching for her return.

It was another five minutes before Lenora entered the room carrying a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese.  There was still a bit of flush to her face and her walk was a little more relaxed, but the biggest change in her appearance had to do with her robe, which was no longer cinched as tightly, exposing her legs as she walked and offering the barest hint of cleavage.  She sat down in the middle of the couch, her bare knee touching mine through the blanket. “I hope you don’t mind if I sit a little closer, its kind of hard to see you from the other side of the couch.”   We both knew it was just an excuse, but neither of us cared much either.

“No problem.  This does make it a little easier to see you,” I smiled and put my hand on her knee, “and I do like what I see.”  She smiled back and poured us each another glass of wine.  She leaned forward, reaching past me to put the bottle on the end table behind me.  Her long hair softly swept across my chest as she moved, thrilling me to the core, and when she leaned back her robe had fallen open a little further, exposing even more of her breasts.  It was all I could do to keep from moaning as she sat back.  I didn’t hide my excitement well and she smiled as she looked at my face.

“Would you like a piece of cheese?”  I nodded mutely and she raised a piece to my mouth.  I opened up to accept it, closing my lips around the cheese and her fingers.  My eyebrows rose when I tasted the muskiness of her sex on her fingers, she only blushed and smiled.  It seemed that all pretense had gone out the window.

I leaned forward, reached out with one hand and ran my fingers down her cheek, down her neck and down the middle of her ample cleavage, hooking her robe with my finger and pulling it further open, exposing her breasts completely.  She looked me in the eyes, a hint of pleading lurking within.  I kept my eyes locked on hers and ran my fingers up and around on of her already stiff nipples.  She moaned and nervously licked her lips, but never let her eyes leave mine.  I continued my gentle caress for a minute longer, switching back and forth between her breasts, before I ran my fingers back up under her chin.  Gently I pulled her forward as I leaned towards her.  Our eyes closed as my lips came in contact with hers.  The kiss was gentle and almost timid, as if we were long lost lovers testing the waters of times past.

Blindly she ran her hands across my shoulders and chest, carefully running the tips of her fingers across my nipples.  In return I moved my hands up to her shoulders and slowly pushed back her robe; she moved her arms back and let it fall around her waste so that the once, all concealing robe hid everything below her waste except for one leg.  Lenora broke our kiss and pushed me back into the arm of the couch, grabbed my leg that was closest to her and lifted it onto the couch, the thick blanket wrapped around my waste the only thing between us. Somehow managing to keep the robe around her waste she crawled up onto the couch and placed her hands to either side of me.  She leaned forward and kissed me again, this time strongly, conveying all of the heat and passion that filled her. 

Again she broke the kiss and left me gasping as she kissed down my neck and chest, stopping to lick and suck on each nipple in turn.  She kissed her way down my belly and stopped just above the blanket at my navel. Pausing, she sat up, smiled at me and began removing the blanket, freeing my length, leaving it pointing up my body.  With a wink she moved back down, placing one hand between my legs and the other beside my hip.  Slowly she lowered her body, her eyes never leaving mine, until her chin was inches from my straining cock, her hair dangling down, caressing my stomach, making me suck in my breath sharply.

After what seemed to be an eternity she tilted her head forward and her lips brushed against the head of my cock, sending a thrill through me that was quickly followed by another as her lips parted and she gradually sucked my length into her mouth.  Slowly she worked her tongue about the head of my cock, flattening it out and rubbing it against my glands as she slid me further into her mouth.  With a strong, steady rhythm she bobbed her head, sliding my entire length in and out of her mouth.  I moaned, and placed my hands in her hair, pulling it up so that I could watch my cock disappear and reappear between her lips.  Lenora handled my cock like a professional, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she proved me wrong.

Her oral ministrations had become sloppier as she had gone on, saliva coated my cock and balls and was dribbling down the crack of my ass, but I barely noticed because of the incredible pleasure.  I was so busy focusing on the pleasure that I never noticed her shift and move her hand in closer until her finger was parting my ass and pressing against my saliva slickened anus.  Without a moment’s hesitation she pushed her finger deep inside and started stroking it in and out of me; it was all I could do to keep from cumming on the spot!  Unconsciously I began to move my hips to the rhythm she was setting, and my grip on her hair got stronger until I was practically pounding my meat into her mouth.  She opened her throat and swallowed hard, taking me even further in until her nose was pressed against my pubic bone with every thrust.  I couldn’t take it any longer and with a final thrust I held her head down fired my cum down her throat as she swallowed quickly.  Lenora continued to pump my ass with her finger as she took everything I had to offer and when my cock stopped jerking she left her finger inside my anus as she slowly pulled my dick from her mouth.

Sitting up on her knees she smiled down at me and wiggled her finger, making me gasp and lift my head.  “If you want we can go on, but I have one rule that I won’t waver on.”  She slid her finger in and out of me slowly, “I’m in charge here.  What I say goes and it’s best that you remember it.  I’m not some weak girl to be used however you want.  You’re my guest and you do as I ask or this will all end in a heartbeat.”  Her finger stopped moving, “if you agree then I guarantee we’ll both have a good time.  I’m not into pain, excrement or anything freaky like that, so you don’t have to worry, but I don’t take no for an answer.  So what do you say?”  A million thoughts ran through my head in that instant.  I was not used to taking orders, and the idea of her being in complete control was a little daunting, but I couldn’t resist the chance to get a little more of her, even if it was on her time.

“I’m in.  Your wish is my command.”  Sure it sounded a little cheesy, but I was a little nervous.

“Mmmm…good,” she pulled her finger from my ass and motioned for me to stand.  “There are a few rules to start with: first, you get no clothes unless I say so. Second, you have to ask for permission to leave whatever room you are in unless I tell you to go.  And finally, no lying to me.  I won’t lie to you and don’t expect to be lied to in return.  Do you understand?”  I had stood up as she was talking and nodded understanding, naked before her.  “Okay, now I’m going to go for a moment.  While I’m gone, build up the fire and set out the blankets on the floor.  Once you’re done go ahead and take a seat on the blankets.  Have some cheese and drink some wine.  I have a feeling its going to be a long night.”  With that she stood, pulling her robe back around her, and walked off down the hall.  I hurried about my tasks, placing some large logs on the fire before setting out the blankets and sitting down with cheese and wine. 

I was on my second glass when she returned, still wearing her robe and carrying a couple of large pillows.  She dropped them down next to me and told me, “Stack them up and lean into them.  When I come back I expect to see you there with your legs spread wide.”  Both curious and anxious I hurried to comply and was in position mere moments before she returned, this time carrying a couple of towels and a large bowl of steaming liquid. “I really prefer a clean shaven man.”  She knelt between my legs and I noticed for the first time the scissors, razor and can of shaving cream resting upon the towels, “Just relax and this won’t take long, but make sure you watch what I’m doing.”  Carefully she took her scissors and trimmed away the bulk of my pubic hair, leaving only a thin layer behind. She dipped a washcloth into the bowl of hot water and ran it around my cock, making sure all of the hair was moistened.  She then covered the entire area with shaving cream and slowly shaved every last hair from the region.  I had never shaved before and was a little apprehensive, but her gentle touch mixed with the pure eroticism of it all had me hard again and struggling to keep still.  When she finished she wiped away the last vestiges of shaving cream, dried me off and set all of her shaving accoutrements aside.  “That looks much better.  Now get rid of those pillows and lie down flat.”

I did as she instructed and she stood up between my legs and looked down. “Okay, I think we’re ready to get the fun started,” and with that she took a step back and undid her robe, letting it fall into a pile around her feet.  She was completely stunning and I soaked in her sensuality.  As I had thought, she was in good shape, with a body I could only have dreamed about.  Her breasts were large, with perfectly formed nipples that stood straight out, her stomach was strong but not hard, the perfect blend of health and femininity, her legs were strong and well shaped, and her pussy was shaved as bald as she had left me.  She let me look her over for a precious few moments before she moved, walking around me, standing behind my head, forcing me to crane my neck to get a look up at her.  And what a sight it was!  I could see straight up her legs to her glistening, smooth slit!

Without a word she knelt down, a knee on either side of my head, and lowered her pussy down to my mouth.  Eagerly I reached out with my tongue, burying it deep inside her slit, thrusting in and out, living in the spicy-sweet flavor of her love.  Slowly she ground her hips, rubbing her pussy back and forth across my mouth as I continued to fuck her with my tongue.  She rotated her hip forward, pulling my tongue from within her and placing her clit in my mouth.  I eagerly sucked it in and roughly ran my tongue across her little bud; she gasped and leaned forward, holding herself up with a hand on either side of my hips as she panted and ground her clit into my mouth.  Lenora’s hair dangled down and gently caressed everything from my inner thighs to my newly shaved pubic area, and it spurred me on to a more frenzied devouring of her clit.  I held it between my teeth and flicked it repeatedly with my tongue; her gyrating grew more intense by the moment until she moaned and her body shook with an orgasm.  I gave her clit a final few flicks and released her; she moved her hips back, placing her hole above my mouth once again and I plunged my tongue inside just in time to catch the first wave of her nectar.  Her cum flowed down my tongue and I had to swallow hard and fast to take it all in, but even then my face was left covered by the time she had finished and had collapsed forward, laying against me.

She laid there trying to catch her breath, her body shivering every now and again as it tried to relax and recover from it’s earlier pleasure.  Lenora’s head rested against my thigh and her hair piled up around my straining cock and dangled down to tease my balls, each of her breathes shifting her golden tresses about my manhood, shooting sparks of torturous pleasure throughout my body.  Eventually she rolled off of me and propped herself up on an elbow and smiled at me, “Wow.  I’ve missed that.”

I lifted myself onto my elbows and smiled back, “I’m glad I could help.”

“I bet.”  She leaned over, gripped my cock and ran her thumb from the base to the head, pushing out even more of the pre-cum.  While smearing it about the head and under the glands with her fingers, she continued to smile, but a wicked gleam entered her eye and I knew that her break was over.

Lenora got back to her knees and crawled up between my legs.  She stopped and licked my testicles and then slowly up the length of my cock.  When she got to my glands she retracted her tongue, wrapped her lips just around the head of my cock and sucked hard, mixing the pleasure and pain together in a sort of ecstasy that is hard to describe, but when she had finished I was dying for more and literally begged her not to stop.  She only smiled and crawled her way up my body, kissing as she went.  She sat up, straddling my hips, pressing my cock into my stomach, her slit resting against it, wet and soft. Slowly she rocked her hips back and forth, sliding her lips along my shaft, teasing me, almost daring me to make a move, but I had promised to do as she wanted and I wasn’t going to blow it now!

Deftly she moved forward until the head of my cock was resting against her hole.  For a time stilling moment she held her position, watching my face, seeing the tension and desire playing over it.  Without a word she slid back, impaling herself upon my cock, and leaned forward until she was lying upon me.  We kissed, the taste of her cum on my lips and the taste of mine on hers, and as we kissed we moved as one, working in a slow rhythm, my cock sliding in and out with a patience that was hard for me to maintain.  I tried to lose myself in the pleasure, focusing on every sensation, from the taste of her mouth and the smoothness of her skin, to the smell of hair and her velvety grip on my cock.

Gradually our movements grew in speed and intensity until Lenora whispered throatily, “fuck me hard, make me cum with you.”  Moaning I reached around her, gripped her ass and pulled her up slightly while I raised my knees and pivoted my hips so that I could thrust deeper inside her and without hesitation did so.  Each thrust had me buried inside her completely, my pelvic bone rubbing against her clit with every stroke. She started panting and biting my shoulder as I slammed into her harder and harder with every passing moment.  I felt her pussy tightening its grip and knew that at any moment she was going to cum, and sure enough she tilted back her head and cried out like some wild animal as an orgasm ripped through her body.  The flood of her cum and the wild spasming of her pussy sent me over the edge and with a final few strokes I buried myself deep in and came as hard as I could ever remember. 

My vision swam as my seed filled her and she sat bolt upright, pressing my hips back to the floor and burying me even further inside her.  Mercilessly she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing the head of my now sensitive cock against her uterus over and over again.  My whole body stiffened and it became hard to breathe, the pleasure was so intense it bordered on pain.  Lenora continued to ride my cock hard; pinching her nipples she moaned and groaned, cursing unintelligibly as she continued to cum, again and again.  Finally she screamed with a high-pitched wail and collapsed on top of me, her head lying across my chest.  My cock throbbed, aching for more despite the recent abuse, and with every twitch of my muscle her muscles responded in kind, making her moan quietly into my chest.  I tried to relax, but it was a losing battle.  I remained hard inside her as she lied there and tried my best to just remain quiet until she recovered. 

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