Stranded, Part Two

I don’t know how long it was before she started to stir again, but it seemed an eternity lying there, wanting nothing more than to continue fucking.  She slowly lifted herself up from my chest, “Oh my. Sorry about that.  Was I out long?”

“I don’t think so, but the fire seems to have gotten a little low.”

“So it has, but it seems some things last longer than others,” slowly she rose to her knees and then her feet.  Appreciatively she looked down at my still hard member.  “Throw some more wood on the fire and then get on your hands and knees looking away from the hall.  I’ll be right back and I’ll show you how much I appreciate your obedience.”  She turned and walked away, stopping just before the hall and pointing at my still hard cock, “oh, and don’t you dare let that go away.”

As soon as she was gone I got to work; I threw a couple of logs on the fire and grabbed a quick sip of wine before assuming the position she had asked for.  I had no problem maintaining my hard on, just thinking of what she might have in store had me excited enough all on its own.  I heard her walking back up the hall and resisted the urge to look behind me. “Very nice,” was all she said as she walked closer and playfully slapped my ass, making it sting a little. 

She knelt behind me, spread my legs further apart and slowly ran her hands down my back from my shoulders to my hips.  Moving back a little she reached a hand between my legs and gently massaged my balls and then my cock. “Mmm, good, you did as I asked.”  She leaned forward, never releasing my cock, and kissed my lower back all over, gradually working her way about with her lips and tongue.  Eventually she moved down lower and as her lips kissed each ass cheek in turn and her hand began to slowly stroke my cock.  With her free hand she parted my cheeks and gently blew against my hole, causing me to shiver.  I wasn’t completely surprised; in fact I sort of expected she wanted to play with my ass when she ordered me into this position, so when I felt her tongue flick across my anus I moaned in pleasure rather than yelped in shock.  I had never really been with a woman who was into ass play, but I figured tonight I would just have to leave my inhibitions behind and see what came of it all.

Lenora methodically worked her tongue all about my ass before she slowly pushed it inside.  Her other hand continued to stroke my cock with a nice, even rhythm as she explored my anus with her tongue.  At first I was a little tense, but her stroking and the gentle pressure of her tongue soon had me relaxed and even wanting a little more.  It wasn’t long before she had me worked into a total frenzy.  I felt my balls contract and knew that it was only a matter of moments before I was going to come.  Lenora must have been psychic because she pulled out her tongue, stopped stroking me and applied firm pressure to the base of my cock, pinching off any chance for my release.  “Hmm, it seems you like this as much as I thought you might, but I’m not ready for you to cum quite yet.  I’m going to let you go, but don’t turn around or look back this way, I’ve got one more surprise in store for you.” 

I did as she asked and put my head down into a pillow (consequently raising my ass further into the air and spreading my cheeks) and tried to breath and regain some of my composure.  I was so close to cumming when she stopped that it was almost painful holding back, but if she wanted me to stop then that was exactly what I was going to do.  I stayed hard for a while, but gradually my excitement tapered off and my flag dropped to about half-mast. 

Lenora had been sitting quietly behind me the entire time, at least I assumed she had been sitting, since I wasn’t looking and she wasn’t making any noise.  Whatever she had been doing she was obviously watching me, waiting for me to relax enough for us to start up again.  “Go ahead and stay posed just the way you are my pet,” she said with a sympathetic whisper, “now try to relax.  I promise not to keep you from cumming again.”  I couldn’t be sure, but there seemed to be a hint of taunting in her voice as she finished speaking.  I relaxed as best as I could, wanting the pleasure of her touch and not wanting to let it end too quickly.

Without warning Lenora slid her finger deep into my ass.  It wasn’t rough or painful, only a little surprising and so I tensed up almost immediately and my sphincter pinched down hard on her finger, but it didn’t stop her from sliding her digit in and out of my ass.  After a few moments I relaxed a little and realized that she must have some sort of lubricant on her finger the way it was sliding in and out so effortlessly.  In a throaty voice she urged me to relax and reminded me that she wouldn’t hurt me, and once my heart was back inside my chest I did relax, focusing on the pleasure of her skillful probing.  Gradually I relaxed enough that she was able to insert a second lubricated finger and eventually even a third.  I felt like I was stretched wide open and each time she had added a finger there was a brief moment of pain that accompanied it, but that went away and the new sense of pleasure made it more than worth it.  Lenora never even touched my cock, but I had a hard-on that was practically aching from the attention my ass was receiving.

Almost as quickly as she had plunged the first finger inside me, she withdrew all of them, leaving me empty. I started to protest until I felt something press against my anus, stretching me wide as it slowly moved inside me.  I wasn’t sure what it was and was nearly driven delirious from the pressure it was placing upon me, but Lenora was being careful and waited patiently for my ass to stretch as she pushed the strap-on she wore deeper inside me.  I had looked back without thinking and saw Lenora in all her splendor.  She grabbed my hips, pulled me onto her rubber cock and smiled.  I groaned and put my head back onto the pillow as she slowly fucked my ass.  I felt a little ashamed at how much I enjoyed it, but the pleasure quickly overwhelmed any anxiety that might have remained.  Once she had entered me as deeply as she could, Lenora paused and waited for me to catch my breath before she started pumping in and out of my ass.  My breath was coming in short gasps as she slowly fucked me from behind.  Sensations I had never before imagined coursed through me and my dick throbbed from the pleasure.

“I’m glad you like it my pet,” whispered Lenora as she started thrusting faster. I looked beneath myself and watched cum drip from the bobbing head of my cock and then looked over my shoulder and watched her fuck me.  Her tits bounced with the rhythm she had set and her smile was one of pure joy.  Leaning forward, breasts pressing against my back, she reached around my stomach and grabbed hold of my cock and began, squeezing and stroking as she continued plunging in and out of my ass.  I nearly came on the spot, but I struggled desperately to maintain control.  The combination of sensations was truly mind blowing.  I had become a sort of automaton, overwhelmed with pleasure, no longer capable of thought.  My breath came out in ragged gasps amidst the gibbering non-sense that occasionally passed my lips.  Vaguely, I remember Lenora telling me to cum and I cried out as the most powerful orgasm of my life hit me.  She stroked my cock as I shot stream after stream of cum onto my stomach, chest and the floor.  She never stopped thrusting into me until finally my legs had become weak and I started to shake; slowly she pulled out as I fell to the floor, where I passed out, lying in a pool of my seed.

It was some time later when I regained conciousness, but when I woke up Lenora was sitting on the couch, still naked, no-longer wearing her strap on, drinking her wine and looking down at me.  I rolled over and sat up, practically peeling myself off the floor. I’m sure I looked a mess, but Lenora didn’t seem to mind terribly.  She smiled down at me and offered a sip of her wine.  Gratefully I accepted and enjoyed the fiery feel of the cool liquid pouring down my throat. “You look like hell my pet,” she said as she stood before me, “why don’t you and I go get you cleaned up.”  Picking up the kerosene lamp, she led me down the hallway.

“That sounds great,” I half croaked as I followed after her and took another drink of wine.  I wanted to say something more, but I couldn’t quite figure out where to begin.  Thankfully, Lenora got me started.

“So what did you think of my little surprise?” She looked back over her shoulder at me as we walked into the bathroom.

“That was the most incredible thing I have EVER felt.”  Lenora laughed and turned on the water in the large, walk-in shower.  “I can’t believe I passed out,” I said a little sheepishly.

“I know, you had me a little worried for a minute there.”  Taking my hand, she smiled and looked into my eyes, “believe it or not though, I actually came twice during that whole experience.  Its not often that you find a guy who’ll let himself go like that.”

“Well that’s not something I normally would have been okay with, but then again I’m not usually comfortable with not being the one in control.”  I shrugged and said, “I figured that if I was going to open up enough to give you control I had to be prepared to open up for damn near anything else.” 

Lenora smiled and opened the shower door, “come on, let’s get you cleaned up, and then we can see about getting dirty again.”  I smiled and followed obediently; the shower was always one of my favorite places.

Once we were in the shower Lenora shut the door and motioned for me to get under the water first.  The water was hot and spraying hard, instantly turning my skin pink.  At first it was a little too hot, but ultimately it felt so good to have the water rinsing me off that I didn’t mind and soon got used to the temperature.  My back was to Lenora and in no time she had built up a soapy lather in her hands and started washing off my back, massaging the muscles as she worked from my shoulders on down.  When she got to my ass she pushed her way between my cheeks and I stepped out, spreading my legs a little wider.  Gently she washed me, rubbing but not penetrating, before continuing further down, washing each leg completely. “Turn around handsome.”  I did as she asked and marveled at the goddess before me.  She was on her knees, smiling up at me, my cock just inches from her face, “hmmm, very tempting, but I think I’ll wait for now.”  With that she stood and grabbed the bar of soap from its shelf.  She quickly worked up another hand full of lather and returned the bar.  Moving closer, she reached down and grabbed hold of my cock with hands and began rubbing and pulling my length until I was completely hard yet again. 

Lenora stepped up and pressed her chest against me as she moved a hand down to my balls and carefully fondled them.  It was amazing how quickly she made me ache for her.  I leaned down and kissed her slowly, passionately, relishing her gentle caress and the feel of her body against mine.  Our kiss was cut short as she stepped back and released my genitals, “We can’t get too carried away yet, you’re not completely clean.”  She smiled and moved her hands up my body, making sure to catch every part of me.  Once she had finished, she pushed me back under the water until I was completely rinsed off.  “Okay, now it’s my turn, and don’t worry about how long it takes.”  With that she moved me aside and got under the water, rinsing herself off completely.  I stood and watched for a moment, wondering what it was I had done to deserve this.

By the time she had turned around and was facing me, I had grabbed up the soap and had worked up a double handful of lather. She stepped a little forward, so that the water only hit her back, and spread her legs ever so slightly, “okay, I’m ready now.”  Not sure of where I wanted to start I hesitated for only a moment and then dropped to my knees before her.  I started with her right leg, slowly massaging her all of the way up, stopping just short of touching her pussy before pulling away and doing the same with the other leg.  Standing up, I reached one hand between her legs and slowly rubbed her pussy, pushing a finger between her swollen lips, pressing against her quickly swelling clit.  Lenora moaned and tilted her head back as I continued to fondle her.  I moved closer, bent over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.  I sucked and bit at her nipple as I ran my tongue back and forth across its tip.  Once it was nice and hard I switched over to the other nipple and did the same, never ceasing my manipulation of her out lips and clit.  Lenora reached her hands up and grabbed my hair, pulling me harder into her chest.  I sucked harder and pushed a finger inside her pussy, making Lenora moan even louder.  I didn’t hold back as I finger fucked her pussy, pushing in hard and fast as the heel of my hand pressed against her clit.  Lenora pulled my head up an kissed me fiercely, driving her tongue deep into my mouth, sending an electric thrill straight down to my toes and back again.  I pressed my body against hers and she wrapped her arms around me and slowly dragged her fingernails down my back. 

I desperately wanted to fuck her silly at that moment, but I had other plans, and I wasn’t about to let her change my mind so easily.  We continued to kiss as I finger fucked her, and I could tell her anxiousness was growing, so I broke our kiss, pulled out my finger and stepped back. “Mmm, I almost forgot.  I’m supposed to be washing you. Now where was I?”  She stood there with her mouth open and looked like she was about to pout, but she recovered quickly and smiled wickedly.

“Too true, but you’ll have to forgive me if I try to turn you from your task.”  Again, she smiled and I could see the hint of evil in her eyes.  She was going to pull out all the stops I was sure, but I knew that it wouldn’t be long before we were at it again, I just had to hold out for a few minutes longer.

I grabbed the bar of soap and worked up another double handful of suds while Lenora looked into my eyes and slowly fingered her clit and licked her lips.  Damn she was good.  I took a step forward and ran my hands over her belly and up to her breasts.  Taking my time, I washed all around them multiple times, often running the tips of my fingers across her nipples as I went.  Lenora continued to finger herself, but now, instead of licking her lips, she was biting her lower lip.  Her anticipation was palpable.  I closed with her, held her tight against me and kissed her deep and slow while she reached around behind me and grabbed my ass, pulling me even tighter against her.  As we rubbed against each other the soap on her body worked back into a lather that covered us both and I knew the time was right.

Without warning, I broke our kiss and spun her around, reached around her and pulled her close.  I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples as my soap slick cock slid between her ass cheeks.  Wordlessly, Lenora agreed with my plan and spread her legs further apart and reached between her legs, guiding my cock straight into her waiting ass, and with one, long, slow push I buried my cock completely inside her.  She grunted and moaned as I filled her, but she took it all without a word.  I waited a moment for her ass to stretch out and relax before I started to slowly pump my way in and out.  I continued to fondle her tits and she fingered her clit in time with my thrusts.  Gradually I picked up speed and was sliding my cock in and out of her as with recklessness, reveling in her moans and cries as a series of small orgasms ripped through her.  Her ass was nice and tight, but the excesses from earlier in the evening had left me pretty well drained and I was more than ready to go the distance this time.

It wasn’t much longer when Lenora started bucking harder and fingering furiously.  I pinched her nipples hard at that moment and she cried out and came hard, soaking her hand in her juices.  I slowed down my pumping as she recovered and eventually pulled out of her.  The water was losing its heat and Lenora was starting to have trouble standing and so we rinsed off quickly and dried each other off.  As Lenora worked her way down my body she stopped at my still hard cock and quickly sucked me into her mouth, taking me as far in as she could manage, swallowing hard to take me all the way into her throat.  She placed both hands on my ass and held me in place as she bobbed on my cock and looked up at me.  I looked into her eyes and she could plainly see the animal lust that had welled up within me.  The feel of her deep-throating my cock was incredible and I loved watching my rod disappear between her lips, but I wanted to fuck her and feel my fill her pussy.  I let her continue for a little longer, getting more and more turned on by the moment before I motioned for her to stop and stand.  I lifted her up, sat her on the bathroom counter and knelt before her.  Her inner thighs were soaked with her juices and I licked it up as I quickly worked my way to her waiting pussy.  I immediately started flicking my tongue rapidly across her clit, stopping only to blow on it or give it a little tug with my teeth.  Lenora grabbed my head, pressed it into her crotch and urged me onward, “oh God yes.  Eat my fucking pussy!  Make me cum on your face!”  Her verbal demands spurned me on and I continued my high-speed assault on her clit until finally I felt her nails dig into the back of my head and her body tensed up hard.  I immediately started deep-tonguing her pussy and she came in a flood, splashing my face with her juices.  I licked and sucked in as much as I could as her pussy spasmed and her body shook under the assault of her orgasm.  As it started to subside, I stopped licking her luscious slit, stood up and kissed her.  Her eyes went wide as she tasted herself in my kiss and kissed me even hard.

By the time we had broken our kiss I knew I had to be inside her soon, not from any danger of cumming quickly, but because I felt this intense need to fuck her as hard as I could manage.  I picked her up from the counter and carried her into the bedroom, but rather than head for the bed I turned and went toward a nearby wall.  Backing her against the wall, I impaled her upon my cock and began slamming into her furiously.  Her pussy was so wet and hot that I slid in and out with ease.  She wrapped her legs around my waste and her arms around my neck as I pounded into her with everything I had. 

I felt like I could keep that pace up for hours, and the Lenora started talking.  “Oh yeah.  Fuck me hard. Fill my pussy.  Cum inside me. God yes.”  At first her voice was low and breathy, but slowly it gained strength and her words went from urging to demanding. “Make me cum.  Harder Eric! Fuck my brains out! Make me cream!”  Her words were pushing me closer and closer.  I went from having the endurance of a God to the staying power of your average teenager in no time at all!  “Oh Fuck! Shit! Cum in me goddamnit! Oh Fuck! Please!”  With a grunt that bordered on a scream I let her have it all.  I came hard as I continued to pump into her.  “Yes! That’s it! Ahhhhhhhhh!”  Her scream eclipsed my own and I felt her pussy grip down on my cock like a velvet vice as she came in a torrent, covering my cock and balls with our well mixed juices.  She held me tight and I stopped pumping as her pussy pulsed around my throbbing member.  Quickly I carried her to the bed, and laid down, leaving her on top and me still inside her.  After a few minutes she rolled off of me and we laid there together, completely spent.

“Hmm, well it seems that for a little while there you were the one in control and not me.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.”  She lazily traced circles about my chest with her fingertips.  “Of course you didn’t really break any of the rules so I’ll have to let it go.”  She smiled and snuggled in close. “You’d better get some sleep my pet. I have a feeling that you might just be stuck here for quite some time.”

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