A Fetish I Didn’t Know I Had

So I was trolling through some porn sites a while back just browsing really, not looking for anything specific. It was a quiet night, everyone else in the house was asleep and so I settles in for some nice leisurely masturbation. At some point I found a video that not only intrigued me, but left me looking for more.

The video was shot from the perspective of the man. He was lying on his back, the camera pointed towards his feet. A woman was straddling his legs, facing away from him, wearing nothing but the little red thong she had on. Now at first I figured he would slide into her pussy, or maybe her ass, but they did something else instead.

She started sliding her ass up and down the length of his cock, no insertion, just sliding between her cheeks. He held his cock in place with his hand, or occasionally by pressing her cheeks together much like you might see during a tit fuck. The little red thong was pushed aside and occasionaly wrapped around his cock. I was totally mesmerized and I came shortly after he did.

I spent the rest of the night looking for more videos like that and finding them I got myself off a couple more times before heading to bed. Honestly this little fetish seems perfectly normal to me as I have always enjoyed grinding my cock against the ass of various lovers whether it was on the dancefloor, in the shower or while standing somewhere very public. I so need to try this out but it falls outside of the dort of thing my wife would be comfortable with, which seems like such a crime I know.

My big question is this: what do you call it? I have found some videos online by looking up ass cheeks, but I have to think there is a proper name for it. Any ideas? Let me know would ya?

23 thoughts on “A Fetish I Didn’t Know I Had

  1. I have no idea what this is called. I have heard it called “cheek grinding” but was told that was not the proper term. But yes. It is surprising that this is actually something many men get off watching. They see their naked lovers ass engulf their cock, so any time he presses into her say on the dance floor, in the elevator… his mind returns to this.


    1. It makes sens to me. Lord knows those sorts of thoughts pop into my mind. I don’t know that I like “cheek grinding” as a name for it, though I suppose it does fit…it just sounds like so much less than the reality.


  2. I think I am going to go middle school here and call it plain grinding. It’s interesting to me how grinding is making a come back (pun intended). It is such in important part of foreplay, I’m glad it’s getting some recognition again. I’ve yet to grind into climax, but I will surely try now šŸ˜‰


    1. I used to grind with my lovers all the time and loved every minute of it. I remember one girlfriend who regularly got off grinding against my thigh…perfect for playing in public. Good luck on your quest to grind to orgasm!


  3. I think it isn’t the least bit surprising that men get off from watching this type of porn. After all, it is the stimulation of the underside of the cock on a lovers asshole. I think it is partly because they know they could get away with this more than outright anal sex. It is the physical penetration that probably scares most women, and this act removes the penetration but gives both lovers stimulation at the same time.

    I agree though, my wife is not open to that kind of sexual act either, and it is a shame.


    1. Hmmm…not so sure about that. The pain is over played and most of the time its really that neither party knows how to make it less painful. Pain is a part of the act, but it doesn’t have to hurt (weird as that sounds). I think its the physical domination that comes with anal sex that makes so many women resistant. It’s not wholesome, it’s not romantic, it’s not “loving” … its deeply erotic, truly sexual, wholly dominant and gritty. Very intense!

      Most women have much conflict over that type of thing … too much feminist rhetoric and other “good girls don’t” programming.


      1. LOL! I agree … it took me damn near 30 years to shake off my programming. I refuse to let my daughter read mainstream magazines, I don’t want her programmed. However she ends up, I want it to be her choice and completely without self-doubt and guilt.


  4. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I suppose in a way it is a half-way mark to true anal sex and might act as a substitute when the partner is less than willing.
    What a pair we are…eager and willing with spouses who are not.


    1. From the woman’s perspective, grinding is hot because of the anticipation. I personally love this type of thing … will he … won’t he? It’s a tease and a fulfillment at the same time because a man’s erection is physical proof of his desire for you. It’s very stimulating.


    1. Okay, I looked it up on UrbanDictionary.com and it looks like frottage has more to do with dry humping with clothes on…so its certainly close, but not quite it I think


      1. Hmmm… I got “Consensual sexual rubbing between partners” from Wikipedia but who knows! I’d be curious to know if you ever figure it out


      2. I read the wikipedia article and its definition of frontage would work. The same article also names interglutial sex as a name for what i’ve described.


  5. As an update, apparently the process is called an assjob. I have also seen it callled hotdogging, but that seems to be more specific to the furry crowd.


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