Time for a Break

The spring sun came out, not a cloud was in the sky and I decided it was finally time to climb up on the roof and clean out the gutters.  Not long after starting my neighbor, Megan, pulled into her drive.  Megan was a beautiful, blonde woman with eyes that sparkled and a smile that could knock you off your feet. She smiled and waved up at me before heading inside.  She was a stunner and her springtime shorts and t-shirt encouraged my eyes to follow her all the way in.  We had talked a couple of times before, always briefly and about nothing important, but she always managed to make it into my mind’s eye when I was alone and jerking off.  Once the door closed I got back to work and really didn’t think much more about it.

The cleaning was taking longer than I had planned and the roof was getting more unbearable by the minute.  The sun was beating down hotter than I had expected and I was starting to wear out. As I came around to the backside of the house I was greeted with a wonderful surprise.  There in her backyard was Megan sunbathing, and she was completely naked!  She was face down, but her ass was out in the open, pale from the long months confined to the indoors. Admittedly I stared for a few minutes, my cock growing hard inside my jeans as I fantasized about all of the things I’d like to do with that beautiful ass. With nothing to lose really I decided to let her know she had an audience.

I started scraping away at the caked on debris in the gutter and waited to see what her reaction would be.  I made sure I was focusing in on my work, trying to look casual and unaware. “Hey there.” Yes!  I looked up from my work and was surprised to see she had flipped over and was propped up on her elbows, exposing herself to me completely.

“Hey Megan.”  I was trying to be casual, but the slight stutter of my voice and the way I looked her up and down did little to help that image.

“It looks like you’re a little hot up there.  Why don’t you take a break and come over for a little bit.  I’ll fix some lemonade.”  She stood up and pulled a thin robe around her body, covering up what I had been so gladly enjoying.

“Sure.  Sounds good.  I’ll be over in just a second.”  She smiled and walked toward the house and I got up and made my way across the roof to the ladder.  It was all I could do not to run, but I figured I’d never get another peek if I tripped and fell of the roof!  I walked around the front of the house and knocked on her door.

“Come on in Tom,” she called out from somewhere within.  I opened the door and met her in the kitchen.  She was still wearing her robe, but it was much thinner than I had realized.  I could still see her nipples and the outline of her neatly trimmed bush.  I took the lemonade and smiled.

“Delicious, just what I needed.” Megan smiled and ran her eyes over me from head to toe, stopping when she noticed the obvious bulge in my pants.

“Thank you, but I get the feeling that you need a little more than just some lemonade.”  With that she reached out her hand and grabbed my cock through the fabric of my jeans. Immediately I set down my drink and kissed her hard on the lips.  I slipped my hand through the folds of her robe and grabbed a breast while my other hand pulled down the robe, letting it fall to the floor.  Free of her robe Megan removed my belt and began working on undoing my pants.  Once she had the button popped and the zipper down she reached her hand inside my boxers and pulled out my cock. Gripping it tightly she began slowly stroking me in a rhythm with our kissing.  She broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. Barely kissing the tip of my cock she pulled down my pants, I stepped out of my shoes and pants as she got them down. I had no sooner kicked my jeans aside than she had a hand on each check of my ass and was pulling my cock into her mouth, slowly working in and out until she had managed to swallow my entire length.

Her tongue moved about my cock as I spread my legs for balance and placed my fingers in her hair.  Slowly she worked her way around my cock, eventually pulling it from between her lips so she could lick and kiss the underside, working her way down to my balls.  While sucking my balls into her mouth I felt her hand move between my legs.  With a single finger she massaged my ass, inserting it as she once again swallowed my cock.  It was all I could do to keep from cumming right on the spot as she slowly wiggled her finger into my ass one knuckle at a time, but she seemed to sense my limits and always backed off with her mouth just enough to keep me around.

When I finally had reached a point where I thought I couldn’t hold off any more she pulled away from me and said, “okay Tom, I want to you to cum in me.  There’ll be time for more later.”  I urged her to stand up and I took her over to the couch.  Bending her over the arm I knelt behind her and immediately started licking and sucking her wet pussy.  I put one hand between her legs and massaged her clit roughly while thrusting my tongue deep inside her.  She started bucking against my face as her pussy convulsed around my tongue.  Her little orgasm had her panting and so I stood and without a moment’s hesitation plunged my throbbing cock deep inside her. “Oh God! Fuck me with that thing!” she cried out as I hammered into her with everything I had.

She had me so turned on I knew I wouldn’t last for long, so I gripped her hips and thrust into her as hard and fast as I could manage.  She was crying out unintelligibly and a moan was rising in my throat that was swiftly becoming a yell of my own. I felt her pussy grip my cock as she started screaming from her orgasm.  It was enough to push me over the edge and I started yelling as I shot stream after stream of cum deep inside her.  As the last of the cum left me we both stood panting, trying desperately to catch our breath.  Slowly I pulled out of her and we moved to the couch.  She snuggled in close to me and we both fell asleep, waking up after only thirty minutes.  We smiled and we each knew this was only our first encounter, the fact that our second happened only five minutes later made sure of it.

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