At a Loss for Words

Image by pinkangelbabe via Flickr

It is not often that I’m left at a loss for words, but today I found myself in just such a situation. I had lunch with a client and his daughter. While he and I talked contracts she spent the entire time with her foot in my crotch. Now she is of legal age and started college this year, but she’s more than half my age. She had kicked off her shoes and stroked my cock through my slacks throughout lunch and damn was she good at it. Fortunately I was able to hold out until he excused himself to go to the restroom. The moment he was out of sight I gripped the table and grunted as I came. The girl just smiled and said nothing. Her father returned and  she went back to rubbing me with her foot.  I don’t mind saying that I was so sensitive at that point that every stoke sent lightning through my spine. More than once the client asked if I was okay. When lunch was over I had to look like a fool, spilling my water on my lap so that the enormous wet spot wouldn’t be noticable. I took a napkin and dried myself offthe best I could, but I was soaked. I walked them to their car and said my goodbyes before heading back to the office.

The whole encounter was unexpected, and not unenjoyable, but it left me feeling a little stunned. I suppose I should feel flattered that this girl played with me the way she did, but the age difference left me feeling a little dirty. What do you think?

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