There’s No Sex In The Champagne Room

I’m not usually one for killing time.  I like to have my time fully occupied, whether it’s fun or work, as long as I’m busy.  But things don’t always work out the way I want them to, and for once I’m really glad about that.  I was stuck in a strange city, waiting for a meeting that had been delayed by three hours; so I decided to drive around, find something to eat and maybe a place to get a drink.  It didn’t take long before I can across a strip club that had posted lunch and drink specials.

 I went into the club and was greeted by the usual dark room filled with mirrors and colored lights.  I went up to the bar, ordered a beer and cheeseburger and took a seat against a wall near one of the stages.  I watched the women come and go, dropped dollar bills and appreciated everything they had to offer.  Once I had finished my lunch I started getting approached by the girls working in the bar one by one…each one asking if I’d like a lap dance.  There were a couple I said yes to and in no time at all I had a raging hard on.

 I was just about ready to leave the place before I ended up completely broke when she came in.  The DJ announced her as Linda, and my God was she a knockout.  She was short, maybe 5 feet tall, with long, wavy brown hair and big brown eyes that seemed to pull me into them.  She took the stage and danced in such a way that left me even more turned on than before.  Her eyes seemed to lock onto mine as I placed bill after bill on the stage.

 When the dance was finally over she came around the stage to me. “Would you like a dance?”

 “Yes,” was all I could stammer out.  She rubbed her naked body against me, grinding against my cock through my slacks, rubbing her tits against my chest and face.  It was all I could do to keep from taking her on the spot.  The song would end and I would request another and another.  Each dance brought more and more intimate contact.  By the fourth dance her hand was in my shirt caressing my chest, her tongue was licking my neck and ears and she was rubbing her now dripping pussy against my bare arms.  I could smell her musk and she could feel the small wet spot forming from the pre-cum oozing from my cock.

 As the fifth song was ending she whispered in my ear, “Meet me out back in five minutes.”  I nodded wordlessly as she walked away.  Could this really be happening to me?  This goddess was asking me to meet her behind the bar?

 The five minutes seemed like an eternity, and so when the time finally arrived I was out of there like a shot.  I tried to look casual as I walked around to the rear of the building.  No one was there and I was sure Linda was just playing me for a fool.  I started to turn and go when I heard a whisper. “Quick, in here.”  Her hand motioned for me from within the back door.  I quickly snuck inside and was greeted by Linda’s semi naked form. “I can’t have sex with you,” she said, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun.”

 Linda led me through a small dressing room door and told me to strip off my pants and sit on the stool in the corner.  I did as she asked, while she stripped off her remaining clothes and sat on a lower stool across from me.  Linda spread her legs and started stroking her clit furiously.  She seemed to pop off a quick little orgasm with no effort.  She slid her fingers inside her pussy, stood and brought them over to me.  I sucked her fingers into my mouth and tasted of her sweetness.

 “Now that you’ve tasted mine I would like a taste as well.”  Linda pulled her stool up closer and sat back down. “Now stroke it baby, I can’t touch, but I want you to shoot that cum into my mouth.”  I was a little disappointed, but the vision of her sitting before me, slowly stroking her pussy left me in no position to argue.  I collected up some of the precum and covered my cock in it.  I started stroking slowly, moving one hand down to fondle my balls.  Linda started moaning as she watched the tip of my dick disappear in and out of my fist.  I was so turned on that I knew it wasn’t going to take me long.  I tried to maintain a slow pace, but her panting and squirming had me so hot that I couldn’t help but increase my tempo.  Before I knew what was happening I was crying out to her, telling her that I was about to come.  She opens her mouth wide; I stood up, kicking the stool out from behind me.  Jerking off at a furious pace my orgasm finally overtook me.

 Cum erupted from my cock in a furious jet!  My aim was good and I landed the first stream on the back of Linda’s throat.  Spurt after spurt shot from me.  Linda tried to swallow between jets, but it was coming far too fast.  A stream of cum landed square on her chin and dripped down to her chest.  She gulped down as much as possible and wiped the rest from her face and chest with her fingers. “Mmmm…I wasn’t expecting so much.  Thank you for sharing.”

 “No problem,” I managed.  My cock was still hard and my breathing was the same way, but both were starting to come down as I stood there.

 “Let me help you back into your pants before I go back out.”  Linda came close and pulled my pants back up.  My cock rubbed against her naked chest as she rose and I almost came again!  “Here you go.  I hope you come back some time.”  Linda smiled pleasantly and walked me out the back door. 

 The rest of my day was a blur.  I still couldn’t tell you what my meeting was about.  That night when I got back to my hotel and undressed I found a note in my pocket. “I get off at 7.  Call me. L.” is what it read.  I made the call and had the most incredible night of my life.  Needless to say, I now give Linda a call every time I’m heading into town.



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