The Car Wash

It had been a long, hot day and it was looking to be a long hot night as well.  The kids were in bed and we finally had a moment of peace.  We jump at the chance to sit and have a couple of beers and watch a little TV.  We’re both stripped down pretty far; me in shorts and a t-shirt, you in a pair of my boxers and a tank top.  We’ve got the windows open, but it does little to cool us down.  After finishing your beer you remind me that I still have to get the car washed tonight.  Groaning, because I don’t want to do it, and standing up because I know you’re right, I head to the garage and gather the car stuff and prepare for a quick wash. “At least it’ll cool me down getting a little wet in the process,” I think to my self.  By the time I get to the doorway you’re standing there waiting.

“Come on.  I’ll help you out.”  I smile and open the door for you.  You grin and head outside.  I stop a moment to admire the view, shake my head and head out after you.  You grab the hose and start spraying down the car, rinsing it off and not really caring that you and I are getting hit with almost as much water as the truck.  We try hard not to laugh too loudly since it’s late and we don’t want to wake the neighbors, but we’re only moderately successful.  By the time the car is rinsed and the buckets are full of soapy water we’re both thoroughly soaked, but finally at a comfortable temperature.

We grab our rags and buckets and I can’t help but admire your cleavage when you bend over, and when you stand up my eyes stay locked on your breasts and your nipples that have become so apparent in your wet t-shirt.  You smile and wink at me, “Come on you.  The sooner we get done, the sooner we can get to bed.”  I grin back, thinking how much I’d like to get you back to bed right about now.

We both start at the front end of the truck and work our way around opposite sides toward the back.  You’re on the driver side and once you get past the door you open it up and crawl inside.  I don’t notice at first since I’m working hard at getting done and have almost reached the back end of the truck when I notice you’re gone and that the truck door is open.  I figure that you must have gone inside and so I work my way around to the driver side and start working my way forward.  As I get closer to the cab I see your feet, just inside the door.  Curious I stop washing and walk over to the door.  My jaw practically hit the floor when I looked inside.  There you are, lying in the cab, propped up on your elbows looking out at me, completely naked.

You giggle and motion for me to join you.  A little nervously I look around and see that the neighborhood is still dark, so I decide to go for it.  It’s not everyday that my goddess of a wife offers herself up in the front of my truck.  I crawl into the cab and shut the door behind me.  I crawl up between your legs, lower my head and kiss your nipples, one after the other and then kiss my way down your body, stopping just above your slit.  I’m backed up completely against the door and have run out of room to maneuver.  In the tight confines of the cab I can smell your sex and desperately want to taste you.  Recognizing my dilemma, you arch your back, lifting your ass from the bench.  I take your cue, lift you further up and put your legs on my shoulder and your pussy right in front of my mouth.  I reach out my tongue and slowly caress your outer lips, gently parting them and searching out your clit.  I flatten my tongue out and rub it against your clit with long, slow strokes before I move down and slowly push my tongue inside you, savoring your taste for as long as I can.  I know that the position can’t be all that comfortable, despite your moans of pleasure and so I lower you back down after only a couple of minutes of oral pleasure.

You look up at me and I can see the animal lust in your eyes as you sit up and get on your knees.  “Take off your shirt,” you demand, and as I do so you quickly pull down my sweat shorts and boxers.  You grab hold of my already stiff cock and stroke it hard, tugging and pulling on me while I sit back.  The moment my back touches the door you lean forward and wrap your lips around my cock, taking me deep into your mouth.  You work fast, bobbing up and down while your tongue dances about my length.  You’ve always given the greatest head, and tonight is no exception.  In no time at all you have me moaning your name, running my fingers through your hair and biting my lip, but you stop as quickly as you started.  Lying back down, you spread your legs and look up at me, “fuck me now. I need you inside me.”

Being completely on edge after your whirlwind blowjob, I hasten to comply and quickly crawl above you, moving into a missionary position, my arms beneath you, my fingers in your hair.  I press my cock against your hole and push in with one long motion.  You moan and buck your hips, “Fuck me hard and fast,” you growl into my ear.  For a brief moment I think about denying you and drawing it out, but your urging pushes me beyond the point of no return.  I know that I want you as badly as you want me and I couldn’t hold back if I tried. I slam into you with long, hard strokes, one on top of another, faster and faster.  You drag your nails down my back, burning a trail down to my ass.  You grab hold of my ass and pull me into you, helping me along.  The intensity of it all has us fucking with wild abandon and we both struggles to contain our moaning.  I feel the tension growing in my balls and know that it won’t be much longer and somehow manage to increase my tempo a little further, pumping harder, trying to get you to come with me.  You dig your nails into my ass and your moans begin turning into little shouts.  I feel your pussy spasm and you cry out in the throws of passion, sending me over the edge.  I thrust a few more times as I cum hard and cry out.

It takes a couple of minutes for us to come down from our orgasmic high and we lie there, covered in sweat and the products of our love making, staring at the darkened sky through our steam coated windows.  I hold you close to me, kiss you lightly and slowly trace my fingers across your skin. “I love you.”

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