100-Words of Erotica, Day 23

Michael pulled his hand back and stuck the fingers in his mouth. “Delicious,” he said with a smile.

“You’re so bad,” said Diane as she playfully slapped his shoulder. “You wait right here. I need to go freshen up.” She stood and headed away from the table with her skirt hiked up just enough to expose the tops of her stockings.

Michael smiled and took a drink of his water. He wanted to call it a day and drag her back to his place for an afternoon of sex, but it would be too noticeable by everyone in the office, and there was still the issue of her husband.

She had tasted good and was so ready for his touch. He wanted more, so much more, but he had to stay patient. He had done the one time thing with co-workers before and it had always been awkward. His relationship with Diane might end that way also, but he wasn’t going to let that happen until they were both, seriously satisfied.

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