It Is Ageism I Tell You!


So I’ve been considering getting a massage lately.  I have to plan ahead for such things so I’ve been looking at options so that I can get it scheduled for early November (like I said…I have to plan ahead). Now of course when I say massage I’m meaning one of the erotic/sensual nature. Its just not a massage without the happy ending if you know what I mean.  Anyhow, I’m going through the usual places looking for options and it dawned on me: there just aren’t that many women giving massages who are my age.

Now I’m not old, but I’m certainly not that young. I’m in the far end of my mid-thirties. Theoretically I am old enough to be the father of a girl who is no longer in college. Now I’m not oppsed to the idea of younger women, but its not really what I want in a massage. I want someone a little closer to my own age. I’d be okay within ten years either way, five being preferred. I’ve had massages by younger women, and they do a good job, but I find they’re not as thorough and quite frankly they seem more interested in getting done than delivering a quality massage for the time alloted. The best massages I’ve ever received were by older women (by older I mean older than myself). So I’m not just blindly bitching here, I am speaking from some background of experience here.

So, in the meantime I’ll keep looking, especially as I get closer to the end of the month.

What do you think? What’s been your experience? Any recomendations?

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