I Love Boobies!

I do…I really really do. Now I know this does not make me unique in this world. Most men like them I would hazard to guess.

I don’t really care if they’re big or small, brown or white, I just like them.

So the whole point of this little statement of the obvious is to share a page I came across this morning. It is a quick little introspective on the boobs of Playboy magazine over the decades.  I won’t spoil it by giving any details, but its worth checking out and the preview page is free.  There are more pics if you subscribe to the site, but the preview by itself is pretty telling.

Check this out and you’re welcome.  http://www.playboy.com/girls/landingpages/evolution-of-the-boob/index.html

One thought on “I Love Boobies!

  1. Thanks for sharing! Like you said, I think all men love boobies. What can I say, it is ingrained in us at birth. 😉

    For the record, I enjoyed the Playboy link as well. I think out of those Miss March 1967 had to be my favorite.


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