A Fetish I Just Don’t Understand

Canadian model Bianca Beauchamp.
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Before I get started let me say I am not judging here.  I accept most fetish and believe in pretty even minded, whatever floats your boat, different strokes for different folks, sort of world. There are some fetishes I don’t get and have absolutely NO interest in, but I recently re-discovered one that intrigues me, though I don’t know that I would partake in many of the aspects of the Fetish.

I’m talking about Rubber.


Now I’m not talking condoms, but full on Rubber clothing.  I get that some of it is damn sexy and a definite turn on, but I don’t get the appeal of the full body suit, the face masks or even vaccuum sealing.  It just does nothing for me and I don’t understand the appeal.

But I’m not entirely ready to turn my nose up at it either.  Anyone care to explain?


3 thoughts on “A Fetish I Just Don’t Understand

  1. Pretty pictures!
    Actually I never thought I was into rubber at all, but then I saw (and felt) my boy’s rubber straitjacket (and him in it). So I guess maybe it’s something which grows on you. 🙂


  2. Whenever I’ve experienced a change in my own perception of a fetish, it can be characterised as being because of the effect that my adoption of it has had on other people. Let me explain …
    Take three fetishes that I used to have no interest in and would avoid at all costs: namely, boy on boy bisexual stuff, wearing fishnets and pretty knickers and wearing rubber.
    Each of these I was forced into in one way or another and in each case, the effect on the women around me was amazing, they found it so hot and such a turn on. I’m a pleaser, nothing turns me on more than doing something that turns a woman on.
    Last Christmas I won a beautiful red rubber straitjacket and my girlfriend / Domme loves it and can’t keep her hands of it (and me) when I’m wearing it. Guess what, I love wearing it!


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