100-Words of Erotica: Day 39-41

Michael walked down the hall of cubicles to where Robert and Henry worked. He brutally suppressed the grin that wanted to show on his face, knowing that it would be a dead giveaway. He hated having to keep his fun with Diane a secret from to of his oldest friends, but word of their indiscretion would ruin everything and Michael had no intention of terminating the good thing he had going before it had fully run its course. “What’s up guys?” he asked. He did his best to look like he had been rejected, drawing from Robert and Henry’s own looks from a month earlier.

“Dude, ” said Robert, sounding like he had regressed in age by ten years, “you went to lunch with Diane! Tell me you ate more than a sandwich.” Robert was married and lived vicariously through Michael and Henry, but even he couldn’t resist trying to get a little closer to Diane once she had started.

“No dice Rob. It was just lunch for me,” Michael said, taking some small pleasure in the not quite lie.

“Did you even try?” asked Henry. He had been bugging Michael for weeks to give it a shot, mostly because he figured Michael would fail, which was something Henry would take a certain amount of pleasure in.

“Yeah, I did.” Michael noted Henry’s grin, so sure of the rejection, but Robert waited for the outcome. “I just flirted a little when she stopped me and reminded me she was married. She asked if I was okay with working with her now, since we’d be spending a lot of time together and she really didn’t want me to be angry or to keep trying.” Michael sighed and looked back in the direction of their shared office. “Of course I told her it was fine and laughed it off, but damn its going to be hard sitting across from her knowing I’m not allowed to touch.”

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