Visiting Laura, Part Six

Part 6

Laura and I woke a little while later and cuddled for a while before once again hitting the shower.  We washed each other from head to toe, and managed to keep from fucking each other silly while we were in there.  After the shower we put on our swimsuits and headed into the backyard.  Laura had a nice pool, but her hot tub was what made her backyard complete.  It was enormous, easily big enough to fit twelve people.  Back before I had moved we had spent plenty of evenings in it with Emma and our other friends, and after all of the exercise I’d gotten in the last couple of day I was looking forward to some time in it myself.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sunning and swimming. 

Every once in a while I would try to get things rolling between us again, but just when I would think Laura was on the verge of giving in she would put on the brakes.  It made for a very frustrating afternoon, especially since Laura’s bikini did not leave much to the imagination.  I could easily imagine pushing aside that little bikini bottom and sliding into her, and Laura certainly helped promote my anxiousness, asking me to rub some tanning oil on her, moaning when I caressed her inner thighs or just beneath her breasts.  By the time the sun was hanging low in the sky I was in a state of perpetual arousal and didn’t know how I was going to make it through to Laura’s surprise.

I was in the middle of contemplating breaking the rules and just taking her when her phone rang, “Hello?  Okay, I’ll have things ready.”  She hung up and walked towards the house, now you wait here while I prepare for your surprise.”  Without another word she walked into the house, closing the door behind her.

I wasn’t sure what she had planned, and from the sound of her brief phone conversation she was expecting someone or something to be there any minute.  I was tempted to do some looking, but decided against it and took another quick swim in the pool, hoping that the cool water would help relieve the bulge in my shorts.

It was a good ten minutes before the door opened and Laura walked out. “Come on out of the water so we can get started.”  Her smile was disarming and I immediately did as requested. When I got over to her she told me to turn around and she put a blindfold over my eyes.
“I hope you don’t mind being in the dark a little, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“I can hardly wait,” I said, my cock instantly straining at my swimsuit.

“Now don’t peek and just do as I tell you.  If you misbehave than I’ll have to use those handcuffs you bought.”  Laura led a few steps and had me sit in one of the pool chairs, “now wait right here while I finish inside and the hot tub heats up.”  Laura walked away and turned on the hot tub (I was sitting very near it and could hear the motor hum and the water bubble).  I don’t know how long she left me there.  It may have been ten minutes, but it felt like an hour easily.  I wasn’t sure if she was watching so I did my best to just sit still and wait for her return.

I did not hear Laura return so much as I felt her presence; still I jumped a little when her hand touched my leg.  “I’m sorry for the wait love, but it took a little longer than expected.”  She took my hand and stood me up, “I promise the wait will be worth it,” releasing my hand, Laura pushed down my shorts and told me to step out.  Once I had done so she licked the length of my cock and ran her teeth over my head before standing up and taking my hand again. “Time to get wet,” she said as she led me to the tub, “now just be careful and I’ll help you in,” and she was good to her word.  I slowly navigated my way up the steps and into the hot, bubbling jets of water.  Laura guided me to the far said of the hot tub and sat me down.

“You know I had a real fun time last night,” Laura said from across the tub. “That was the first time I’ve ever been in a threesome.  I’ve always been with just a man or just a woman, never both at the same time.” Laura paused for a second, “I think I liked it a bit more than I should have,” another pause and then she laughed. “Had you ever been in a threesome before?” she asked.

“Twice actually,” I responded.  “The first one was right after I moved. I’d had a few beers with a guy from work and he asked if I wanted to come to his place for dinner with him and his wife.  I didn’t know many people so I said sure and before I know it I’m at his house.  We hung out in the garage and played pool while his wife finished cooking.  When she came to get us I was a bit flabbergasted to see her in a French maid’s outfit.  She was a good looking woman and filled it out nicely.  While we ate dinner she served us and took every opportunity to tease us with little glimpses of her ass, legs and cleavage.  I tried not to stare, but it proved impossible.  Before I know it, dinner’s over and he’s telling his wife to suck me off for desert! I was a little unsure and tried to beg off, but they were both insistent and so there I was, sitting in a coworker’s house getting my cock sucked by his wife while he watched.  From there it just evolved into a go for broke free for all, with he and I taking turns fucking his wife silly.  We got together a few more times after that, but then he got transferred up to corporate and I really didn’t see either of them after that.”

“Wow, sounds like a good way to start at the new work,” Laura said, her breathing a little tense. “What about the other time?”

“The other time was a purely one time thing.  I was in Washington on business and after work I went to a little sports bar I like to frequent when I’m up there.  It was a bit empty so I just drank my beer and played some pool.  A little while later a couple of women came in and asked if they could join me.  They were in town for a pharmaceuticals conference and were staying at my hotel.  We hit it off pretty well and had a lot of fun, played a lot of pool and drank a lot of beer.  The blonde one was flirting pretty heavily with me so I flirted back and once her co-worker left the flirting got much more touchy feely.  It wasn’t long before we were heading to her room.  When we got inside her door we immediately started stripping down as we stumbled our way through the dark to her bed. Once there I noticed that her roommate was sleeping in a second bed and when I pointed the blonde told me not to worry, her roommate was a very heavy sleeper.  I was just drunk enough to think that sounded okay and got back to fucking the blonde pharmaceutical rep.  We had no sooner finished than I hear her friend, ‘I hope you’re not planning on sleeping yet.’ The blonde pushes me over to her friend and she went nuts on me, holding me down and riding me hard, not really letting me have any control.  When she was done the blonde crawled into bed with us and we ended up fucking like rabbits all night long.”

“Wow, you really have been quite the man whore since you left,” she said with a laugh.

“Not really,” I said, “for the most part my sex life has been pretty barren, it just gets punctuated with excitement every once in a while.”

“So have you put any more thought into who our playmate from last night was?” Laura asked, her voice getting closer as she spoke.

“Honestly I still have no idea.  I tried figuring it out, but I couldn’t put the voice or features to someone I knew.  Can you give me a hint?”

Laura was now sitting next to me and put her hand on my cock as she whispered in my ear, “you’ve had her before.”

Suddenly I felt another hand on my cock and a whisper in the other ear, “and if you’re good you’ll have her again tonight.”  I groaned and smiled, Emily must have snuck into the tub while I talked.  This little game was turning out pretty fun, but the temptation to pull off the mask was very hard to ignore.

Laura spoke as she slid her hand down to cup my balls, “all you have to do is fill a small glass with your cum tonight.  If you can’t manage that, then you’ll have to wait before you get to know Emily’s real identity.”

“Just think of it as a test of willpower,” Emily said, stroking my cock the whole time, “we’ll help get you off, but you have to show the control to get it into the cup.”

“All you have to do is ask for the cup and we’ll get it in position for you, just don’t ask too late or we might not get it there in time,” when Laura stopped speaking she kissed my neck and drew lines across it with her tongue.

“So are you up to the challenge stud?” asked Emily, her hand twisting about my cock like a professional.

“I guess I’ll have to be won’t I.”

“So let’s see if we can’t get you to a good start,” said Emily. “Stand up on the bench, turn around and spread your legs.”  I did as commanded and as soon as I had assumed the position I felt someone go between my legs so that she was sitting down, my cock pressing against her face, “move back a little more lover.”  It was Emily sitting before me.  I stepped back tentatively until only the balls of my feet were still on the bench.  When Emily sucked my cock into her mouth I almost lost my balance, but rather than fall I bent over and placed my hands on the edge of the hot tub for balance.  Almost immediately I felt Laura’s tongue on my anus after she stepped behind me and spread my cheeks.  Emily’s tongue seemed to be all over my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth while Laura’s tongue flicked all around my ass before she pressed it inside.  Those two women were masters of pleasure and in no time I could feel an orgasm building inside me.  I held out as long as I could, hoping that prolonging my ejaculation might promote a greater volume, but it was no use.

“Oh FUCK!  Get the cup! Quick!”  Emily stopped sucking my cock while Laura kept her tongue firmly planted in my ass. “Ugggghhh,” I grunted as the first stream shout out of me.  A detached part of me prayed that the glass was in place, because it felt like I was shooting off a ton of semen.  When I had finished twitching Emily used her hand to milk out the last of the cum and then slid out from between my legs.

I sank back down into the water, turned around and took a seat.  The girls sat on either side of me and spoke as if I wasn’t there, “well that wasn’t too bad.  If he can keep up the pace we could be revealing your identity before midnight.”

“Midnight hell!  Two more like that and he’s done!” Emily said from my left.  “I’d forgotten how much he came when we had hooked up.”

“Maybe we should get a bigger glass?” suggested Laura.

“No…fair is fair.  We should have picked a bigger glass.”  There was a long pause before Emily spoke again, “I’ll tell you what stud, you overfill this glass before midnight and tomorrow you’ll get Laura and I as complete slaves for the next 24 hours.  How does that sound?”

“Sounds like a good challenge to me, I have plenty of ideas for my pretty little slave girls.”

“Emily, you’re such a naughty little slut.”

“I thought you liked me that way Laura.”

“I do,” Laura said as I felt the two of them lean over in front of me.  Listening carefully I could make out the sound of their kissing.  While I couldn’t see it, just imagining their kiss was re-invigorating me and I definitely wanted to win this challenge.  I reached up blindly and found their breasts and rolled their nipples between my fingers.  This went on for a while longer, and by the time they had broken their kiss each of them had a pair of rock hard nipples. “Okay, I think its time for us to get out of the hot tub and back inside for a while,” Laura said.

“I’m up for that,” said Emily as she got up and moved to the far side of the tub. “I didn’t get nearly enough of that cock inside me last night.”

“I suppose that means you’re calling first ride?” Laura asked as she took my hand and led me to the steps.

“You better fucking believe it!  You’ve had him a couple of days and now it’ my turn.”  The two of them were talking about me like I was a piece of meat, and to my own surprise I really didn’t mind.

The girls led me into the house and slowly dried me off before leading me into the living room and lying me down on the floor.  “I want you to go ahead and stroke your cock for a minute, while Laura and I watch.  I want you nice and hard before I climb on board.”  I did as instructed and in no time I was rock hard and ready to go, but the girls were too occupied to notice.  I couldn’t see what was happening but it sounded like Laura was eating Emily’s pussy while Emily sat on the couch.  I eased off on stroking since listening to them was more than enough to keep me hard.  It was another minute or so before Emily gasped and moaned, presumably from orgasm.  The next thing I hear is someone walking over to me and then standing above me.  It’s hard to tell with the blindfold on, but it sounds as if they are both standing above me.

Laura lowered herself onto my face (I could tell it was her from the taste) and slowly ground her gash against my mouth as I plunged my tongue inside her.  I had barely started eating Laura when Emily lowered herself onto my cock, impaling herself completely.  The two women ground against me slowly at first, but it was no time at before both of them were rocking wildly.  I was doing my best to keep up with the two beauties straddling me when Laura suddenly called out and her cum spilled out, covering my tongue and spilling out onto my face.  I licked Laura’s slit as fast as I could and she trembled from the exertion.  When the cum stopped flowing she got up from my face and knelt beside me.

With Laura no longer above me I was able to direct my full attention to Emily.  I reached up and grabbed her breasts and played with the roughly, pinching her nipples and pulling on her breasts while she ground against me ever harder.  I could feel an orgasm building inside me and did everything I could think of to keep from cumming until I had reached that spot where I would last for a much longer time. I don’t know how long Emily rode me, but she had one orgasm after another starting no more than five minutes after Laura had climbed off of my face until finally, “God you feel good, but my pussy needs a little break, so get on you knees and fuck my ass.”  Emily slowly pulled off of me and apparently took up position on all fours nearby, “Laura will help you get started.”

I stood up and Laura guided me to where Emily knelt, “wait one second lover while lube her up a little for you.”

The next thing I hear is Emily moaning, “God I love when you eat my ass.”  Any danger there might have been with me losing my hard on while waiting went straight out the door with those words.  Mentally I could see Laura knelt behind Emily, tongue flicking about her anus before plunging inside, and the image was driving me crazy.  It wasn’t long before Laura stopped and guided me the rest of the way down until I was squatting behind Emily, my cock pressed against her saliva slicked ass.  Without hesitation I entered her backdoor, sliding in until I my balls were resting against her slit.

“Ummm, yeah, fuck my ass with that thick cock of yours,” Emily growled.  I was a little surprised by how well lubed her ass was, but I suppose that between Laura’s saliva and Emily’s cum there was plenty to keep things moving smoothly, so rather than take it slow I fucked with long hard strokes that made her grunt with every thrust.  Meanwhile, Laura crawled between my legs and laid on her back, and licked and sucked Emily’s pussy.  It wasn’t long before Emily was in a complete state of disarray.  Having already cum four or five time earlier, when her next one approached she muttered unintelligibly, her voice growing louder by the second until finally it came upon her and she cried out in a high pitched scream.

Her inner muscles spasmed all about my cock and sent me spiraling past the point of no return, “Uggghhhh, I need the cup.  Oh please!”  I was lost in my attempts to hold out for just a few seconds longer.  I pulled out of Emily’s ass and gripped my cock hard in one fist until I felt the cold glass tough the underside of my head, and with a loud grunt I let it fly.  The feeling was intense and powerful.  It felt like my balls were unleashing every last drop they contained.  I pumped my cock with my fist until I was done and the stood there weak kneed and staggered.  Laura took my hand and led me to the couch where I flopped down unceremoniously. The room was quiet for the next couple of minutes, the only sound being our breath as we recovered.

Emily was the first to break the silence, “well that was incredible.  I think I could use a drink and something to eat though if we’re going to keep this up all night, she said with a laugh.

“Well before we take a little break we have a little unfinished business,” Laura put her hand on my thigh as she spoke.  “Believe it or not, the glass is full.”

“No shit?  It wasn’t even half full after the hot tub!” exclaimed Emily.

“I know, it seems incredible, but if you’d seen him cum after he’d pulled out of your ass you would have been amazed!  The last stream was as thick as the first and they just seemed to keep coming!”

“Well damn, I was hoping it would take us a little longer to coax out that much,” Emily said as she stood up.

“Well we still have to coax out some more if our man here wants a couple of willing little slaves for a day.  The glass is full, but hasn’t flowed over yet.  I imagine one more orgasm and he’ll have his way with us.”  You could almost hear the smile in Laura’s voice.

Emily walked up and straddled my legs, sitting on my lap. “Are you ready to know who you’ve been fucking?” she said with a long deep kiss.

“Absolutely,” I said hurriedly as I reached up for the blindfold.

“Here, let me do that,” Emily said, batting my hands away.

I put my hands down, resting them on Emily’s hips and my heart raced in anticipation.  She pulled the blindfold and it took my eyes s few seconds to adjust to the light.  When my vision cleared and I could see her face, it still took me a couple extra seconds to figure out who it was, “Emma?”

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