Heads and Tails, part 47

Michael opened the door and peered outside. Satisfied that there was no one between his office and the men’s room, so he slipped out and made his way through the maze of cubicals. He wove in and out of the halls made of chest -high prefabricated walls as he dodged the occasional person working late. He looked down for a moment and confirmed his obvious state of arousal, and as he looked up he ran into Adriana.

Right in the middle of the office, Michael had rammed his cock straight into the most well rounded ass in the office. The only thing that kept the encounter from being intercourse was the thin layer of clothing they both wore.

Adriana let out a squeal and jumped forward. She wheeled around and glared at Michael. “Mr. Wade, what do you think you are doing?” Her face was turning red as she tried to not look down at the tent in his slacks.

“Adriana, I’m sorry…I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he said as he took a step back.

“Well that is obvious,” she said. “So what were you looking at?”

“I…well…nothing…I just really need to use the restroom.” Michael kicked himself. Normally he was much smoother, but all he could think about was his cock sliding between Adriana’s ass cheeks.

“Then i suggest you get going, Mr. Wade,” she said as she looked down at the bulge in his pants. She stepped aside and Michael walked past, trying not to run as he made a bee-line for the men’s room.

He pushed open the door and walked up to the closest urinal. As he pulled out his dick and started pissing all he could think about was Diane sucking his cock or his fucking Adriana in the ass. Pissing with an erection is never an easy thing, but it was not an option, so he stood back and let the stream fly. He moaned with relief and decided that when he was done he would have to rub one out before he went back to his desk.

“You are a very bad boy,” Adriana said from right behind him. Michael had been so engrossed in his thoughts of self pleasure that he never heard the door open or her walk up behind him. She stepped closer and pressed her body against his. “You really need to learn more self control, Mr. Wade,” she said as she reached around him and took his cock in her fist. Michael moaned as she held firm and directed his stream. “I think you have no control whatsoever,” she whispered into his ear, “and I think you like it that way. I think you want someone in control of you.”

Adriana put her other arm around him, unbuckled his belt and undid the button to his pants. Images of fucking the HR director on the bathroom counter flashed through Michaels head, but were quickly quashed as he felt her hand slide down the back of his pants. He stopped pissing and she shook his cock for him. “Now grab it and jerk off,” she said and he complied.

He stroked his cock slowly, staying away from the head, trying to hold out in hopes that she would take over. “Faster,” she growled just before she slid her middle finger into his ass. “Hurry up, Mr. Wade, I have more work to do before I can go home.” He stroked harder and she matched his pace with the finger in his ass. She bit his earlobe and it sent him over the edge. He grunted and shot his cum onto the urinal and the bathroom floor.

“Good boy,” she said as she pulled her finger from his ass. She grabbed his cock with her other hand and pulled him around by it. Adriana ran her thumb over the tip, collecting some of the lingering seed and placed it in her mouth. “Not too bad, Mr. Wade.” She looked him straight in the eyes and said, “here is the deal, Mr. Wade. You are my bitch now. Whatever I want and whenever I want it, you will give it to me or you will be fired for harassment so fast your head will spin.”

“You can’t do that,” he said.

“Yes, I can,” she said with a laugh. “I have enough evidence right here,” she said as she wiped th head of my cock against her skirt, “to convince just about anyone here. You know i have a reputation for being a prude, right?” Michael groaned, knowing how right she was. “Good. Now clean up this mess and clean up yourself. I’ll be coming by your place later,” she said. “You have some things to learn if you want your freedom back.”

Adriana let go of Michael’s cock and walked away. The bathroom door shut behind her and he was left standing in the men’s room with his pants around his ankles and his limp dick resting in his hand.

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