A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part One

I love the summer. My children live with me for the first eight weeks and I get to feel like a father again. The boys are eight and ten, so they are just the right ages for a lot of summer time fun. I take a couple of weeks off to take them to the beach, but the rest of the time I have to work , so the week before the kids arrived I interviewed more than a dozen nannies.

The only thing they had in common was their gender. A handful of them were old enough to be my mother, half of them were barely out of high school and the rest fell somewhere in between. I didn’t reject any of them out of hand because finding a summertime nanny would be hard to begin with and I knew my boys needed the right person or it was going to be a very long summer for all of us. Ultimately I decided on a young woman with an excellent education, daycare experience and impeccable references. The fact that she was in her mid-twenties and not hard to look at may have played a small role in my decision making as well.

The Monday after my children arrived was an exercise in controlled chaos. I had the kids fed and I was ready for work, but the house looked like a bomb had gone off. When I heard the knock on the door I breathed a sigh of relief. My oldest son ran to the door and flung it open. “Dad! There’s a lady here!” He yelled from the entryway.

I wiped my hands clean on a kitchen towel and went to the door. “Rose, glad to see you. This is John, and the little guy peeking out from behind the couch is Tim. Boys, this is Rose. She is going to keep an eye on you two while I am at work.”

“It is certainly nice to meet you boys,” she said. “I think we are going to have a lot fun this summer.” John blushed a little and ran off to sit on the couch while Tim continued to play at being shy.

“Come on in, Rose,” I said, ” and I’ll give you the grand tour.”

We walked through the house and I pointed out where everything was and what the rules were. She was quiet and polite, asking questions and nodding with understanding. As we walked a long I took a closer look at her and decided she was far prettier than i had originally thought. She had short brown hair that barely covered her neck, dark, sun-tanned skin that made her pale blue eyes really stand out, and a figure that was nothing short of exceptional. Her breasts were big, but not enormous, a little more than a handful, and the sway of her well-rounded ass was hypnotizing. By the time the tour was done I was feeling a little aroused and had to fight to keep from being obvious. It just would not do to chase off the nanny because she thought i was some sort of pervert.

“Unless you have any questions, I’m going to get to work,” I said.

“I think we’re set, and I can always call you if I have any questions.” She set her purse down on the kitchen table and I headed out the door.

Monday morning traffic quickly banished all thoughts of my new nanny as I threaded my way through the assortment of cars that choked the interstate. I had often considered moving closer to work, but I loved my house and my neighborhood, so it was a thought that never gained much traction.

Work was busy and soul sucking, but it went by quickly so i returned to my car and the traffic. I know the commute home was no worse than the trip to the office, but it certainly felt that way. I love having my kids over. I miss them during the school year and count down the days of school left even more excitedly than the kids. I had planned on barbecuing some ribs and swimming with the kids in my pool and the slow passage of mile markers was driving me insane.

Eventually I made it home and went straight inside. The boys ran up to me and gave me the hugs as they chattered away, telling me all about their day. We laughed and I told them to head upstairs and get their swimsuits on. They scurried up the stairs while they teased each other, and I headed into the kitchen.

Rose was in the kitchen, putting away the last of the dishes when I walked in. She was on her toes, stretching to reach the shelf where the serving bowls went. Her ass practically popped out of her tight shorts and I had to catch myself to keep from groaning. “How were they, Rose?” I asked.

“They were good,” she said. “We played some games and went to the park this morning. They were pretty tired after lunch so we took it easy and watched some movies.” With the bowl successfully put away she settled back onto her bare feet. “They are really good kids,” she said, “and they are very smart.”

“Thank you,” I said. An odd tension hung in the air between us. “Umm, would you like to stay and have dinner with us?” I asked. ” I was going to barbecue and go for a swim with the boys. You would be more than welcome to join us. I’m sure the boys would be happy. They really seem taken with you.”

She smiled and said, “I would love to. I don’t have any plans until much later tonight.”

“Excellent! I’m going to change into my suit and head out to the grill. Do you have a suit with you?” I asked.

“Yeah, I brought it in case the kids wanted to go swimming today,” she said. “Where should I change?”

“The upstairs bathroom should be fine,” I said with a smile. “I’ll head up now and I’ll see you in a bit.” I went upstairs a little too fast, nearly running down the boys as they scurried back down the stairs. I yelled after them to not go out until Rose or I got there. I shook my head and smiled. I loved having them in the house.

I walked into my bedroom and shut the door behind me. I pulled out my trunks and set them on the edge of the bed before I stripped out of my clothes. Once I was naked I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. I was in pretty decent shape for a guy closer to forty than thirty, but I was hardly an ideal specimen. I was not chiseled, but I was not particularly doughey either. I was about to turn and put on my shorts when Rose opened the door. We both stood there for a second, too stunned to react. She looked me over and smiled before she shut the door.

“I’m sorry, Michael. I thought it was the bathroom,” she said through the door.

“One door closer to the stairs,” I said as I gathered up my shorts and pulled them on. I played out the moment in my mind, wondering how much of it was really an accident. I didn’t care either way because the quick little smile suggested that she liked what she saw.

I stepped into the hall and headed for the stairs. I stopped in mid stride as I noticed the bathroom door was open. It was possible that Rose had changed and headed downstairs already, but wasn’t likely. I took a quiet step forward and the bathroom mirror came into view. Rose was there, wearing only the bottom of her little red bikini. She stared right at me and did not try to cover her beautiful breasts. “I figured it was only fair since I got to have a look at you,” she said. I let my eyes glide over every inch of exposed flash, taking much more time than she had taken with me. She was in great shape and I was pleased to see her nipples were pierced with little silver dumbbells. I wondered if there was anything else pierced on her.

“Thank you,” I said.

Rose looked down for a moment and said, “you’re welcome,” before she shut the door. I looked down and noticed that my cock had swollen with excitement, creating a tent in the front of my shorts. I smiled, shook my head and headed down the stairs.

When I got downstairs I went straight to the refrigerator and drained a beer in one long pull. I threw out the bottle, grabbed a couple more and the ribs before I headed outside. The boys squealed with excitement and ran straight for the pool. I set up the grill and waited for it to get nice and hot.

Rose walked out of the house wearing a towel wrapped around her waist. The small triangles of fabric that made up the top of her bikini did little to conceal her breasts and I was appreciative. Her nipples and piercings stood out against the fabric and I grunted in appreciation. She walked up to me and smiled. “It looks like the boys are having fun,” she said.

I handed her a beer and said, “Yeah, they’re a regular couple of fish.”

She took a long drink from her beer and set it down. “I’m going to get in the water,” she said. “You should join us.” She walked to the pool, teasing me with the gentle swing of her ass. She took the first few steps into the pool before she dove forward and swam to the deep end.

I checked the barbecue’s temperature and put the marinated meat on the grill before I shut the lid and drained the remnants of my beer. Rose was playing with the boys, splashing and swimming under them, and they were loving it. I walked around the pool deck before I took a couple of running steps that led into a leap toward the water that culminated in a perfect cannon ball. The boys cheered and Rose laughed when I returned to the surface. The four of us swam about, laughing and playing in the cool water. Occasionally I climbed out and checked on the ribs, but I spent most of the time having fun.

When the meat was finished, I sent the boys out of the pool and told them to get changed for dinner, leaving Rose and I alone in the pool. “Thank you for inviting me for a swim,” she said as she waded over to me. She stopped right in front of me and said, “As far as first days at work go, I would say this was about the best.”

“So you’ll be coming back tomorrow?” I asked as I reached out and put a hand on each of her hips.

Rose took a half step closer and pressed her tits against my chest. “Oh yes, and for the rest of the summer as well,” she said as she reached down and grabbed my cock through my swimsuit.

“Dad! Hurry up! We’re hungry,” Tim shouted from the doorway.

“We’ll be right in, Tim,” I shouted back as Rose continued to stroke me through my trunks.

Tim shut the door and I looked back at Rose. “I guess we should go in,” she said before she turned away and waded to the steps. She walked up the steps with measured care, knowing I was watching her every move. Once she was out of the water, she bent over, slipped a finger beneath the fabric of her bikini and slowly slid it from her ass down until I knew her finger was rubbing the lips of her pussy. “Just a little something for you to think about during dinner,” she said before she grabbed her towel and went inside.

I smiled and shook my head before I climbed out of the water and gathered up the ribs. I have never been so eager to get out of the pool in my life.

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