Heads and Tails, Part 49

Michael sat back on the couch, careful to avoid his own ejaculate, and wondered what had just happened. It suddenly occurred to him that Adriana owned him. There had to be a way out of it and he would get free of her control. He thought on it, trying to discern an escape plan, but the more he thought about getting out of her trap, the more he thought about how much it had turned him on jerking off for her. Did he really want to be free of her?

His thoughts turned to one of the rules, the one where he was not allowed to fool around with anyone in the office, and that made him think of Diane. Adriana would definitely not be happy if she caught him fooling around with Diane, but Diane was going to be discrete since she would not want anyone to find out she was cheating on her husband.

Thinking about Diane reminded Michael of the note she had left him. He hurried over to the computer and brought up the email. There was the usual assortment of crap to delete, but half way down the screen was an email from Diane. He opened it and was pleased to see a half dozen pictures attached. There were no words in the body of the e-mail except where she had written, “See you tomorrow.”

Michael smiled and opened the first picture. It was an image of her cleavage, with just a hint of her bra showing on one side. He eagerly clicked the next and the one after that as well. Each picture was more revealing than the last, but they all fell short of showing him everything. She had made teasing him a skill which she excelled at. He looked over the pictures a couple more times, then saved them to the disk.

Michael went to bed and decided that for now he would do as Adriana commanded, except where it came to Diane. He had worked hard to get close to her and he was not about to give up on that just because the head of HR was blackmailing him. The insanity of the statement was not lost on him as he drifted off to sleep.

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