A Pleasant Sort Of Torture, Part 3

I was about half way to work when my phone chimed, alerting me to a text message. I pulled my phone from its holster and called up the message. I nearly crashed the car when the sight of Rose’s perfectly shaved pussy appeared on my screen. My eyes flicked between the road and the picture for the rest of the drive . It was a miracle that I didn’t run off the road and by the time I got to the office I was so hard that it would be obvious to anyone who saw me.

I put away my phone and tried to think of something other than Rose, but it proved hard to do. Eventually I decided i would have to do my best to get into the office without being noticed, so I stepped out of my car and made my way in.

Not being noticed proved to be all but impossible and I received numerous glances and smiles from some of the female staff. I thanked God that I was the owner so no one dared to say anything about it, at least to my face. I was almost to my office door when Cindy, my assistant, stopped me before I could go in.

“Good morning, boss,” she said, her eyes focused on the pile of paperwork she was preparing to hand me. “You have a busy day today. First, you have…” her voice trailed off as she sat down and came face to face with my bulge. She stared at it, transfixed by the sight like a mouse confronted by a snake. She shook her head, coughed and continued. “You have a meeting with Reverend Chambers in an hour, lunch with Susan Parks at noon…” Cindy continued to list appointments, but she continued to look at my crotch. The more she looked, the more excited I got, so by the time she was finished I had a considerable tent in my pants.

“Will that be all?” I asked when she finished speaking.

Cindy’s face was flushed and she had to force herself to look away from my bulge. “Yes. Sorry, sir, I seem to be a bit distracted this morning.”

“Its okay, Cindy. It seems to be that kind of morning,” I said as I stepped past her and opened my door. “No interruptions for a while okay, Cindy? I need to take care of something before my Nine AM.”

“Yes, sir,” she said before I closed the door behind me.

I stood in the cool, dark confines of my office and tried to catch my breath. I was aching for release and I knew that I would either have to do so or risk an erection throughout my morning meeting. “Fuck it,” I grumbled and I walked toward my desk. I was nearly there when my phone chimed once more. I pulled up the message and was greeted by a picture of my bathroom mirror. There, in the reflection, was Rose, bent over at the waist, her ass exposed for my viewing pleasure. “Oh hell,” I said as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my straining cock. I stroked it slowly while I imagined fucking Rose from behind.

A soft cough from behind made me spin around, and there was Cindy, standing just inside the office, the door shut behind her. “I thought you might be doing something like that,” she said. “Why don’t you let me help you with that, Michael?”

She walked toward me and I took a good look at her. She was short and full figured, definitely not thin, or even athletic, but she was very well proportioned. Her breasts were very large and her carefully exposed cleavage told me that Cindy knew exactly how alluring they were. Her mousy brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that looked like it was made for pulling. I had never looked at her in that way since she was an employee and married, but once I did I could easily imagine having a lot of fun with her.

She stopped within arm’s reach and said, “You are the best boss I have ever had, and the first one who didn’t spend half the day staring down my blouse. I’m married, and I’d like to stay that way, but I am very willing to help you out when you need it.” She grabbed hold of my cock and I moaned. “Believe me when I say that you need it now.”

Cindy dropped to her knees and licked the tip of my cock before taking it into her mouth. She licked and sucked on my length until I was ready to explode in her mouth, but she stopped just before I could reach the point of no return. “Your cock tastes as good as it looks,” Cindy said as she looked up at me. “I could spend all day doing this, but your meeting schedule won’t allow for that today. So tell me, boss, what is it you need right now?”

I thought about it for a second. I loooked down at her while she slowly stroked me my cock with her hand, her lips slightly parted, her big white tits begging for release from her blouse, and my first instinct was to have her suck me off until i came all over those tits, but there was something else bobbing around in the back of my mind and it made the decision easy.

“I want to bend you over my desk and fuck you from behind,” I said. The picture of Rose in the mirror had pushed me beyond the point of self control and it would only satisfy me to take Cindy in that position.

Cindy stood up and quickly undid my belt and pants while I pulled up her skirt and slid my hands into her panties. I was pleased to find her pussy wet when my fingers slid between her lips. Cindy finished with my pants and pushed them, along with my boxers, down around my ankles, before she stepped around me and bent over the desk.

I grabbed her panties and pulled them down around her ankles before I leaned forward and licked her slit back and forth. She moaned with delight until I stood up and placed the head of my cock against her opening. I pushed and slid into her pussy until I was balls deep inside her. It felt so good and I was so worked up, that I did not take my time with her. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast and nothing was going to stop me.

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her onto me with every thrust until I felt like I was going to explode. I reached around her with both arms, grabbed her tits and pulled her up against me. “Oh my nasty little Cindy,” I said, “I didn’t know you were such a dirty girl.” I pulled down the front of her blouse and freed her enormous tits. I held them in my hands and pinched her nipples. She bit her lip and I bit her earlobe before saying, “I’m cumming.”

I erupted inside her and streams of cum shot into her with each thrust. I had so much pent up energy that it felt like I would never stop cumming. Our mixed fluids dripped down my balls and her thighs as my thrusts gradually slowed and eventually stopped. I pulled out of her and stepped back.

Cindy stepped away from the desk and pulled up her panties. “I am going to be feeling that all day,” she said. She looked at me and smiled. “I don’t suppose i could borrow a towel?” I went into my private bathroom and brought her a small towel. “Thanks,” she said as she cleaned the cum from her thighs. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.” She walked toward me and I expected her to towel me off, but she dropped to her knees and sucked my semi-flacid cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked me clean, leaving me hard once more.

“Well that is impressive,” she said, “but if you sit down and read through the notes for the meeting I’m sure you’ll be fine.” She pulled up my pants and straightened me up before doing the same for herself. “I’ll be right out here if you need me,” she said as she opened the door and returned to her desk.

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