Yesterday Was a Very Good Day

Yesterday I had to go to a client’s office to fix some networking issues she was having. The work itself was pretty easy and took me less than an hour to complete. I like those sorts of jobs. I get to walk out with a happy customer and a win under my belt.

The back room I had been working in lacked air conditioning, so when I went to the front office where the owner, Sheila, worked, I was covered in sweat and was hardly presentable, but I make it a habit to touch base with the client before I leave so that I can make sure there is nothing else they need done and to explain what the charges for the visit will be. Sheila was a good-looking woman a few years older than myself. She was always smartly dressed and friendly, so a trip to her office was always welcome.

Like most businesses, hers had been hit hard, so she laid off most of her employees except during tax season. Walking through the office was a little sad to be honest. The half-dozen empty desks made me grateful for the job I had. I knocked on her open door and said, “I’m all done, Sheila. I replaced the switch and a couple of cables that had tears in them. I’m not positive, but you may have mice back there.”

She sighed and set her pen down. “That’s great. Well I guess I’ll have to call the exterminator now. Excellent.”

“I’m sorry, Sheila,” I said. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You could not charge me,” she said.

“I wish I could, but the boss keeps track of where we go,” I said.

“You could always tell him you went to lunch for part of the time. Call it a good customer discount,” she said as she stood up and walked around the desk. “And I’m not asking you to give it to me for nothing.” She reached down and grabbed hold of my dick through my slacks. “What do you say Mike, you give me a discount and I’ll give you a blow job?”

I was surprised, and flattered, so I thought for a second and decided that a lunch break was a good cover and I could take the cabling off the bill as well since it was just a few yards off of the roll. “Take your top off as well and it is a deal,” I said.

She smiled and said, “I was planning on it. I’m afraid I give a pretty sloppy blowjob and I wouldn’t want to get anything on my blouse.” She undid the buttons one at a time until she was able to pull it off and set it on her desk. I had always been impressed by the size of her tits, but they were always carefully covered by her business attire. When I got a good look at them in her white push up bra I almost drooled. They were every bit as big as I had imagined and the tops of her pale pink areolas peeked out above the delicate lace border of her bra. “Would you mind helping?” she asked as she turned around.

I undid the clasp and the bra fell forward into her hands. She placed it on the desk beside her blouse. I stepped up behind her, wrapped my arms around her and cupper her breast. My stiffening cock pressed against her ass, so she arched her back and pressed her ample ass against me. I moaned and pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to gasp. “If I had more time today I would be tempted to do more than just suck your cock,” she said as she turned around, “but I have a meeting in thirty minutes, so it would be best if I had you out of here by then.” She quickly undid my pants and pushed them to the ground, boxers and all. I was already growing hard, so my cock greeted her when she dropped to her knees. “Oooh, it’s a nice one,” she said.

“I’m glad you approve,” I said. I wasn’t sure how good her cock sucking skills were, but she certainly knew how to stroke an ego.

Sheila smiled and licked the tip of my cock. Her tongue went round and round my head until her saliva and my precum were dripping down my length and coating my balls. She bobbed forward and my cock disappeared between her lips until her nose was pressed against my stomach. Her tongue snaked out and tickled my balls before she pulled back with a gasp. She continued to lick and suck on my cock and balls while I reached down and played with her tits. I knew she had a limited amount of time, but she took pleasure in dragging out her work.

She had not been lying when she said she gave sloppy head, because my cum and her spit dripped from my cock onto her tits. The more they were covered, the more I knew I had to fuck her tits before she finished me off, so  when she had finished a particularly long stretch of deep throating, I took control, pulled her up a little taller, and slid the tip of my cock between her tit. She took the cue and ran with it. For the next couple of minutes my cock slid between her tits as she pushed them together. Her tongue flicked across my tip every time it emerged from the top.

I was in heaven and I would have gladly let it last, but Sheila pulled back and took a firm hold of my cock. “Time’s running out, Mike, and I don’t want you to leave without filling my mouth with cum,” she said, “so hold on tight, because everything up to now has just been teasing.” Before I could respond my cock was in her throat once again. Her Hands were on my ass, pulling me into her mouth with and unsteady rhythm which was growing faster by the moment. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once as she fucked me with her mouth. It was amazing. I could feel my balls tightening and I started to moan.

I was just about to cum when she slid her spit-covered finger into my ass. There was no hesitation, just a direct shot up until she was tickling my prostate. The new pleasure added to the already impending release and I was through. I shouted and  came as hard as I ever had. she swallowed furiously as her finger wiggled inside me. Stream after stream filled her mouth until I was nearly standing on my toes.

When I thought I could not possibly cum any more, I lowered myself back onto my feet. Sheila pulled back and slowly stroked my cock with her one free hand while she looked at the clock behind me. “That was delicious, but we still have five minutes and I’d like a little more,” she said.

“I don’t think you can get any more,” I said. “That was amazing.”

“Oh, you would be surprised by what I can do,” she said with a smile.

I had not even begun to go limp from the first orgasm when she wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and sucked as hard as she could. A second finger joined the first in my ass, and rather than tickle my prostate, she thrust the two digits in and out of me as fast as she could. With her other hand she stroked my length in time with her plunging fingers. I was already sensitive, so every contact sent shots of pleasure through me. She had me dancing like a puppet within seconds and I was surprised to feel my balls tighten once more.

“Holy shit!” I cried out as I came for the second time in mere minutes. Sheila pulled me into her throat and swallowed every drop from my surging cock. She pulled her fingers from my ass and  took me from her mouth, carefully keeping every drop of sperm and spit for herself. Once she released me, I fell back onto one of the chairs in her office. “That was incredible,” I gasped.

“Thank you,” she said as she stood up. Her tits, chest, neck and face were covered with the evidence of her oral skills. If I thought she had been attractive before, she looked like a sex goddess now. “I hope that was worth a discount.”

“Yeah, I’m going to just call this a courtesy call, so you’ll pay for nothing but the switch,” I said.

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” she said. “You had better get cleaned up and get back to work or your boss might get suspicious.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I said before I pulled up my pants and made sure that everything was presentable. Sheila left her office and went to the restroom. I waited outside of her office until she came back, still naked from the waist up and free from all organic evidence. “Well, if there is nothing else I can do for you, I guess I’ll be going.”

“I can’t think of anything for right now,” she said, but I’ll definitely give you a call if something comes up.”

“Sounds good,” I said. “I’ll see you later.” I gathered up my gear and headed toward the door. I looked back one last time and watched her put her bra back on. I wanted to say something, but decided it would be best if I just walked away.

I was half way back to the office when I got a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. A perfectly shaved pussy appeared on my phone’s screen, and I nearly drove off the road in surprise. A few second later I got another text from that same number. I read the message and smiled. It turns out Sheila has some problems with her home computer and wanted to know if we could come to a deal about some after hours work.

I’m scheduled to go to her home Friday evening.

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