Heads and Tails, Part 51

When Michael got to his office he found Diane already there. She looked up as he entered the office. Her face was pale and her hands shook. “Michael, is everything okay?” she asked.

“Its nothing,” he said. “I’m just keeping her apprised of our progress. The boss decided she needed to be kept in the loop, so I have to go meet with her a couple of times a day.” Michael sat down in his chair and turned on the computer.

“Oh thank God,” she said as the color began returning to her face. “I thought maybe she had found out about us.”

“No, she doesn’t know about us, and we will definitely keep it that way,” Michael said. He casually leaned over and plugged in the USB dongle Adriana had given me.

“The moment I stepped off of the elevator people told me you were in her office and that Adrianna seemed angry,” Diane said.

“She always sounds that way,” he said. “I suppose we should be careful though. It would probably be best if you made it look like you hated being around me.”

“I think I can manage that,” she said. “So how was your evening?”

“It was good,” he said. “I especially liked the pictures.” Diane blushed a fragile shade of pink that Michael found enticing. “I had you on my mind all night. In fact, I–.” Words failed him as he felt a sudden, intense vibration around his cock. Michael’s body reacted instantly and he would have been grateful that his lap was hidden by his desk if he had been capable of coherent thought at that moment.

“Michael? Are you okay?” Diane asked.

“I…I’m fine,” he managed to say. “I just lost my train of thought,” he said. He struggled to regain control of himself.

“Are you sure?” Diane asked. “You look a little flushed.”

Michael swallowed and said, “I am just thinking of those pictures and how much I wish we didn’t have to be in the office today.” The last part was true, but Adriana’s harness was driving him insane. If Diane grabbed him at that moment, Michael knew he would come. As it was, he was getting close to orgasm, and that made it hard for him to pay attention to what she was saying, but as he thought he couldn’t take another second, the vibrations stopped and the band tightened around his scrotum. Michael groaned.

“I’m glad you feel that way too,” Diane said with a smile. “Now let’s get to work and maybe we’ll have time to play later.” She looked away from Michael and returned her focus to her computer.

Michael tried to focus on his work, but Adriana’s sense of timing was uncanny. Every time Michael started to relax, the harness would turn back on. By noon he had nearly cum a half dozen times, and he would have given anything for an orgasm.

Every time Diane spoke to him he had to concentrate on her words and not her voice or her lips, because both threatened to push him over the edge. The urge to bend her over the desk and fuck her was nearly overwhelming, and he knew that he was doing a poor job hiding his desire. Every time she looked up from her work she asked if he was okay. He told her he was fine, but the knowing smile on her face suggested that she knew otherwise.

Michael was coming down from Adriana’s latest round of stimulating torture when he decided that he needed to cum soon or he was going to die. He was about to stand when his computer announced a new email with a soft chime. He grimaced and clicked the button only to find an email from Adriana.

1369 Court Ln.
Be there in twenty minutes.

What did she want now? He looked at the time, then at Diane, before he blurted out, “I have to run an errand at lunch. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Diane looked up from her screen and said, “Okay, just make sure you’re back before our meeting with Steve.”

“Will do,” he said as he grabbed his keys and headed out the door. He didn’t know what Adriana had in store for him, but it couldn’t be worse than the torture she was putting him through.

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