Heads and Tails, Part 052

Michael drove out of the parking garage and headed toward the address Adrianna had given him. It was nearby, so it took him only ten minutes to get there. He parked in front of the little town home, took a deep breath and got out of the car.

The town home was new, or very well maintained, with a perfectly manicured lawn filled with curiously shaped shrubbery and raised beds filled with brightly colored flowers. It was not his style, more due to his distaste for yard work than anything, but he could certainly appreciate the beauty of it. Michael approached the front door with an odd mixture of arousal and fear. He knocked three times and took a step back.

The door opened and Adriana stood there. She looked Michael up and down and said, “Come in, Michael.” She walked away and Michael could not help but notice the way her grey, knee-length skirt hugged her ample ass. He sighed and followed her in, shutting the door behind him.

“Take off your clothes.” Her tone did not brooke any argument, so Michael did as he was told. She turned and looked him over once more. “Very good. You are learning to obey.” Michael’s cock stood out, semi-erect from the combination of excitement and the harness Adriana had placed on him hours earlier. “Have you cum today?” She asked.

“No,” he said, but when she raised an eyebrow he quickly continued, “but I wanted to. Oh God how I wanted to.”

Adriana slowly walked up to him, stopping just short of letting his cock touch her skirt. “I’m impressed, Michael. I took you for having a hair trigger.” She grabbed his dick and ran her thumb across the tip. Precum smeared across it and sent a jolt through Michael. He went fully erect inbetween heartbeats. “We only have a little while before we get back, but you are going to lie down on the floor and make me cum. If you do, and we still have time, I will remove the harness and let you cum too.

Michael dropped to the floor and laid down on the soft grey carpet. “Now that is what I like to see,” Adriana said. “Eagerness to please your mistress is important.” She hoisted her skirt up around her hips and stepped over Michaels head. He was shocked to see that she did not have any panties on, but he did not have much time to wonder at the sight of her clean shaven snatch.

Adriana dropped down to her knees and lowered her pussy onto Michael’s mouth. She said nothing, but she didn’t need to. Michael slid his tongue between her lips and into her pussy. She moaned and pressed down, coaxing his tongue to go a little deeper. He thrust it as far into her as he could manage before he wiggled it back and forth. Her moaning grew louder and when he thrust his chin up it rammed into her clit. She gasped and rocked back and forth, rubbing her nub against his chin while he tongue fucked her pussy. It took only a couple of minutes before Adriana cried out and a steady flow of cum filled Michael’s mouth and spilled down his chin.

She continued to rock back and forth as she rode out the orgasm, but once it subsided she bent over and removed the harness from Michael’s cock. He could have stopped eating her pussy and enjoyed the touch of her hands on his eager cock, but he liked the taste of her and wanted more, so he licked her clit and smiled as she shivered and shook with the delight.

Adriana had to force herself to focus when Michael licked her once more. The man was good, far better than she expected, and that was dangerous. She needed to reassert her control or she ran the risk of being the one dominated. She gripped his cock in one hand and slowly lowered her mouth around it until the tip was burried in the back of her throat. Michael moaned into her pussy, thrilling her even more. She pulled back and bobbed down again and again, keeping a tight grip on his length with her lips until she felt his balls tighten.

She could have done nothing more and received a mouthful of his seed, but she wanted more. She wanted to push him further and assert her control over him. Adriana shifted her position and covered the fingers of her free hand with the mixture of saliva and cum that dripped past Michael’s balls. She then pressed one of her finger against his anus until it slid inside. Michael jumped, and that was all the opening she needed. She slid her ass forward so that he could no longer reach her, and she sucked his cock and fingered his ass hard and fast until Michael began crying out. “Oh God! Holy shit!”

Michael came as hard as he had ever done before. His hips bucked uncontrollably, but Adriana never flinched or slowed down. She swallowed everything she could, but much of his cum flowed down his shaft and past his balls. Adriana continued sucking until he stopped cumming, then she quickly licked him clean before rolling off of his chest.

“Hurry up and get clean. You need to get back to work and so do I,” she said. “The bathroom is over there. Be gone before I come downstairs.” She pulled her skirt down and climbed upward, leaving a stunned, but thoroughly satisfied Michael lying on the living room floor.

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