Some Days I Love My Job

Yesterday I had an on site visit at one of my client’s home. It was a routine visit to check on connectivity issues. He wasn’t going to be there, but his wife would. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and his wife was good looking. She answered the door wearing a green tank top and a short white skirt that made her look like she had stepped right off of the tennis court. Her name was Kristen and she was extremely friendly.

We walked through the house while I checked signal strengths and she showed me where all of the computers and internet dependent electronic devices were located.  She kept putting her hands on my arm and shoulders when we stopped and by the time we got upstairs her nipples were hard enough to be noticeable through the fabric of her top.

When we got to her bedroom she feigned embarrassment at the sight of a large bottle of lubricant and a thick black vibrator sitting on her nightstand. She apologized profusely and picked up the items to put them away. She unnecessarily bent over at the waist and her skirt lifted up over her ass so that I had an unadulterated view of everything underneath. The lack of underwear was all the incentive I needed.

I stepped up behind her and ran my hand down her ass until my fingers brushed across her clean shaven pussy. She moaned, so I took it as permission to continue. I parted her lips and slid a finger inside. She spread her legs wider, so I added a second and slowly fucked her with them. The smell of her sex brought me to my knees so I ate her out.  She came once, then twice and her body shook with pleasure.

Kristen turned,  put her hands on my jaw and urged me to stand. She kissed me, clearly enjoying the taste of herself on my lips. She explained that her kids would be home soon, but she wanted to return the favor. By the time she was done speaking she had undone my belt and pushed my pants to the floor. She dropped to her knees, put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her mouth. She was skilled and brought me to the edge quickly. She pulled back until only the head of my cock was in her mouth, then she flicked her tongue about it in a flurry of movement that brought me up on my toes. I grunted and shot my load into her mouth just as the door downstairs opened and closed with a slam. Her kids called out, but her mouth never left my cock and her eyes never left mine.

When I finished she quickly licked me clean and walked away. She called down to the kids and left the room. I quickly got myself in order and got back to work. Thirty minutes later, I had finished the job and went back downstairs. She thanked me for the work and told me she would call if anything else came up.

The virus I planted on her desktop will make sure she has a reason to call me back out soon.

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