A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 5

The elevator was crowded, so Susan pressed her back against my chest and her ass against my cock. With every stop and start of the elevator people got on and off, and Susan used all of it as an excuse to grind her ass against me. When we reached the seventh floor she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her. By the time the elevator doors closed we were already half way down the hall. She stopped in front of her door and fumbled through her purse for the key card and I could not help myself.

I stepped up close behind her in case someone else came down the hall and slipped my fingers beneath the hem of her skirt. I traced a slow line up the back of her thigh and around the curve of her ass until I reached the edge of her panties. My finger slid beneath the lace and I could feel the heat of her sex before I could touch it, and I was denied that pleasure as the lock beeped and the door opened.

Susan practically ran into the room and I chased after her. I caught her at the foot of the bed and spun her around. “I have missed you,” I said before I kissed her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Susan skillfully undid the buttons of my shirt and pushed it off of my shoulders. “God yes,” Susan said as she finished removing my shirt and got to work on my belt. By the time she had the belt undone and the button on my pants loose, I had unzipped the back of her blouse and was pulling it over her head. Before I could get my hands on her toys, Susan dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down with her.

Her cock sucking skills had been a large part of why I had married her, and I was thrilled to find that Susan’s skills had only improved over the years. She alternated between slowly licking me from sack to tip and sucking me as if her life depended on it until she had me so worked up I thought I would pop!

I pulled her off of my cock, stood her up, and turned her around. I pushed her over so that her body was supported by the bed, but her ass and legs were not. I pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties down. I knelt behind her and tucked her cunt with my tongue until she wad moaning with pleasure.

“Fuck yes! Oh shit!” She ground her ass against my face and panted between expletive laced shouts of unrestrained lust. I replaced my tongue with a pair of fingers so that I could lick her ass. My tongue traced circles around the edges before pushing against the opening. “Oh God! Eat my ass, Michael.” It was not long before her cum was running down my arm and Susan’s moans had turned to whimpering.

I stood up and without ceremony shoved my cock into her pussy. I gripped her hips and tucked her as hard as I could. I was overcome by my lust and I would not be satisfied until she submitted completely.

I slapped her ass with one hand and grabbed a fist full of hair with the other. “Who am I, slut?” I growled.

“Michael,” she whimpered.

I slapped her ass once more. “What am I?”

She knew the answer I wanted. She had awakened something that had been hidden away since our divorce. She had to know the risk, yet she chose to bring me there, to her room. I felt her spirit break and I could sense the smile on her lips as she whispered, “Master.”

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