A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 8

The drive home was pleasant and uneventful. It felt good driving my old car and I could not wait to show the boys, but the pictures Rose had sent me were at the forefront of my mind and I hoped for a chance to get her alone, even if it was only for a couple of minutes.

I pulled into the garage and closed the door behind me in case the boys were outside. I stepped into the house and was surprised by the silence. “Hello?” I called out, but there was no response. I walked through the home, but they were not there. I looked out through the back window, but they were not swimming either. I almost turned away when I saw a leg dangling from one of the lounge chairs beside the pool.


I went outside and found Rose lying face down with nothing but her bikini bottoms on. I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not, but she had her ear-buds plugged in and didn’t notice my approach. A large bottle of tanning oil sat on the ground beside her, so I rolled my sleeves and poured some into my hand. Once the oil thoroughly coated my hands, I reached downward massaged her back.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “You’re home early.”

“No traffic,” I said as I worked my way from her shoulders to her lower back. “Where are the boys?”

“They went to Pete’s house,” she said. “They should be home soon.” She turned her head to the side and looked at me with one eye. “If I had known you’d be home early I would have told them to stay longer.”

I slipped the tips of my fingers beneath the top of her bikini and said, “With the mood I am in we won’t have to worry about time.” I pulled her bottoms down until they were at her knees and rubbed her ass with my oily hands.

When I parted her cheeks and ran my fingers over her anus she groaned and lifted her ass into the air. “What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Just a little fun for now,” I said as I pushed her legs together. I quickly stripped out of my pants and knelt on the chair behind her with her legs between mine. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured some on her ass.

As I spread the oil around I stopped long enough to press my finger against her asshole. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Yeah,” she said, “a couple of times by an old girlfriend, but never by a man. She moved her ass higher. “Would you like to be the first?”


“Yes, but not today,” I said. “I have a little something else in mind.” I gripped her ass in my hands and slid my cock between her cheeks until it was covered in suntan oil. Every time my cockhead caressed her back door she shifted, encouraging me to enter her, but I would not be tempted. It did not take long for Rose to start begging, but I was weary of the control she had exhorted over me since she had entered my home.

I shifted my position and slid my cock between her legs so that my length ran along her lips. I was pleased to find her as hot and wet as I had imagined. “You want it so bad,” I said as I stroked against her lips. I almost gave into her desire, but she began to began plead for me to fuck her, so I knew that to do so would give her power over me once more. I shifted once more so that my cock slid between her cheeks. “No, you have teased me for days, so when I have you it will be for days.”

Rose whimpered, but she moved her ass in time with my thrusts. I pushed her cheeks together and fucked the oiled up tunnel hard until the pressure became overwhelming and I shot a thick rope of cum onto her back. More followed and soon her ass was covered with my seed. I pulled away from her and put my pants back on.


“Why don’t you take a quick dip in the pool, then come in and see me.” I finished buckling my belt and held my hand out to her.

Rose took my hand and stood up. Her swimsuit fell to the ground and my cum dripped from her ass.” That wasn’t very nice,” she said. She stood naked before me. Her legs were slightly parted and her hands were on her hips. Her golden tan and smooth skin amplified the near perfection of her pert breasts and shaved mound.


“Only because you didn’t get everything you wanted,” I said. “Now hurry up and clean yourself off before the boys get home.” I turned and walked away, trusting that she would do as she was told.

3 thoughts on “A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 8

  1. My wife decided to skinny dip one night. She came out the bedroom door leading to the lanai and the pool. She had nothing but a towel wrapped around her, which she promptly removed. As I watched from the family room, she motioned to me to join her, but I was busy watching a favorite movie. I could tell that she was frustrated since I had been out of commission for some time due to multiple major surgeries over 7 years. I had become sedentary and weighed close to 300lbs. In any event, I continued to watch my film, and closed the blinds to give my wife some privacy as she bathed in the nude. After about 30mins, I decided to peak thru a blind to see if my wife was finished. I could see her lying on her stomach, with her body glistening fromnsome sort of body rub, andvI wondered how she was able to rub the oil-like substance on her back and behind. Suddenly, I had my answer and it was a bit if a shock at first. My neighbor Mike was standing behind my wife. He had his bathing suit on and he had a bottle of baby oil in his left hand. My wife always like Mike and they seemed to enjoy each other’s company whenever we got together with Mike and his wife Melinda, who had sadly recently passed away from cancer. Well, Mike squirted more baby oil on my wife’s back and he rubbed it in all over her back, legs, neck, and buttocks. Then he motioned for her to turn around and he rubbed more oil over the front of her legs, her breasts, and her private area. I was a little jealous but it was definitely a turn-on to watch my wife enjoy a massage. He then motioned for her to turn back on her stomach. What he did next was not only a surprise, but it was shocking to say the least. Mike brazenly pulled down his bathing suit, exposing his manhood and his complete nakedness. He was completely shaved from head to toe, and he had unbelievably smooth skin for a man. He poured oil across his chest, then his member, then proceeddd to rub it around unril his washboard abs and stiff member were glistening in the moonlight. He then straddled my wife, and poured almost half the bottle onto her back and butt. The next move by Mike at once infuriated me but also excited me beyond belief. He lowered himself into a pushup position, with his entire body straddling my wife’s naked body. Now, instead of doing pushups, he started moving horizontally, back and forth, with each movement causing his member to rub between the cheeks of my wife’s gorgeous ass. He was masturbating using my wife’s butt as his pleasure device. Now I thought my wife would lurch up in protest, because his move took her by surprise, but surprisingly, as he moved horizontally, she gyrated her ass in a circular motion, creating one of the most erotic scenes I have ever witnessed. At that point I was turned on but a little upset, so I snuck outside to get a closer view and tried not to bring attention to myself. Well, both ofthem were now completely covered in baby oil, and their movements were such a turn-on that I developed a hard-on myself. I felt like a bit of a peeping tom, which was ot natural for me since I am accustomed to participating in sex with my wife, not watching it. Well, I decided to get closer without making a sound, and I approached them from behind. They were too busy to notice me anyway, and by the time I was straddling Mike and rubbing my member between his ass cheeks, it was too late for both of them to react. There we were, all three naked bodies, rubbing against one another, frottering like mad. Both of them turned around and briefly looked at me, but they continued to mutually masturbate, as did I. Mike came first, shooting his seed all over my wife’s back and butt, and as soon as I saw that, I lost control and covered Mike from shoulder to butt, and it seemed like it lasted for at least 2 minutes. Somehow, we were all still turned on, and Mike and I took turns fucking my wife Marie. Everyone was covered in cum, but the rapture was so complete that we didn’t care. We collapsed after 15 mins, rested for 30mins, washed off in the pool, then went into the bedroom for the next round. What a wonderful evening.


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