Heads and Tails, Part 56


They left the bar and made their way to Michael’s suite. They shared little looks at one another, but managed to keep their hands to themselves in the crowded elevator and the hall outside of his room. The tension built between them with each passing moment so that when Michael opened the door they both felt as if they would both break under the strain.

Diane entered the suite and looked around. Ornately carved wooden furniture and is colored fabrics marked it as something more than a no-tell-motel. “It is very nice,” she said.

“I wanted to make the evening special,” Michael said. “I usually stay here when I don’t want to go home for the weekend.”

“You have excellent taste.” Diane set her purse on a vanity positioned against the wall opposite the bed. “And what is this?” she asked as she examined the gift baskets left by the staff.

“I ordered a few things in case we needed a snack.” Michael did not miss a beat when Diane pulled a long purple vibrator from one of the baskets. “Or something else.”

“You’re a dirty boy, Michael. That’s one of the things I like about you.” Diane placed the toy on the table beside the basket and walked toward the bathroom. “Why don’t you pour thevwine and I’ll let you see the treat I picked up on my way here.”

She shut the door behindbher and I did as she asked. When the handle turned I was sitting on the ottoman beside the bed drinking a glass of Oregon merlot and holding another for her.


The door opened and Diane stood there in a corset, bra and panties that’s pail green hue reminded Michael of a tropical lagoon. Brown stockings and sheer brown gloves that reached upbringing her elbows only accentuated her beauty, and Michael nearly dropped his wine at the sight of her.

“I take it you approve,” she said as she walked toward him with deliberate purpose.

“God yes,” he whispered.

Diane stopped just out of Michael’s reach and took her glass of wine. She never took her gaze from his face as she drank the dark red wine. He tried to keep his eyes locked on hers, but he couldn’t help himself. His vision went from her face to her breast, to the exagerated curve of her hips, to the nearly transparent panties, and on to her stocking clad legs. By the time he had traced his way back up, Diane had finished her wine. She set the glass down on the nightstand and stepped closer to him.

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