On The Road

I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. I like to help people, and if the person in question happens to be a woman, then I am doubly inclined to help. Today, while I was driving to a client’s office to breathe life into their dying server, I had just such an opportunity.


My client’s office is in a little town in the middle of nowhere and it takes a good ninety minutes to get there, so when I found a young woman standing in front of her car with the hood up, I had to pull over and see if I could help. It turns out the engine had overheated and she had left her wallet and cell phone at home. I offered to give her a lift to the next town, but she asked if I was going as far as Lancaster. It was the last stop before my destination, so I offered her a ride.

Dawn hopped into the passenger seat of my van and off we went. We talked for a while and I found out she was twenty-four, just finished college, and was looking for work in Charlotte. She was heading to her parent’s place for the weekend when her car died, so my coming along had been a Godsend.

While she talked I looked her over. She was in good shape, but not great, and she had just enough body to give her terrific curves. Her thick legs were well exposed since the short denim shorts she wore covered little more than her panties. The Fallout Boy tee shirt she wore was loose and hid her breast size, but I suspected they were just the far side of average. The long, died black hair with the streak of purple in her bangs perfectly framed her green eyes and small mouth. By the time she was done telling me her story I was picturing my cock in her mouth and my slacks did nothing to hide my excitement.

“So where are you going?” she asked.

“A client’s in Camden.”

“Nice.” She put her hand on my leg and said, “I really appreciate the lift, so I’m going to say thank you the best way I know how.” Her hand slid up my leg until she could grab hold of my cock. “I think I am going to like this,” she said with a wink as she undid my belt and pants. I lifted my ass from the seat and she pulled them down below my knees.


She did not waste any time and immediately took me into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down no more than three times before I was in her throat. It was all I could do to keep us on the road. She kept me in her throat and slipped her tongue down my balls and groaned. When she pulled back up she began to kiss, lick and nibble at the length of my cock while a string of expletives left my lips.

“You have such a great cock,” she said between kisses on my tip. “I need a better angle.” She slipped off her seatbelt and got onto her seat on all fours. “This should be better.” She crawled forward so that her hands were on my legs, her mouth was on my cock and her ass was in the air.


I reached over and ran my hands over the tight fabric of her shorts and Dawn moaned. I slid my fingers down the crack of her ass and she popped off of my cock to say, “God, yes. Wait one second.” She sat up on her knees and unbuttoned her shorts. “Now try to keep your eyes on the road.” I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t help but steal a glance or two as she stripped out of her shorts. “Much better,” she said before resuming her position, only this time it was her bare ass that was sticking up.

I ran my hand over her cheeks and than between them while she sucked my cock. I tried to reach her pussy, but her ass was big enough that my reach was too short from where I was, so I settled for rubbing her asshole with my middle finger instead.


Dawn sucked harder and arched her back even more as my finger slid inside her. I don’t know exactly how long we continued like that, but when she took her lips from my cock I was on the verge of erupting.

“Where are we?” She asked as she sat up and looked around. “Thank God! Pull into Andrew Jackson park up ahead.” She grabbed my dick in her hand and said, “If I don’t get this in my cunt soon I am going to kill someone.”

I knew exactly how she felt, so I pushed down on the peddle and raced toward the park.


While I had to keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel, Dawn had no such constraints. Her legs were spread with one on my dashboard. She had one hand up her her shirt and the other between her legs. She moaned and writhed in her seat and it was all I could do to stay on the road.

When we got to the park I headed to the farthest corner of the parking lot and pulled into a shaded spot. As soon as the engine was off I whipped off my seat belt and leaned toward Dawn. My fingers replaced hers inside her wet pussy and her mouth found mine. We kissed hard while I fingered her to a quick orgasm.

“Not here,” she said as she pushed me back and grabbed her shorts. “Come on.” She pulled her shorts on and got out of the car. I tucked myself back into my slacks and followed her into the woods. It was a Thursday morning and there was no one around, so when she stopped just  a dozen yards beyond the treeline, I knew we were at the place.

Dawn did not say a word as she slipped back out of her shorts. She simply put her hands against a nearby tree and bent over. It was all the invitation I needed. I dropped my pants around my ankles as I stepped up behind her. Her perfectly round ass stared back at me and I did not hesitate. I slid my cock along her pussy until my tip rubbed across her clit.  She jumped and moaned, so I did it a couple more times until she reached down, grabbed a hold of my length and guided it into the opening of her cunt.


Dawn looked over her shoulder at me and growled. “Fuck me as hard as you can. I don’t want it soft and tender.That is what I have a husband for.” On any other day I might have blinked at the mention of a spouse, but I was too turned on to care, so I let it fuel my lust instead.

I gripped her hips in my hands and thrust into her with everything I had. She grunted and I continued on, just as she asked, until her arms gave way and her shoulder and cheek were pressed against the tree. She didn’t ask me to stop, so I kept going, but I released her hips, reached around her and grabbed her tits beneath her shirt.

“That’s it! Oh shit yes! Fuck me right there!” Dawn yelled.

I squeezed her tits hard and pinched her nipples between my fingers as I pulled her upright and bit her neck. That little bit of extra pain was all she needed.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock and Dawn cried out in ecstasy as another orgasm wracked her body. I did not let up and brought myself close to the edge. I was about to fill her cunt with cum when she whimpered and begged. “My ass…cum in my ass.” I might have been passed normally, but she liked it rough, so I did not feel the need suddenly get gentle with her.

I pulled out of her and cum dripped down her thighs. My cock was slick with it, but I knew it would not be enough to ease into Dawn’s ass.  I squatted, spread her ass and spit right on her rose bud before standing up. I gripped my cock in one hand and her hip in the other. I forced my way into her as with one long steady stroke until my balls were pressed against her pussy.


Dawn took in a deep breath, so I put my hand over her mouth before I pulled my cock out and rammed it in again. She screamed into my palm, but I didn’t let up. Her ass was so tight and I was so close that I was not going to stop; not that time. I grunted and shot my load into her ass and was immediately rewarded with a much slicker ride.

I continued to pump in and out of her until I knew I was spent. Our cum slid out of her ass and down her legs when I pulled out.  She was panting heavily when I removed my hand, but I was not done yet. I spun her around and pressed her back against the tree. I kissed her and bit her lip while I rammed a finger back into her cunt. She came almost instantly and I let her fall to the ground. I grabbed her hair in my fist and pulled her up until she was staring straight at my still rigid member.

“Clean it, then get your shorts on and we’ll get back on the road,” I commanded. She did not hesitate, and in no time I was cleaned off and tucked back into my pants. She put her shorts on and followed me back to the car without saying a word. We closed the doors and headed back to te highway.

I glanced over at Dawn and wondered if I had overdone it, but I waited. I wanted her to be the first to speak. We were a couple of miles down the road when I felt her hand on my knee. She whispered, “That was amazing.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and agreed with her. She told me how she had always wanted it rough like that, but her husband was always so careful, as if he was afraid she would break. I told her I was glad I could help.

We still had a way to go, so she asked if I would like one more blowjob  while we were on our way and of course I agreed. It was slow and relaxing and she brought me off just before we hit town.


She asked me to drop her off at a convenience store on the corner and asked if I would be back around any time soon and I told her I was actually scheduled for a return visit in two weeks and gave her my card. I’m really looking forward to my return.

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