Heads and Tails, Part 58

Michael pushed Diane off of his lap and led her to the bed. She started to turn and sit, but he held her so that her back was to him. He pulled her tight against him so that she could feel his cock against her ass. He gripped her biceps in hands and placed his mouth against her ear. “Are you sure you want me to take you the way I first imagined? If you say no that is okay.”

Diane trembled and nodded her head.

“Say it,” Michael insisted. “Say it out loud if you really want it.”

“Yes, Michael, please take me like you first imagined.” The words came out as a whisper. She could not remember the last time she had been so nervous with a man.

“Very well,” he said. Without ceremony he pushed her over so that her body lay on top of the bed while her legs remained standing. Michael reached between Diane’s legs and rubbed the wet spot on her panties with his thumb. His digit pressed against her pussy and Diane’s moans confirmed how much she was enjoying his touch.

Michael pushed her panties to the side, exposing her ass and cunt. “You know,” he said as he shoved a pair of fingers into her pussy, “the first time I saw you I wanted only one thing.”

Diane could hear him awkwardly removing his belt with one hand as he pumped his thick fingers into her over and over again. When he pulled them out she discovered that the emptiness ached, but she was not left waiting for long.

With his dick in hand, Michael rubbed its tip up and down her slit a couple of times before he pushed it all the way in. He smiled when Diane gasped and gripped the comforter in her tight fists. He grabbed her by the hips and held her in place. “I knew that bending you over like this and fucking you nice and hard was exactly what you needed.”

10 thoughts on “Heads and Tails, Part 58

    1. I’m sorry it has taken so long…my headspace has not been that conducive, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.


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