A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 11

*****Let me start by stating that I am changing the name of the main male character. It was pointed out that in both of my serialized stories he was named Michael. Since there are fewer parts to this story I have decided to rename Michael, Eric. I will be changing the old posts as I can. Thank you for your support and input.*****


I took hold of the leash and ran my fingers through Susan’s hair. I stepped past her and tugged on the leash. She knew the command well and crawled close behind me. I sat in one of the chairs and she knelt between my feet.Susan laid her head upon my thigh and waited. I could feel the heat of her breath through the fabric and it made my cock twitch in anticipation.

“I can’t stay the night,” I said. “The boys will need me in the morning, but until then I will remind you exactly how much I own every part of you.” I pulled the leash and her face was in my crotch. “Take your time.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered before unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my pants. I lifted my ass from the seat as she pulled off my pants and boxers. Once she removed them and my shoes she kissed her way from my knee to my inner thigh. Her hair tickled my shaft and balls so much that by the time her lips touched my balls I was ready to feel the back of her throat.


Susan placed kisses all over the length of my shaft on her way to the tip then licked her way back down once she had gotten a taste of the precum that waited there. After sucking on my balls and licking the space beneath, she returned to the tip and took me between her lips. Inch by inch she lowered her mouth until my head pressed against the back of her throat. She held me there for a moment before she pulled back up and repeated the process. Once I had entered her throat three times I was ready to give her the rough treatment she desired.

“Stand up,” I commanded, and she jumped up to her feet faster than any soldier being called to attention. I pulled down on the leash and growled. “I did not tell you to stop sucking my sick.” I grabbed her arm and pulled her across my lap. “You are out of practice, my pet,” I said before spanking her ass hard enough for her to yelp. “Perhaps I should have started with this to remind you of your place.”

Again and again the blows fell until my arm hurt with the exertion. I looked at my ex-wife and smiled. Her ass was the color of an all day sunburn and tears streamed down her face, but most importantly her pussy was so wet that cum dripped down her legs in long streams.

I reached between her legs and parted her lips with my fingers and slipped them inside. Her moans were like w song that I had loved but forgotten. You may suck my cock again,” I said.

“Thank you, Master.” Susan wasted no time in sliding back across my lap until my cock was before her eyes. She quickly sucked it into her mouth and gave me one of the sloppiest blowjobs I have ever received. I kept my fingers buried in her cunt and fucked her hard with them.

I shifted my position and hers so that it was easier for me to access her holes while she brought me closer and closer to the edge. I slipped my thumb into her ass and Susan bucked her hips wildly in time with her oral exertions. I used my free hand to grab her hair while I moved my hips and fucked her mouth.

Cum flowed down Susan’s legs as she moaned and her body shook. I felt my own urge to cum begin to rise, but I did not want to cum in her mouth. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her off my cock, and dragged her onto the bed. She was beautiful, ruined, and broken. I couldn’t have been more turned on.

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