Heads and Tails, Part 59


Michael grabbed Diane by the hips and thrust in and out of Diane as hard as he could, and she grunted with each impact. She could not remember the last time she had been fucked so roughly. Her husband was an excellent lover, but his strengths lay in the tenderness and sensitivity with which he made love. He rarely used her for his own pleasure the way Michael was.

Michael grabbed a fist full of Diane’s hair and pulled her up by it until her back was pressed against his chest. His stroke became short and quick in their new position, but he never stopped. “You have no idea how long I have wanted this,” he growled in her ear. Michael released her hair and wrapped his arms around her so that he could grab her tits. He squeezed the roughly and bit her neck before saying, “And I know you wanted it too.”


“God yes,” she rasped. “I wanted it, but I didn’t realize how much.” She meant every word. It was hard not to find Michael desirable, and being so close to him on a daily basis often left her panties wet by the end of the day. Her only defense was his reputation and her marriage, but oh how quickly those ramparts had been torn asunder.

Diane’s admission made him smile and pushed him toward the point of no return. He pushed her back onto the bed and grabbed her hips once more. He pulled her toward him with each thrust and it wad only a matter of seconds before they were both moaning and grunting in unison.

Michael felt Diane’s pussy clench tight around his cock a split second before she cried out and he felt a warm flow of cum around his length and down his legs. The added sensations were more than he could take, and with a wild cry he filled her cunt with his seed. His thrusting continued and Diane’s cries urged him on. By the time he quit moving he was completely spent and their juices streamed down their legs and pooled on the carpet between their feet.


They crawled onto the bed and laid beside each other so that her back was once more against his chest. Michael drug his fingers up and down the length of her body, stopping to circle any location that elicited a moan. Diane smiled to herself, pleased by the ache between her legs, but she wondered if that would be it. Would they end the night cuddled together on the bed, talking and kissing? She could accept that, but it was far from what she wanted.

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