Trolling Craigslist, Part 2


Tammy’s lips parted and my cock disappeared between them as she inched forward. She was deliberate in her movements and it was exquisite torture. I wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth, but something told me that it would be best if I let her drive.

I don’t know how long she sucked my cock, but every time she got close to finishing me she would back off and remove a little more of my clothing until I was standing before her stripped bare. Tammy pulled back until my cock left her mouth with an audible pop. Her lips were immediately replaced by a hand, and she said, “You have a magnificent dick, and I am so glad you are clean shaven.”

“Well there is nothing worse than having to stop because there is a hair in your throat,” I said.

“So true,” Tammy said. “You’ll be happy to know that you won’t find a hair on my body, other than what’s on my head.”

I moaned. “I can’t wait to see,” I said as I reached down and slid my hand between her breasts. I gently ran my hand over one of them and it was Tammy’s turn to moan.

“I guess it’s only fair that I take a little something off since I’ve stripped you down,” she said with a smile. “Now take hold of this big cock of yours and stroke it for me while I get a little more comfortable.”


My cock was hard and hot in my hand, and I stroked it slowly while Tammy stood up and took a step back. With deliberate grace she pulled her arms into her green dress and pulled the top down so that she was bare above the waist except for her black lace bra.

I have been to my fair share of strip clubs and watched hundreds of women remove their clothes, but I have never seen something quite as sexy as what Tammy did, even though I could not begin to tell you what exactly made it so different. Perhaps it was the confidence in her stance, or the way her eyes never left mine, but whatever it was, it was electric.

“Should I go on?” She asked as she slowly pushed one of the bra straps off of her shoulder.

“God yes,” I growled through gritted teeth.

Tammy smiled, finished pushing down the strap, and then the other before pulling her arms out. The bra was being held up by her breasts and the clasp in the back. She reached behind her back, undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the ground. Her breasts were amazing. They were perfectly rounded and firm. They were obviously fake, but the scars were hidden well and they were not so large as to look ridiculous.

“Amazing,” I whispered.

“Thank you,” she said. “They’re the best money could buy.” Tammy laughed and her tits jiggled. “Now where were we?” she asked as she stepped closer.


Tammy started to drop to her knees, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me. “Not yet,” I said before I kissed her. I put my arms around her and grabbed her ass while our lips parted and our tongues explored each other thoroughly. My cock was pressed between our bellies and the drops of precum were wet against our skin. I broke thesis and bent over slightly so that I could take turns sucking on her nipples. Tammy moaned and dragged her nails over my back.

When I started to move lower it was her turn to stop me. “Not yet,” she said as she pulled me back up. “There will be time for that later. Right now I want to finish what I started.” Tammy kissed her way down my chest until she was once more on her knees and my cock was in her mouth. She could have made me cum at any moment, but she drew out the experience and I was not about to complain.


Tammy cupped my balls with one hand as the blowjob started to get sloppy. Her saliva covered my shaft and soon my testicles and her hand were just as coated. She shifted her hand so that her fingers rubbed my perenium. I moaned and she pressed harder. Another shift and her finger tips were rubbing my anus.

“Oh yeah, baby,” I said, so she pressed harder and one of her digits slipped inside me. Tammy licked up and down the length of my cock as she slid her finger further in. Once she was sure I wasn’t going to protest, she sat back and watched my face as she slid that finger in and out of my ass. I was her puppet. I danced to the rhythm she set, so when she pulled her finger out, I nearly fell to the floor.

“Come on,” she said as she stood and led me further into her home.

Her living room was spacious and decorated with paintings and sculptures of every sort, and not the sort bought at Pier One. A large grey couch covered with overstuffed cushions and pillows dominated one side of the room, and that is where she led me.

“Take a seat,” she said, and I did. “Before we go any further, there is something you should know.”

My curiosity was piqued, but I was really not in the mood for talking. I grabbed my cock an stroked it. She looked at it and licked her lips. Obviously she wasn’t in the mood for talking either. “Okay,” I said with a smile on my face.

Tammy took a deep breath and pushed her dress down around her ankles and kicked it off to the side. She stood before me wearing nothing but a garter belt, thigh high stocking and a pair of panties. I looked at her and had to restrain myself. She was beautiful and sexy and mine for the taking.

I was about to stand up and take her in my arms when I noticed something I had not expected; a bulge in her panties.


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