A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 13

tumblr_mkdretNwD11s3m82oo1_1280I reached up and grabbed Susan’s tits. I used my hold on them to keep them accessible as I sucked on each nipple in turn.

Susan knew approval when she had it and fucked me hard and fast. It took some serious skill to ride me the way she did considering the fact that I held the top half of her body in place. She rode me as if she were a rodeo queen and I was the key to her prize.

Somewhere along the way I released my grip on her breasts and grabbed her ass. She sat bolt upright and rocked her pelvis back and forth. Her tits bounced and shook as she rode me and I was mesmerized by the site of them. I reached between her legs and fingered her clit as she fucked me and I was rewarded with a loud moan that I could feel all the way in my balls.

“Oh Fuck!” Susan called out. “Thank you, Master! ” She came hard and her cum flowed around my cock.

I sat up and rolled her onto her back. I was tempted to slow down and take the time to go down on her, but I shook off the urge and climbed n top of her. My cock slid into her with ease and I wasted no time in fucking her as hard as I could and I reached beneath her head and gripped her blonde hair. Susan grabbed my ass and dug her nails into it.

When I came, my orgasm was accompanied by a yell that may well have disturbed any neighbors, if the sounds that preceded it had not already clued them in to what we were up to. Sweat dripped from my body and Susan’s hair was plastered to her head and she was gasping for breath. I lowered my body so that she had bare more of my weight, but she did not complain. Susan dragged her fingers up and down my back, and she kissed my neck and shoulders with the tenderness of a well familiar lover.

I could have fallen asleep in that moment and awoken in the morning quite happy, but there are some things even a great fuck can’t fix, so staying was not an option.

I rolled off of Susan and lied there beside her. It was getting late and I needed to return home. “I should be going,” I said.

Susan rolled onto her side and ran her fingers across my chest. “I know,” she said, “but I wish you could stay.”

“I know, but I don’t like being away from home when I have the boys,” I said. “Maybe in the fall, when they’re back with their mom, I’ll come for a visit and see how your new company is doing.”

“That would be lovely,” she said. I wasn’t sure if she was just playing along, or if she really would like me to visit. It didn’t really matter I would probably go for a visit just to check on my investment if nothing else. “You’ve got a little time left before you have to leave,” she said. “Let’s get in the shower and get you cleaned up. It wouldn’t do to have you smelling like sex when your boys wake you up.”

I laughed and said, “No, I suppose it wouldn’t.”

“We climbed out of bed and made our way to the shower. The water was hot enough to turn our skin pink as we took turns scrubbing each other clean. We teased and played and kissed, but never took it beyond that. We both had it in us to go once more, but something had passed unsaid between us and we knew that it was time to call it a night.

After the shower I got dressed again and Susan put on one of the complimentary white bath robes. She left the top open just enough to give me a full view of her cleavage. I could lose myself in those tits, and that is exactly why I kissed her goodnight and headed for home.

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