What Has Been Lost Can Never Be Found Again

ClipArtPro Juventute Aufklärungskampagne ‚Sexting’
ClipArtPro Juventute Aufklärungskampagne ‚Sexting’ (Photo credit: Pro Juventute)

There was a time when I could go onto my Yahoo IM and find a couple dozen people I could chat with. Not all of them were available for sex chat or playing on a webcam, but there were people there to talk to.  Today I logged on and there were two people…two.  I miss chatting with people. I don’t go to the chat rooms any more because there are just too many bots and I feel like I am wasting my time there. Not to mention the fact that I was never a great chat room person to begin with.  I still believe in conversation and getting to know someone a little before inviting them to hop on a webcam session where they can get a good look at my dick.

Am I just too old now and don’t know where to go to meet people for some adult oriented conversation? God, I hope that is not the case. I made the transition from Yahoo to Myspace, but somewhere around the time myspace died I couldn’t find the places to go and meet people for some good old fashioned chat.

There’s that word again, old.

Help me out here. Please?



I looked into chat rooms and found to my dismay that many of them are as littered with bots as yahoo is, and that apparently I AM too old for chatting. The few places I found where you could chat with random strangers I was promptly dropped as soon as my age was mentioned.  Damn. I’m not that old. Don’t get me wrong, I get that some 19-23 year old might not want to chat with someone outside of their immediate age range, but to be completely dropped like that is kind of rude. At least give me the courtesy of saying, “I’m sorry, but I’m only interested in young people.” Rude.

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