My Favorite Strippers, Part One


I don’t remember her name. I’m sure I heard it while I was at the club, but it was a long time ago and I’ll be damned if I can remember. Honestly though, does it really matter what her name was?  I know that makes me sound like a bit of a pig, but she was someone I knew for maybe an hour or so. I have trouble remembering the names I’ve known for years, so forgive me if I seem a little callous on this mark.  For today we’ll call her Bambi because she needs a name and it feels right to me.


Bambi worked at a little hole in the wall strip club outside of Phoenix, Arizona. I stopped there one afternoon after visiting some friends. I had some free time and some cash so I figured some tits and beers would be a perfect way to cap the day.  I sat near the stage and tossed my money on the stage for the various girls, but Bambi really caught my attention and the cash I stuffed into her garter definitely caught hers.


She was tall and in her heels she was almost as tall as me. She had messy bleach blonde hair that barely reached her shoulders and a smile that lit up her face.  She had amazing fake tits, but it was her long, firm legs and incredible ass that really got me into her.

After her first stage dance I would have approached her except I was already receiving a lap dance from one of the girls I had seen earlier, and Bambi had moved on to another patron by the time that dance was done.  She returned to the stage and I made sure I was front and center. I stuffed plenty of bills into her garter and thong and in return I got the lion’s share of her attention. Even when she was on the other side of the stage she was giving me the best views.

When Bambi’s set was done, I left the stage and took a seat against the wall ad far from the other patrons as I could manage. The next song hadn’t finished before she was sitting beside me and asking if I wanted a private dance. Of course I said yes.

In that particular club there was no VIP room. If you got a private dance it was wherever you were sitting and anybody interested could watch. I didn’t care. I was not a local and didn’t give a Shit about what they thought.

She straddled my lap and did a very nice job of making it hard for me not to touch. I was enjoying it enough that I kept paying for more songs until she was called out as being next up on stage. She leaned in close and bit my Watkins before whispering, “It’s too bad you’re not in a darker seat.” She licked my neck and ran her finger nails down my chest. “I could have made your dances really special.”

She went up on stage and I went to the bar. I grabbed another beer and some more cash before heading to a new seat. It was against the wall gain, but away from the bright overhead light of earlier. As a matter of fact, the closest light to me had burned out some time ago and had yet to be replaced.


When Bambi’s turn on the stage was over. She came back to me, straddled my lap, and asked if I wanted a private dance. I nodded and she got started.

The enhanced dance was much like the original, only her hands slipped inside my shirt, her nipple found its way to my lips and her mouth was wherever she found exposed skin. I lost track of how many songs I was paying for, and when she grabbed my cock through the denim of my jeans and stroked in time with her citations I did not care.

I have no doubt that if the club had a private room my sick would have been in her mouth or her pussy , but she made due with the space we had. She used her teeth to pull on my nipples through my shirt and kissed her way up my chest to my neck, she nibbled on my ear and said, “Cum for me.”

She knew her business. Her attention had me so close to the edge that it was all I could do to hold on. Her encouragement pushed me right over the edge. She kisses me as I came and her mouth absorbed my moans. I had never kissed a stripper before and in that moment I didn’t want to stop.

When I finished cumming she pulled away and sat on my lap smiling. I thanked her and paid the amount due plus a generous tip. She leaned forward and gave me quick peck on the cheek. “Come back any time.”

I never did make it back, but I’ve never forgotten the fun I had with her.

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