Heads and Tails, Part 63

Michael forced himself to count to thirty before he picked up the phone and called the concierge’s desk. “Reggie, please send up the maid and the new suit.”

“You’ve got it, Michael,” Reggie said. “Do you need anything else?”

“I’ll take a table at the restaurant if you’ve got one. My next date wants dinner.” Michael looked at his cell and was glad to see that Adrianna had not called yet.

“I’ll make it happen,” Reggie said. “I’ll grab a booth in the back.”

Michael could almost hear Reggie smiling on the other end of the line. He couldn’t blame the man. He knew half the fun for the concierge was waiting to see the day when Michael got caught. “Thanks. I’ll be down in the bar once I get dressed.” He hung up and waited for the maid to arrive.


When the maid arrived she handed Michael the suit Reggie’s people had picked up from the dry cleaner’s. He thanked her and took it to the bathroom to change while the maid started working. When he finished changing he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He still looked pretty good, and he was determined to wow the socks off of Adriana.

Michael stepped out of the room and was amazed at how quickly the maid transformed it from the mess he had left it in to looking like a brand new room. She walked back into the room and smiled. He wasn’t familiar with her, so she must have been new.

“Thank you, Grace.” He read the name from the tag she wore pinned to her uniform just above her large breasts.

“You’re welcome, sir,” she said with a smile that made her brown eyes sparkle. “I work all night, so let me know if there is anything else I can do.”

Her intent was clear, but Michael did not think he would be up to it by the time Adriana was done with him. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he said as he pulled a hundred dollars from his pocket and handed it to her. She smiled, tucked the money into her pocket, and shut the door behind her as she left.

Michael shook his head and looked at his watch. He had a little time left before Adriana arrived, so he looked around the suite one more time before heading to the lobby bar.

* * *

The bartender set his second scotch in front of Michael just before Adriana sat down beside him. Michael glanced at her and noted the long coat that covered hee from ankle to shoulders. It was black and stylish, the sort of coat that would have been at home on the femme fatale from some old noire detective movie. It covered her up, but it was for fitting enough to make what was hidden beneath even more desirable.


“What can I get you?” Michael asked.

“Your best merlot,” she said to the bartender. Michael nodded and the bartender pulled a bottle from the wine rack behind the bar. She looked at Michael and said, “You clean up well.”

“Thanks.” The word was clipped short and he took a drink to cover his grimace.

“Don’t be like that, my pet,” she said as she took the glass of deep red wine from the bartender. “It seems to me that you’ve enjoyed yourself so far.” Adriana took a sip from her glass, leaving a crimson lipstick imprint on the rim. “Just relax and try to enjoy yourself.”

“I’m trying, but this is unfamiliar territory for me,” Michael said.

“You’ll be used to it soon enough,” she said before standing up and plucking her wine glass from the bar. “Shall we eat?”


Michael stood and took her hand. “Follow me,” he said before leading her into the dark confines
of the restaurant.

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