A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 16


It took a few deep breaths for me to gain some semblance of control, before I opened the door and followed the kids and Rose. I had my vision so focused on the sway of her ass that I was nearly hit by a car in the zoo’s crowded parking lot. I shook my head and hurried my pace so that I was walking with them rather than behind them.

The boys were excited and didn’t stop talking until we were at the first exhibit. Rose said little to me, but encouraged the boys and acted suitably impressed when they shared their knowledge of the meerkats we were staring at. I nodded and smiled, impatiently waiting for a chance to get my hands on Rose.

My frustration continued as she remained close to the boys from exhibit to exhibit. I could have settled into treating the outing like a regular s ay at the zoo, except that Rose would occasionally flash me with one of her nipples or bend over to pick something up in such a way that I could make out her puffy puss lips through the straining fabric of her short shorts. It was not until we entered the cool darkness of the aquarium that I was able to even get a finger on her.

We walked into the aquatic center and the boys ran off to check out the sharks being fed in the main tank. I grabbed Rose by the wrist and pulled her into a dark corner. I pulled her close to me and growled, “You are driving me insane. ”

“Good.” Her voice was a throaty whisper that transformed into a grunt as I slipped a finger inside the hem of her shorts and between her lips. She rocked against my finger and said, “You should be nice and ready for me by the time we get home.” She pushed away from me and walked over to the boys like nothing had happened.

I wanted to pull my dick out and jerk it right there, but that would lead to a quick trip to jail for indecent exposure, so I put my finger in my mouth and sucked Rose’s taste off. It would have to do for the time being, but I was starving for more.

We spent nearly the entire day there and the same pattern of enticement continued throughout. When we stopped for lunch, Rose planted her foot in my crotch and slowly stroked me until the boys had finished eating.

By the time we made our way through the park, the sun was setting and the boys were falling asleep on my shoulders as I carried them back to the car. Rose and I got them settled into their seats and headed for home. Twenty minutes later both kids were softly snoring behind us.

The back country highway we were on was devoid of streetlight and traffic consisted of the occasional truck heading in the opposite direction. I tried to look at Rose, but the dim lights of the dashboard did little more than provide an outline of her form. Soon after the boys were asleep, she moaned through closed lips. The muted sounds of her masturbation were joined by the smell of her sex. I tried to look but could only make out vague shapes in the darkness.

Thirty minutes later the interior of my SUV smelled like pussy and my cock was so hard that I was sure it would tear through the fabric of my shorts at any moment. When I felt Rose’s hand on my knee I shivered in anticipation. Every inch further up my leg her hand moved made me breathe faster. I ached for her touch and hated myself for it. Who was this girl to tease me like this, to think of her pleasure before mine? Why was I on the verge of begging?

When her hand slid up the leg of my shorts she did not stop until her fingertips brushed the tip of my cock and was rewarded with the slippery precum that had been collecting throughout the day. “It looks like someone is ready to go,” she whispered as she slid her hand up the length of my shaft. “We’re almost back to your place. Do you think you can last until then?”

I could hear the smile in her voice. She didn’t think I could do it. Hell, I knew I couldn’t. Being in a near permanent state of arousel throughout the day left me weak of will and body. I knew she did it on purpose. She liked the control she had over me, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

“Yeah, I can handle that,” I said with as much external confidence as I could muster.

“Oh really?” Rose stroked me inside my shorts and ran her thumb across the tip. “Care to make a wager on that?”

I gradually increased the speed of the vehicle, playing for time and distance. “What did you have in mind?”

“If I make you cum before we hit your driveway, you have to wait on me tomorrow. Hand and foot, whatever I say, but no touching.”

I’ve paid worse debts. “Sounds fair, as long as you keep it clean around the boys.”

“Of course,” she said. “I’m not a monster.”

“And if I hold out?”

Rose flicked her thumb across the glands along the bottom of my head and I almost jumped out of my seat. “If you somehow manage to keep it under control, I will stay the night and I’ll be all yours until dawn.”

I knew I was in trouble already, but the reward would be so worth it. “Rules?”

“No waking up the boys,” Rose said. “If they do, I stop, and you lose on the spot.”

“Fair enough.” I scratched my chin for a second and said, “No using your mouth. You can only use your hands on me.”

“Ooh, now that is an interesting twist, but I don’t think it will save you.” She gave my cock a quick couple of pumps an said, “Ready set go.”

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