Heads and Tails, Part 64

Purple Dress

The table Reggie had set aside got Michael was perfect. The booth was tucked into a dark corner of the restaurant and afforded some modicum of privacy. He didn’t know what Adrianna would do, but he suspected that keeping a low profile would play to his advantage.

“Here we are,” he said as he held a hand toward one side of the booth. Adrianna turned her back to Michael and undid the buttons of her coat. Michael took the coat and slung it over his forearm.

The dim light did little to hide the pale white skin of her back where the dress lay open. When she turned to sit, Michael was surprised to see the neckline plunged nearly as far, stopping just short of her navel. When she sat, the hem of her dress climbed above her knees, but the view was soon spoiled by the long white tablecloth that quickly covered her legs.

“Close your mouth and sit,” Adrianna said with a smile. “I am starving.”

Only the darkness concealed Michael’s blush as he realized he was staring. “Sorry,” he mumbled as he sat down on the other side of the booth and slid in far enough that he could sense their knees were about to touch.

“Don’t be. It’s flattering to be on the receiving end of such desire and only appropriate for a pet to want his Mistress so openly,” she said.

Michael grunted and took a sip from his drink.

Adrianna smiled and patted his knee. “It will feel natural soon enough,” she said as she looked over the menu. “I know a big alpha male like you is unused to putting someone else first, but I can tell there is a willing submissive hiding behind those expensive suits.”

The waiter came to the table and asked if they were ready to order. Before Michael could open his mouth Adrianna said, “He’ll have the steak, rare, and the steamed vegetables and a baked potato. I’ll have the salmon, wild rice and sugared carrots, please.” The waiter looked at Michael and smirked.

“You heard the lady,” Michael said as he choked back the humiliation.

Once the waiter was out of site, Adrianna slid her hand up Michael’s leg and said, “Very impressive. You took that like a man, a real man, not the kind that feels like he has to thump his chest in front of every other primate.” She moved her hand a little further up and ran it over his crotch until his cock thickened and slid down the leg of his pants. “Such a good boy. So responsive.” Adrianna leaned closer and gently bit his earlobe. Michael drew in a deep breath, but maintained some semblance of composure.

Michael smiled and said, “Well I have been looking forward to this evening since I left the office.” He resigned himself to playing the part. She had him cornered, so he might as well play the part until he could find a way out.

“Really now,” Adrianna said, her words drawn out long and slow. She gave his sick a squeeze through his pant leg. “How many times did you jerk off before I got here?”

“I didn’t,” he said, but when she frowned he quickly changed his response to, “Three times. Once when I first got here, once after taking a nap, and a third time in the shower.”

Adrianna smiled and said, “Of course you’ll have to be punished for lying, but if you are still able to perform I won’t put your cock back in it’s cage.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” If she was mad about that lie she would have had him in chains and begging for death if she knew he had been fucking Diane all afternoon.

“It had better not,” she said. “No more orgasms for you unless I say so.”

Michael frowned. “That seems a little unreasonable,” he said.

“How often do you cum in a day…on average?” Adrianna asked.

Michael scratched his chin and thought about it. “At least twice if I am alone, but give or six on a weekend or productive evening.”

Adrianna was able to maintain her composure through pure willpower. What was this guy, a machine? She nodded and said, “That tells me you lack control. You have no sense of self restraint, and that is exactly why you find yourself in this situation.”

The waiter returned with their food and laid it out before them. Michael knew the man by name. Steve was a good waiter and smart enough to not say anything about Michael’s normally embarrassing situation. He raised an eye brow when Adrianna would not see and Michael shook his head ever so slightly. Steve smiled, asked if there was anything more they needed, and when Adrianna said no, he turned and walked away.

“As I was saying, you need to learn some self control, and we ‘ll get started tonight.” Adrianna gave his cock another squeeze as she finished speaking, and returned her hand to her lap. Now let’s eat up and we’ll take our desert in your room.”


4 thoughts on “Heads and Tails, Part 64

      1. sure, conflict makes a story, but wasnt the start of all this her blackmailing him into doing all this? it just doesnt sit right… im sticking with it but yea… something irks :/


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