An Interview with Nox661

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I have had the privilege of talking to the owner of the site MyPervertedStories.Com and I asked him if he would mind being interviewed for my site. He agreed and what follows is the interview. His site is excellent and filled with loin stirring erotica sure to excite all. Make sure you check it out and keep an eye out for the guest authors that will be posting their own works soon.

1. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since around 2006. I started writing erotica because I have always had something of an overactive sex drive and at the time I was dating a girl who loved to read erotica. In an effort to spice up our sex life and turn her on I wrote some erotica with her as the main star of the story, which is where the Lilly stories came from. I found that I enjoyed exploring this side of my personality and she seemed to like it. I also found that when I submitted it to various sites that I got positive reactions so I kept on writing. I ended up taking a break for a little while after I split from her but when I entered into grad school I found that I needed a way to relax and this seemed as good as any of my other hobbies.

2. Is erotica all you write? What else have you done?

I have tried my hand at some nonerotic fiction, and of course as a grad student I have written a metric ton of course work so I get plenty of experience honing my writing skills, but my fiction just doesn’t seem to draw people in as much as my erotica. I have written some ghost stories since I have enjoyed those so much in my life, and I write stories on commission sometimes for the right price.

3. Why erotica?

Well as I indicated before I have something of an overactive sex drive, something that is not helped at all by my adult tumblr or any of my other adult activities, so writing erotica is a way to vent these feelings in a way that can bring some enjoyment to other people and reduce some of my own stress in the process.

4. What inspires your writing?

The short answer is porn, I love porn, be it picture or video. However I dont usually like the stories they come up with, when they bother to have a story at all, so I often make up my own story, this kind of lead to me writing my own stuff.

5. How much of your erotica is grounded in reality?

Almost none of my erotica actually happened, I am far too private to want to publish stuff about my actual sex life, not to mention how pissed off some of my partners might be if they saw something about them in print on my website… I dont need that kind of problem. No most of my stories are just based off of my own fantasies

6. You have a long running series on your website. Do you prefer to work on that or your standalone pieces? Why?

I kind of like to play it by ear, sometimes I want to work on my longer running stuff, and sometimes I want to do a short stand alone piece, it really all depends on what I feel like when I get the urge to write. Sometimes I will write 3 or 4 stories in a week and then write nothing for a month it just has to do with when the drive hits. Thankfully I can save up when I write a few and spread them out the the scheduling process so people don’t get bored with nothing new being posted for awhile.

7. Can you tell us about your writing process? Do you write it out or type it? Do you sit at your kitchen table or sequestered off in a dark closet?

If I am writing one of the series that I am working on then I usually write out an outline with a specific theme in mind. Then I write it out, usually starting with the sex scenes first and then the ending and then the start and then connecting all of the gaps, then I work on finding pictures that fit. When I am working on a stand alone piece I often go and find a set of pictures while working on my tumblr, then I order the pictures and tell a story about what I think is happening in those pictures. As for where I write it is usually on my couch i my living room more often than not, though sometimes it is in my office during lunch, like I said it just depends on when the urge to write happens.

8. Do you have any future projects planned?

I plan to keep putting out around one story per week though I would like to expand my website and include multiple writers so that my readers have some variety to choose from and expand my readers.

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