Miranda turned off the lights as she approached the house. She parked a couple houses down and walked the rest of the way. Her friend, Bethany, was right. On the nights she went to book club, an unfamiliar car ended up in her driveway. Miranda suspected Roger cheated on her, and tonight she would catch him in the act.

Sneaking in through the back door, she tip-toed her way back to the guest bedroom, where she heard Roger talking to someone else. She considered slamming the door open and unleashing her righteous fury, but decided it would be better to see what they were up to first.

Miranda stood in the shadows of the dark hallway and watched an unfamiliar brunette undress her husband. Roger moved so that it was easier for her, but he did not kiss her, or run his fingers through her hair. She complimented his appearance as she worked and told him how much she had been anticipating this night. Miranda’s anger grew with each undone button, but she could not bring herself to interrupt even as the woman dropped his shirt on the floor.

The strange woman unbuckled Roger’s belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pushed his pants and boxers to the floor as she dropped to her knees. From Miranda’s vantage point she could see Roger’s cock standing erect and pointed at the woman’s lips.

She felt the familiar tingle between her legs and silently cursed herself for being so weak. She should be furious, but all she could think about was her husband’s dick and how much she wanted it.

“You may suck it now,” Roger said, “but no hands.”

The woman took her husband’s tip into her mouth and held it there for a moment before she started bobbing her head forward and back. She kept her hands clasped behind her back as she delivered a blowjob that left Roger moaning.

Miranda hiked up her skirt and slid her fingers inside her panties. She parted her lips and plunged her fingers inside. She was so wet that each thrust squelched. Why did this turn her on so much? She watched the woman suck his cock, her cock, and grew more turned on by the moment. She unbuttoned her blouse and freed one of her tits from the confines of her bra. She pinched her stiff nipple and bit her lip to stifle the moan.

Roger sat in the chair behind him and tipped his head back. “Lick my balls, Bailey,” he said. She gave his cock one last, long pull with her lips before kissing her way to his balls. She licked them and sucked them into her mouth. Roger shifted in his seat and lifted his legs up. Bailey grabbed his cock in one hand and licked lower until her tongue probed his ass. Roger moaned loudly and said, “Oh God yes. That’s it. That’s the spot. Tongue that asshole.”

Melinda’s orgasm nearly knocked her over. Holy shit. When did he start liking that? Hearing him talk to her and watching her do it turned Melinda on in a way she could not put words to.

Roger moaned and urged Bailey on for a few minutes before she kissed her way back up his body and pressed her pelvis against his cock. “What do you want?” She licked his jaw after she spoke.

Roger grabbed her head and kissed her before saying, “I want you to get undressed, then I’m going to fuck you good.”

Bailey stood up and wiggled out of her blouse. The moment she removed the bra and her big, fake tits bounced into view, Roger pulled her down and sucked on her perfect little pink nipples. She moaned and reached for his cock.

Melinda’s tits were bigger, and all natural, but she envied the unnatural buoyancy of Bailey’s. She wondered what they felt like.

Bailey pulled herself away from Miranda’s husband and turned around. She pushed down on her skirt and panties, removing both at the same time. She stood there in all her naked glory. Her perfect tits, long, legs and flat abs were envy worthy, but none of that left Melinda gaping. It was the eight inches of cock dangling between her thighs that made Melinda speachless.

Roger grabbed a nearby bottle of lubricant and thoroughly covered his cock with it before grabbing Bailey by the waist and pulling her down. Bailey grabbed the arms of the chair and lowered herself onto Roger’s waiting cock.

Shock and confusion left Miranda unable to speak, but it didn’t stop her from masturbating.

Miranda knew how much Roger loved anal, and it seemed Bailey’s ass was nice and tight the way he grunted with each thrust. Bailey closed her eyes and stroked her own cock. It didn’t grow any longer as it got hard, but it grew thick, and Miranda could not take her eyes off it.

Before she knew what was happening, Miranda walked into the room. Roger saw her, but did not stop. Her eyes met his and he nodded. He knew what brought her out of the shadows and he was happy to share.

Miranda dropped to her knees before Bailey and placed her hand over Bailey’s. Roger’s lover opened her eyes with surprise and looked down at Miranda. Bailey smiled and put her hands in Miranda’s hair. Miranda took the tip of Bailey’s cock into her mouth and slowly took it in. Bailey was thicker than Roger, so Miranda struggled to take as much as she could, but Bailey’s moans pleased Miranda immensley.

Roger’s unrestrained grunting filled the room before he announced, “I’m cumming!”. Bailey cried out and filled Miranda’s mouth with cum, and the thought of her husband’s beautiful mistress cumming in her mouth sent Miranda crashing over the edge immediately after.

The three of them soon disentangled themselves and crawled into the guest bed together. They did not speak, but Miranda laid in the middle and soon was being caressed by two pairs of hands. She’s never been so happy to miss book club before.

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