My Favorite Strippers, Part Three

Okay, let me start off by saying this is not about a stripper. I’m not sure what the correct term is, but we will go with erotica masseuse for now. We’ll call her Heather for purposes of this retelling.


I found Heather’s add in Craigslist. Erotic massage for a low price and local. I was having a rough week and I was low on cash, so I called her up and made arrangements to meet her that afternoon at a local bar before we went to her hotel room. I watched the clock for the rest of the day and bolted the moment quitting time came around.

I hit the bank for a little cash and drove to the bar. It was a dark little dive almost devoid of people. I grabbed a beer and took a seat in s booth. I gave Heather my description over the phone. All I knew of her was that she was blonde with huge tits. When she walked into the bar I knew right away it was her. She was probably five and a half feet tall, a little on the heavier side and about ten years older than me. You would not describe her as pretty or ugly; rather she was average in appearance, the sort of person you might lose in a crowd. She was right though, her hair was blonde, and streaked with grey, and the white tee-shirt she wore barely contained her enormous breasts.

“Eric?” she asked when she got to the table.

I nodded and said, “Nice to meet you, Heather.”

She slid into the seat beside me and smiled. “Are you ready to head over? It’s fifty dollars for the massage and another thirty if you want the happy ending.”

“Sounds good,” I said as I handed her the eighty dollars.

She took the money and put her hand on my thigh. “I’m going to go pay for the room and get set up at the hotel next door. Follow me over.” She gave my leg a squeeze and left the booth. I watched her leave as I finished my beer, then I followed her out.

By the time I got to the hotel, Heather was coming out of the office. She walked over to a little blue hatchback, so I parked beside it. She pulled out a folding massage table and I offered to carry it for her. She assented and pulled out a duffle bag and led the way.

The small, cramped room sported a bed, television, and a dresser with a microwave sitting on top. The graying white paint and dark paneling finishes set the room in a time past it’s prime. It was the perfect place for our illicit transaction.

“Just set that down on the bed. You can undress in the bathroom,” Heather said as she turned on the rusting swamp cooler hanging from the window in a vain attempt to cool the sweltering summer heat of the musty hotel room.

I went into the faded yellow bathroom and stripped out of my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror for a moment. I was no longer in my prime, but I still cut a attractive figure. I smiled at myself, wrapped a cheap white hotel towel around my waist, and left the room.

The massage table was setup outside of the bathroom in the only space large enough to accommodate it. A talks show played quietly on the television as Heather set a large plastic bottle beside the microwave. She looked me up and down and smiled. “Climb onto the table and we’ll get started.”

I mounted the table and laid face down with my head in the cradle and the towel covering my ass. It was comfortable enough, with just enough cushion to support me in all the right places. I laid still and listened to the sound of the TV and Heather.

She dribbled some of the oil from the bottle onto my back and rubbed it into my thirsty skin. There was very little to the massage; it was more of a caress than anything. She worked the oil in as her touch became firmer. She started with my arms and by the time she was done with them I knew just how bad I needed a massage.

“It is so hot in here,” she said. “Would you mind if I took off some clothes?”

“Go right ahead,” I said.

“”Yeah, I didn’t think you would mind since you paid for the extra.” The massage stopped for a moment while she undressed. Her shorts and shirt landed in a pile directly beneath my face, and the bra quickly followed.

When the massage resumed she started with my feet and worked her way up my legs. When she reached my thighs her hands slipped between them and her fingertips teased my balls. I moaned and she took away the towel. Her strong hands kneaded the oil into my ass cheeks and between them. When I moaned again she took the time to rub her fingertips against my anus for a while before stopping to move up to my back. She worked all of the muscles and spent a lot of time working on the knot behind my right shoulder. She had me moaning again, but this time it was from the release of muscles I had long assumed beyond help.

Right around the time I was so relaxed that I felt I could fall asleep, Heather told me to roll over. I did as she asked and I was rewarded with my first good look at her with her clothes off. She was still soft and thick, but her tits more than made up for being toned. They were big, easily the largest I had seen outside of porn, and they were all natural. The nipples were much darker than the pale skin of her breasts and they looked very suckable.

She poured some more oil on her hands and massaged my chest. Her breasts pressed against me as she reached across my body. I was still blissed out from the work she had done on my back, so when she stopped working on my chest and stomach and moved to my legs, I was thick, but not hard.

Heather started on my feet again and worked her hands up both legs at once. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the way she worked on my muscles. The moment her hands hit my thighs, she bent over and took me into her mouth. She took me all the way in and I grew harder in an instant. My back arched and I moaned as she bobbed up and down on my cock. she brought me to the edge in a hurry and I asked her to slow down. I was not ready to cum just yet.

She released my cock and walked around the edge of the table. She pinched my nipple and massaged my balls with her fingers. “You have such a nice cock,” she said.

“Thank you,” was all I could manage as a response. She leaned over and placed one of her nipples against my lips. I sucked on it and pinched it between my teeth. She moaned and switched out her tits the moment I released the first. Soon she was moaning and stroking my cock.

Heather pulled her tits away from my face and grabbed the oil from where she had set it on the ground. She poured a little over the tip of my cock and slid it between her tits. She fucked me with he tits and took the time to suck on my tip each time it poked its way through. It was pure heaven.

She must have sensed I was getting close again, because she pulled away and stood up. She moved to the side and I got a good look at all of her. She still had on a pair of lacy white panties, but I could see where they had grown damp between her legs. She grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. “So do you think you’d like to pay for a little more?” she asked.

I did. Lord how I did. “How much more?” I asked.

She stepped a little closer, took my hand and guided it between her legs. her panties were soaked through and I could smell her excitement. “Fifty dollars.”

I knew I didn’t have that much on me, but I wanted more than just a happy ending. “All I have is thirty,” I said. “What will that get me?”

Heather slipped off her panties and pulled apart the lips of her pussy. “Enough that you’ll be coming back again,” she said.

“Sounds good to me,” I said as I slipped my hand between her legs and slid my fingers into her pussy. She moved closer and I flicked my thumb against her clit. She moaned and reached for my cock. She slid her hand up and down my length and closed her eyes. She bent over and took me back into her mouth until I entered her throat. I moaned and she pulled back off.

“Come on,” she said. “I want you on the bed.” I swung my legs over the edge and went to the bed. She pushed me onto the bed and turned so that her ass was facing me while she was standing next to the bed. She bent over and took my cock back into her mouth I reached up and pushed my fingers into her cunt. I fucked her with my fingers, but I could see her asshole and I wanted to stick a finger in there as well.

“Grab me the oil,” I said. She released my cock with a loud pop and went for the oil. When she came back she handed me the bottle and bent over. I sat up and squirted the oil onto her big round ass. I massaged those glorious globes and slipped my fingers between them. When I touched her asshole she moaned and spread her legs a little wider. I pressed my oil covered finger inside and she ground against my digit. I fucked her ass that way until the cum was dripping down her legs.

Heather pulled away and told me me to lay down. I did as she asked and she crawled onto the bed between my legs. Without using her hands, she took my cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down for a few sloppy seconds before letting me go once more. She reached down and grabbed the bottle of oil from where I left on the floor. she squirted it over my cock and set it on the bed . She grabbed her tits and pushed them together around my cock. She proceeded to fuck me with her tits while she kissed my stomach. It was heaven, but she was calculating in her movements, backing off just enough to keep me from popping my cork. she stopped, she kissed her way up my body. When her lips met mine it was magic. I never expected kissing, in fact her add said that it was off the list altogether, but her lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth. It was amazing and made me think of high-school, when the kisses were equal parts timid and urgent in their delivery. Where she was positioned it would have been nothing for her to shift her hips and slide my cock inside, but it did not happen. She broke the kiss and moved a little further up so that I could once more suck on her nipples. let me indulge long enough that her nipples became sensitive to the touch, so she sat up and put her hands on my chest. “Are you ready for the big ending?” Heather asked.

“God yes,” I said. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I was on edge and filled with the need to cum.

“Okay then,” she said with a smile. “She reached for the oil once more and poured enough on her ass that it dripped between her cheeks to land on my cock. She reached back and grabbed hold of my length. She slipped back and rocked her hips so that my cock slipped between her cheeks, rubbing against her ass, but never entering. She held my cock in place with one hand while she gave me my first assjob.


I’d been ground against by girlfriends and strippers, but never before was my naked cock treated to such a pleasure. The oil made friction almost non existent, but I could feel everything and it was driving me crazy. A shift of the hips and I would be inside her, but I didn’t need that. I was in heaven. I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as she worked her magic. soon she was riding harder and I thought for sure she would slip and spear herself with my cock.

I could feel the tension rising and I told her, “I’m going to cum.”

“Where do you want it, baby?” she asked as she slowed her pace.

My mind was a swirl of possibilities. I decided on the option foremost on my mind.

“On your back,” I said.

She smiled and said, “Okay,” before she rolled to the side.

I got off the bed and she positioned herself on all fours. I climbed onto the bed behind her and slid the length of my cock between her ass cheeks while I pushed them together. It didn’t take long for me to hit my breaking point and with a one last thrust, I grunted and came on her lower back.


Once I finished, I pulled away and Heather laid down on the bed. “Will you be a dear and grab me a towel?” she asked. I made my way to the bathroom, cum and oil still dripping from my tip as I went. I took a towel and wiped myself down before returning to Heather. She didn’t ask, but I took the towel and wiped the evidence of our transaction from her back and ass. She rolled over and allowed me to do the same to the front of her body. “Thank you,” she said. She sat up, kicked her legs over the side of the bed, and patted the bed beside her. I sat down and she put her hand on my thigh. “You’ve worn me out,” she said. “So what do you think? Was it worth the extra?”

“And then some,” I said.

“Good.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Get dressed, honey. I need to get cleaned up and hit the shower.”

“Right,” I said, recognizing the dismissal for what it was. I went to the restroom and got dressed. I pulled the extra cash from my wallet and laid it out on the dresser when I came out.

She stood up and met me by the door. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me slowly. Despite the hour of arousal just finished, I felt a stirring down below almost instantly. Heather leaned back and smiled. She leaned in once more but put her mouth beside my ear and whispered, “I give discounts to return customers.” She sucked my earlobe between her lips and bit it gently. “I really hope you’ll come back soon.”

She let me go and opened the door, carefully concealing herself behind it as I stepped back into the light. The moment I was beyond the threshold, the door closed behind me. I smiled and took a deep breath. I was a hundred and ten dollars poorer, but I felt better than I had in ages, and it was not just from the massage.

My apologies to Siri if you should ever happen to come across this. You are anything but homely as described in the story, but your figure is perfect and I couldn’t pass it up.

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