A Pleasant Sort of Torture, Part 19

I put my suit on and went downstairs. Rose and the boys were already in the water splashing about. I loaded a bucket with ice and cans of soda before heading outside. I set the bucket down on the table and waded into the pool.

The boys swim over and started splashing before they grabbed hold of my arms and tried to drag me underwater. I grabbed John and tossed him through the air. His squeels of delight only ended when he landed in the water near Rose. The resulting splash left her sputtering and John laughing when he resurfaced. Tim followed close behind with similar results.

The three of them put their heads together and whispered out a strategy. They broke from their huddle and spread out. Tim to the left, John to the right, and Rose up the middle. They splashed as they came closer. Rose led the charge and hit me with twice as much water as the boys combined. I splashed bavk, but they were y oo spread out, so the boys grabbed my arms while Rose went underwater and wrapped her arms and legs around my legs. Between the three of them they knocked me off balance and sent me falling backward into the water.

We wrestled and splashed and played for the better part of an hour. When I surrendered, the three of them cheered as if they had won a great war. I smiled and laughed with them before wading into the deep end.

After a couple of minutes of playing, the boys went to the shallow end and threw a football back and foryh, while Rose swam to the deep end and grabbed ahold of the deck beside me.

“Well that was fun,” she said.

“Yeah it was,” I said. “It’s nice to know that not everything we do has to involve copping a feel.”

“It doesn’t?” She asked as she moved along the side of the pool facing the deck, getting closer to me. “I groped you at least a half dozen times while we were wrestling about.” She pouted and pushed her breasts together with her biceps. “So much for trying to be subtle.”

I laughed and said, “You are about the least subtle woman I know.”

“You’re not all that subtle yourself,” she said.

“l can be,” I said as grabbed her ass beneath the water. The boys still played in the shallow end, unaware of the activity beneath the rippling water.

“Smooth.” Rose said with a laugh.

I smiled and slipped my fingers inside her bikini bottoms and didn’t stop until my middle finger pressed against her anus.

She gasped and said, “Don’t you dare.”

“Is that an order?” I asked as I wiggled my finger, threatening to push it in.

Rose held her breath. I knew she wanted it, but giving in would spoil the illusion of control.

“Yes,” she whispered. “That is an order.”

I was tempted to ignore her instructions, but it was too early to break the rules and I was curious to see what else she had in mind. I pulled my hand away and returned to watching the boys.

Rose turned around. “You’re so bad,” she said.

I looked at her and was immediately distracted by the way her nipples and piercings stood out within the confines of her bikini top. The ample cleavage created it’s own distraction, so I bit my lip and said, “You have no idea.” She looked at me for a long moment before pushing off the wall and swimming toward the boys.

I watched the three of them throw the ball around for a little while before gw t ting out of the pool and heading for the table with the bucket of sodas on it. I cracked open a can of Coke and took a long drink. It was almost noon already and I was getting hungry.

“Rose, I’m going to run in and make s sandwhich. Do you want one?” I asked.

“That would be great, thank you.” She said before she turned and threw the ball to John.

“Alright. I’ll be right back.” I went inside and built a couple sandwhiches. I grabbed a bag of chips and the sandwhiches, and headed for the door when I heard a phone chime. Rose’s cell phone was sitting on the table with its screen lit up. I couldn’t help myself. I went to the table and took a look.

Why are you hanging with the old guy? You should be here with me.

The name on the text was Jaime. Who was he? How much did he know? Was she playing me? Of course she was, but to what end.

I took a deep breath and went outside. Rose was lying face down on a flattened out recliner, taking in the sun and watching the boys. I sat on the recliner next to hers and offered up a sandwhich. She rolled onto her side and took it.

“You know you broke the rules, right?” she asked.

I thought back for a moment and couldn’t think of any indractions. “I don’t think so,” I said.

“In the pool.” She pointed at me and said, “You touched me without permission.”

“Shit.” I had forgotten she said that.

“Exactly,” she said. “Grab the bucket.”

I got up and brought it back. I set it between us. She took a couple of bites as I sat down. She pulled out a Diet Coke and popped the top and took a noisy sip. “Grab a handful of ice and stick it down the front of your shorts.” I must have hesitated, because she said, “I mean it.”

I shrugged my shoulders and scooped up a handful of ice. I verified that the boys were not looking before I pulled open the front of my shorts and dumped the ice in. The cold was intense and grew uncomfortable within seconds. I tried to focus on eating my sandwich, but it proved difficult.

Rose pulled an ice cub from the bucket and ran it over the fabric of her bikini top. Her already presented nipples grew stiff beneath the cold. “Mmmm, I love to play with ice,” she said. She circled each nipple with the ever diminishing piece of ice. “How are you liking it?”

I took in a deep, shuddering breath before saying, “”Not so much.”

She laughed. “I bet.” She reached out and ran her fingers over my shrunken member. “Aww, he’s trying to hide.” My cheeks turned red and my face grew hot. She laughed again. Don’t worry, big boy, I know what you’re packing in there.” She pulled her hand back and took another bite of her sandwhich. “I think you’ve learned your lesson. Why don’t you go jump in the pool and thaw out.”

I tried to look casual as I got up and walked to the edge of the deck, but the way Rose chuckled told me I was less than succesful. The cool water of the pool felt like I jumped into a hot tub. The moment I went underwater, I opened up my shorts and cleared out the ice. The relief was immediate and life saving.

Tim and John swam over and climbed all over me like a pair of monkeys. We wrestled and splashed and held our breath under the water. After twenty minutes they asked if they could get out and play on the computer. I agreed and they could not get out of the pool fast enough. I swam around the pool for a couple of minutes before climbing out.

I laid down on the recliner beside hers. “Well that feels better,” I said.

“I bet.” She was lying on her stomach and turned her head so that she faced me. “Can you put some sunscreen on my back?”

“Sure,” I said. I grabbed the bottle and squirted a healthy portion in my hand while she untied the strap that held her top in place. I rubbed my hands together before rubbing the sunscreen into her shoulders. I worked my way down her back, adding more lotion as I went, and stopped just above her ass.

“That feels good,” she said with a moan. “Can you do my legs too?”

I didn’t say a word. I squirted some sunscreen into my hands and started rubbing it into her feet and ankles. When I moved up to her calves, she moaned. I rubbed the lotion into the back of her thighs and the moans grew louder. I massaged her inner thighs and her legs parted. My fingers were close enough to her pussy that I could feel the heat coming off of it, but I did not touch it no matter how much I wanted to.

I pulled my hands away and sat back on my recliner. “There you go,” I said.

Rose rolled onto her back and the bikini top slipped just enough to give me a tantalizing look at her pierced and stiff nipples before she adjusted it and covered herself up. “Will you do the front now?”

“Will do,” I said with a grin. I started with her arms before I rubbed lotion on her chest above her breasts and on her stomach. “Do you want me to put sunscreen an your breasts?” I asked. “I don’t want you to get burned, but I don’t want to break the rules.” The smile never left my face as I spoke.

“Yes, please,” she said.

I put some more sunscreen on my hand and slid them over her breasts from the bottom up. I ran my hands all around them, making sure they were well protected. I thought her nipples were hard before, but they stood out like bullets by the time I was done and every touch of my hand made Rose moan.

I abandoned her breasts in favor of her stomach before moving onto her thighs. I started above her knees and worked my way back up until I was rubbing the sunscreen in near the point where her legs and pelvis meet. More moans and a satisfying wet patch between her legs left me feeling in control without breaking the rules.

I finished teasing hear and whispered, “Is there something more you’d like?”

Her eyes opened and she said, “Make me cum.”

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