My Favorite Strippers, Part 4


Christa was a surprise. I watched her win an amateur night contest at the strip club and rather than take the prize money, she took a job. I bought a couple of couch dances from her during her first week on the job. She was not the hottest girl there, but she was enthusiastic. She was short with broad hips and tits that tended to be on the small size, but she had an amazing ass and sported a number of tattoos. I spent most of my time and money on some of the other women, but I always took the time to get a dance from her and buy her a drink.

About a month after Christa started I was at the club on a quiet Tuesday evening There was only one other patron there and he left before nine. I had the place to myself and took turns buying the girls drinks and couch dances.

Christa was the third girl to sit with me, but there was something off about her that evening. Her usual confidence was replaced with hesitation and nervousness. “What’s bugging you?” I asked after ordering her a second drink.

She bit her lip, looked to one of the girls standing at the bar, and back to me. “I hate to ask, but would you buy a VIP dance from me?”

Even in the dark corner we were sitting in I could see her blushing. “Sure. I’d be happy to,” I said. She let out a long breath and smiled. I finished my drink and asked, “What’s a VIP dance?”

“It’s like a long couch dance with a little something extra,” she said. “The other girls have been teaching me and they thought you would be best for my first.”

The waitress brought our drinks and put her hand on my shoulder. “It’s a tradition for the new girls,” she said. “She was going to do it yesterday, but the others wanted her to wait for you.” She took the cash I handed her and said, “Finish your drink and wait for the DJ to call for the two for one couch dance.”

We did as instructed, but drank a little faster than normal and our smalltalk was sparse. Christa was nervous and I was excited. I wasn’t sure what the VIP dance would entail, but I could not wait to find out.

When the DJ called out the special, Christa and I left our empty glasses on the table and walked into the darkest corner of the private couch area. As soon as I sat down three of the other girls approached. Daphne, one of the girls I regularly bought dances from, said, “Don’t mind us. We’re just here to make sure the dance stays private and that she does it right.”

“Okay.” I was not about to complain.

Christa stripped out of her dress and approached me wearing only her bra, panyies, and platform heels. The music started and so did the dance. She climbed into my lap and put my hands on her hips. She ground her crotch against me and kissed my neck. I moaned and guided her hips. In moments I was hard and knew she could feel me against her pussy.

She shifted her position and slid down between my knees until she was on hers. She reached up and undid my belt and my pants. I lifted my ass and she pulled my jeans down around my ankles. She nuzzled against my boxer covered cock. I could feel her breath through the fabric and I twitched as she moved past my waistband, pushed up my shirt, and kissed my stomach.

Christa stood and turned around. She lowered herself onto my lap, nestling the length of my cock between the curves of her ass. She ground her ass against me, slowly dragging the waistband of my boxers down until head of my cock poked out of the top.
I grabbed her ass and squeezed. None of the girls said a thing and the bouncer didn’t come charging back to bust my skull, so I continued my groping.

Christa shifted her position do that she straddled my lap and ground her cunt over my cock. More and more of me became exposed and soon the other girls were egging her on, telling her to pull off the boxers so they could get a better view.

Christa stood up and Daphne reached between her legs to grab my boxers. She pulled them down slowly, letting her fingers drag over the length of my cock as she went. “See,” she said, “I knew he had a thick one.”

I smiled and Christmas lowered herself onto my cock once more. As heavenly as the earlier grinding was, feeling my bare skin against her wet panties took the experience to an even higher level. She rode me hard, rubbing my cock against her clit through the panties. She moaned and grabbed my shoulders. She squeezed and her nails dug into me. “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” She called out as she came, soaking her panties further.

She held her ground for a moment, gently rocking her hips as she recovered, but the girls picked her up and sat her on the couch opposite mine. “You can’t stop now,” Tiffany said. “There’s still on more step to the VIP dance.”

Christa nodded and removed her bra. She returned to me, turned around and sat on my lap once more. She laid back against me and put my hands on her tits. I massaged t h em and pinched her nipples while she ground her ass against my cock. She leaned forward, breaking my hold on her breasts and gave me an incredible assjob.
In no time at all I was ready to pop and told her so.

Christa climbed off my lap and resumed her position between my legs. She took hold of my cock and licked up the shaft to my tip.
“You can do it,” Tiffany said. “Swallow that cock.”

Christa took my tip between her lips and slowly took in my entire length.
The others cheered and Christa pulled back. She moved up and pushed her little tits together and treated me to a titty fuck that included her mouth on my tip each time it popped out from between her breasts.
The special treatment had me completely on edge and blowing my load had become an urgent inevitability. I pushed her back onto her heels and put my thumb in her mouth and pulled her jaw down. I held her mouth open as I stroked my cock and shot a thick stream of cum between her lips.
She took it all in and pushed me back onto the couch. She sucked my dick and let the cum dribble out of her mouth before sucking it all back up and releasing me from her grip.

The three bystanders cheered, stood Christa up, and hugged her. Congratulations were given as they helped her dress and walked her back to locker room.

They left me sitting there, my pants around my ankles, my cock going limp, thanking my lucky stars.

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