Visiting Laura, Part One

Adult Shop


When I stepped into the terminal I went into autopilot, following the signs to baggage claim.  I was a little excited and nervous about my vacation.  I had flown to Ohio so that I could spend some time with my old friend Laura. When I last saw Laura we parted ways awkwardly.  We had kissed awkwardly the night I left for Oregon, the kiss of friends who wished there could be more, but the chemistry hadn’t been there. Consequently we spent most of the evening in discomfort, unsure of how we felt about our poor results.  We kept in touch through email and occasionally even found time to chat online, but it had been four years since I actually saw her and I was a little afraid that the awkwardness would return once we were sitting in the same room and not safely twenty-five hundred miles apart.

Before I knew it I was standing in baggage claim watching the carrousel move people’s bags around and around.  My small suitcase came out of the chute almost last and by the time I pulled it from the carrousel the baggage claim was nearly empty.  The airport was small and mine was only one of four flights due in between noon and midnight, but it was still a little shocking to be in an airport that was so empty. 

Laura said she would meet me in the airport lounge upstairs at seven; we’d get a drink and then head back to her place.  I offered to stay at a hotel, but she insisted that I stay in her guest room; it would be cheaper and more convenient too.  My flight made good time, so I sat down at the bar at 6:50, ordered a beer and watched the basketball game that was playing on the TV.  The minutes ticked by slowly and I had to resist the urge to constantly look over my shoulder to see if she was there, so when a pair of hands covered my eyes I almost jumped off of the barstool. “Guess who?”

 “Well if I had to guess I’d say it was the stewardess from the airplane, and I have to say that I’m very grateful for you inducting me into the mile high club.”

 “You wish!” Laura said as she smacked me in the arm.  I turned around and she gave me a big hug, “God how I’ve missed you.”  When she stepped back the words died in my throat.  Laura had always been pretty, but she looked incredible! She wore a white shoulderless halter top, a khaki skirt that stopped a few inches above her knees, stockings and white high heels.  She smiled and sat down beside me, “Buy me a drink while you regain your voice?”  I nodded and motioned to the bartender while I rapidly tried to figure out how to stop looking like such an ass. 

 I quickly worked through every excuse I could come up with, but couldn’t shake the desire that suddenly sprung up in me. I turned my head, trying desperately not to stare at her ample cleavage, and said, “You look incredible.”  She laughed and I must have turned three shades of red as I blushed. ‘Why do I suddenly sound like a teenager?’ I thought to myself.

“Thank you. You’re looking pretty good yourself.” She faced me and smiled. “At least for a guy who’s been on an airplane for four hours.”  We laughed; I shook my head and started to relax; same old Laura, always able to make me chill out.  We shared a few more drinks, flirted and talked just like we used to, the only difference being that the flirting felt real, and I don’t think I was the only one who felt it. As we finished our last drink Laura put her hand on my thigh. “Come on handsome, its time to get out of here.”  Her touch, so casual and natural, sent a jolt straight through me.  Was she feeling the same as me or was I just hoping?

 I quickly paid our tab and we walked out of the bar arm in arm.  As we walked Laura talked about the traffic and the trouble she had finding a place to park.  I smiled and nodded, but only caught every other word.  I was terribly conscious of the closeness of her body to mine, her womanly scent and the stirring in my loins.  I tried hard to focus on what she was saying, but  every time I’d look at her I’d see the tops of her breasts and I’d be right back where I started.   By the time we reached her car I was hoping she wouldn’t look down and see my rather obvious state of arousal. 

 After I put my suitcase in the trunk of her car she closed it and dropped her keys.  “Oops,” she bent over at the waist to pick up her keys and I couldn’t help but stare.  I wanted to step forward, grab her hips and pull her to me, and it was in the middle of that thought that I suddenly realized that it shouldn’t have taken Laura that long to pick up her keys. Blinking I tore my eyes from her nicely rounded butt and realized that she was looking at me upside down.  My eyes locked onto hers and I knew I had been caught.  Laura stood up, turned, grabbed my face and kissed me hard.  The lack of chemistry four years earlier had turned into a passion that was hard to contain.  I put my hands on her waste and pulled her against me as her tongue slipped into my mouth.  The kiss was intensely passionate but short; Laura put her hands on my shoulders, pushing away from me. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”  Without another word she walked to the driver’s side of her black sports car and climbed in. 

 Once I was in and buckled I looked over at her and smiled. “You still drive like a demon on speed?”  Four years earlier fast had been an understatement when it came to Laura’s driving.

 “Just hold on tight and try not to cry like you used to.”  And with that we were on the move, only slowing down to pay for the parking.  As we sped through town I couldn’t help but notice that every time Laura shifted, her skirt rode up her legs a little more until finally I could see the top of her stockings.  Laura looked at me out of the corner of her eye and said, “If I had known you liked to look so much, I would have dressed better years ago!”  We laughed and Laura continued on at her usual breakneck speed until we pulled into the parking lot of the club we used to dance at. “Slight change of plans, I have this sudden urge to dance.”  She reached over and ran her fingers through my hair. “You don’t mind do you?”  I have to admit that I always liked watching Laura dance. She exuded a casual sexiness in the way she moved that just drew attention, and with my new found desire already mounting, I could hardly wait to get her on the dance floor.

 “Sounds like fun, I haven’t been dancing in years.”  We hopped out of the car and headed in to the smoky little club and were greeted with an avalanche of body blasting house music.  We headed straight for the bar, order a couple drinks and made our way to a secluded little corner table. 

 We didn’t stay at the table for long, and in no time we were out on the dance floor with the rest of the crowd, laughing and carrying on just like the old days.  The longer we were out there the closer and dirtier our dance became, and before we knew it we were grinding against each other, each of us trying to out tease the other.  At one point she got close enough to whisper in my ear, “Everyone is watching us you know.”  When she pulled back I casually took note of the people around us and sure enough we were getting plenty of stares, and quite frankly I didn’t care.  I pulled Laura close, turned her around and put my hands on her hips.  Laura ground her ass against the bulge in my pants and I slowly hiked up her skirt until it was as short as any skirt in the house.  With every move she made the other dancers could see the tops of her stockings and to egg on all of the stares from the men, Laura ran one hand from her knee up her leg until a finger just slid under the hem of her skirt.  I swear you could here the collective groan of the men around us.

 We kept at it for a few more songs, but one of the bouncers caught my eye and motioned that it was time to stop so I motioned to Laura and we made our way off the dance floor.  We sat back at our table, both of us hot, sweaty and completely aroused.  I moved my chair closer to hers and put my arm around her waist. “Thank you! That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

 “You haven’t seen anything yet,” she said with a smile, a wink and a pat of the bulge I was sporting.  I raised an eyebrow and she laughed. “You didn’t think I was going to let you get me all worked up on the dance floor without finishing the job now did you?”

 “I suppose not,” I laughed.  For the first time that night I let myself feel totally at ease. Something about the way she smiled made me relax and think that the risk was worth the reward.  “So, where to next?”

 “Well first I’m going to use the lady’s room, and then I think we’ll make one more stop before home, but its going to be a surprise.” And with a wink she was up and gone.  I finished my drink and quietly waited for her return. 

 When Laura returned she wore a mischievous smile. “Come on handsome, its time to get out of here.”  She grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd and out to her car.  Once we were back on the road and stopped at a light Laura popped open her purse, pulled something out and threw it to me, “I just had to get out of those.”  I knew what it was before it even got to the light, her cream colored panties were wet, smelled of her sex and made me uncomfortably hard.

 “Well I certainly want you to be comfortable,” I stuck them in my shirt pocket and put my hand on her knee as the light turned green.  Just like before, as she shifted her skirt climbed higher and higher up her leg, only this time my hand was following it.  When I reached the top of her stockings I just kept going until my fingers brushed against her outer lips. 

 Laura sucked in her breath noisily and slouched down in her seat, giving me better access.  I carefully parted her slick, wet lips, found her clit and slowly rubbed it with my finger.  Laura was biting her lower lip and trying to keep her eyes on the road ahead.  Liking the reaction I was getting, I decided to take it a little further and used my thumb to rub her clit and slipped my finger inside her.  Laura gasped, “Oh God.”  I slowly fucked her with my finger until she couldn’t take it any more. “Eric, stop before I kill us both.”  Reluctantly, I pulled my hand away from her crotch and sucked her juices from my finger. “Now you’re just being cruel.”  I just smiled.

 It wasn’t long after that we pulled into our next stop, a dark little adult shop not far from Laura’s home. “So, what did you have in mind for this stop?” 

 “I figure we do a little shopping.  We each pick something out for tonight and we don’t let the other know what it is until the time is right,” she said as we got out of the car.

 “Kind of hard to do if we’re in there together.”

 “Well I have plan for that too.  They have video booths in the back, while you shop I’ll watch some videos and when you’re done we’ll switch.”  I opened the door for her, we walked to the counter, bought a bunch of video tokens and made our way to the booths. “I’ll be in this one, just come back and get me when you’re done,” and with a quick kiss she was gone behind the booth’s curtain.

 Shaking my head, I walked back into the store and started looking around.  There was the usual assortment of gadgets, videos and magazines, but I really had no idea what to get.  I eventually decided on an assortment of fun, but not too over the top items: raspberry flavored body jell, some lubricant that warmed with friction and a set of padded wrist restraints.  Once the clerk bagged them up, I headed back to the booths to trade places with Laura.

 When I got to the booth I stopped, hearing moaning that was definitely not coming from the movie.  I didn’t want to startle Laura so I quietly backed up and then made a lot of noise returning to her booth.  When I opened the curtain she was straightening out her skirt, her face was flush and her breasts were heaving from her still heavy breathing. “Done already huh?” she actually sounded a little disappointed.

 “Yeah, it took me a while, but I found a few items that should be fun.”

 “Okay, well you go ahead and take your seat and I’ll be right back.  Personally I suggest movie seven…it’s a scorcher.”  Laura got out of the booth, handed me the extra tokens and walked into the store, trying hard to regain her composure the whole way.  I sat down in the booth and closed the curtain.  It was a little more spacious than I had imagined, but it was completely dark other than the light coming from the small video screen inside.  I plunked in a few tokens and selected movie seven, “Horny Housewives.”  I leaned back and watched the movie, acutely aware of Laura’s lingering scent, a pleasant mix of perfume and her sex. 

 The movie showed supposed housewives seducing various people: the milkman, pool boy, plumber, mailman, etc.  While it was a little predictable, Laura had been right, the movie was hot.  The actors all looked like real, but extremely beautiful people who really, really liked sex…and they were damn good at it to.  I’m not usually one for movie booths, but I found myself getting very hard and couldn’t help but rub myself through my jeans.

 Before I knew it the curtain slid open and Laura was standing, looking down at my hand rubbing the bulge in my jeans. “Mind if I join you?” she asked.  I motioned for her to come inside and she did so, sitting on my lap, nestling my bulge between her ass cheeks. “Ohhh, you’re further along than I was.”  We leaned back against the booth and it wasn’t long before Laura had hiked up her skirt and was fingering her pussy and rocking against my cock.  I moaned and put my hands around her, pulling down her shirt and exposing her cream colored lace bra.  I slid my fingers beneath the fabric and slowly rolled her nipples between my fingers.  Laura moaned and her rocking and fingering became faster.  I licked and nibbled her neck and ear while I played with her beautiful tits. 

 I marveled as she got closer and closer to coming; her breathing was heavy and was joined by small gasps and moans, her rubbing against my cock was getting more and more frantic and her nipples were as hard as bullets.  When she came she bit her lips, moaned and bucked savagely against me.  It took her a few minutes to calm down and by the time she was, the movie screen had gone dark.  I was on a razor thin edge myself.  It would not have taken much for me to cum, but I gritted my teeth and held on.

 Laura looked up at me and said, “My God that was good.  Put a few more tokens in so they won’t kick us out of here.”  I slipped a couple more tokens in as Laura turned around and kneeled on our shopping bags between my legs. “It just wouldn’t be fair if I was the only one getting off in here.”  As the movie started back up Laura unzipped my fly and pulled out my rock hard cock.  Her touch alone was almost enough to get me off, and when she quickly pulled my entire length into her mouth it was all I could do to keep from cumming on the spot.  She moved her tongue all around my length and slowly pulled back until I popped out of her mouth, “I want you to stroke it and cum for me.  Shoot that load right in my mouth and if your aim is good I’ll give you a special treat when we get home.”


“Fair is fair,” I thought to myself, after all she had pretty much stroked herself to orgasm with a little help from me.  I smiled at her, “get ready, this won’t take long.” I stroked my cock and focused on her face, especially that perfect mouth, with its nice full lips.  Laura left enough saliva and precum behind to leave me nice and lubed.  It wasn’t long and I felt my stomach tighten and my balls contract.  I could tell by the look on Laura’s face and the way she opened her mouth a little wider that she new it was coming.  I stood up in a crouch, leveling my tip right at her lips and with a groan shot straight and true, splattering the back of her throat with the first stream and landing the rest on her tongue.  It wasn’t hard to aim since my cock was so close to her mouth, but my awkward stance did make me have to concentrate as I finished shooting my load.  With the last stream spent, Laura leaned forward and quickly sucked the head of my cock, pulling out anything left behind until my knees started shaking and I had to fall back down.

 Laura pulled her shirt back up and licked her lips. “That was some good shooting babe. Now let’s get out of here and let the real fun begin.”  I tucked my still stiff cock back into my pants and zipped up before we exited the booth.

 “I can hardly wait,” I said as I took her hand and we walked back through the store with our bags in hand and our clothes completely rumpled.


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