I arrived at Katherine’s house just before midnight like she asked. Our relationship was casual; both of us happily married but needing more of a sexual experience than either of our spouses were willing to provide. When opportunities presented themselves we took advantage and made a practice of pushing each other’s boundaries. When she called this morning all she would tell me was when to show up and that she had something special lined up. I was intrigued and spent the day trying to figure out what she might have planned. She always managed to surprise me, and I never left her place disappointed.

I rang the bell and she answered the door wearing a sexy little silk robe. The strong smell of perfumed candles wafted out into the cool evening air as she beckoned me inside. Once the door closed, she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss that tugged at my soul. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered as she led me to the couch. The only light in the room came from the myriad of candles perched on every available surface.


“I’ve missed you too. It has definitely been too long.” I pulled Katherine down to my lap and kissed her, running my hands across the soft fabric of her robe, teasing the flesh beneath. “So what do you have planned for tonight?”

“It’s a surprise.” She stood and grabbed a familiar looking bag from the fireplace mantle. “Strip down and put on the blindfold. I’ll be back in a second to put the cuffs on.” I liked where this was going already. Any time I had the cuffs and the blindfold on it meant I was in for something fantastic that I would normally balk at. I quickly stripped down and put the blindfold on, the hint of fear making the anticipation so much more enticing.

I stood in the middle of the room waiting for her, when she opened the door and walked in. She placed her hands on my chest and kissed me lightly. “Such a good boy,” she whispered as her hands trailed downward to stroke my cock. “Now raise your arms. We’ll be using the hook tonight.” The hook was large and suspended from the ceiling. Her husband thought it was for a potted plant, but we sunk it into a beam in the ceiling, so it could easily hold either of our weights. I did as instructed and sensed Katherine climbing her stepladder behind me before she attached the supple leather cuffs to my wrist and then hung the chain on the hook above me.

Katherine turned on some soft music then left the room. I hung there waiting and enjoying the steady burn in my arms from being suspended. I heard her return a moment later, then I felt her hands on my body, touching and teasing me slowly, the way she had done so many times before. She spread my legs so that my feet were a little further apart then my shoulders. Without ceremony, she started sucking on my cock. She was not gentle or taking her time. She was after my cum, wanting it quickly. I’d like to say that I was capable of resisting and holding out, but when Katherine wanted my cum, there was little I could do to stop her, so I didn’t bother trying. In no time at all I was jerking from the hook and filling her mouth with cum.

Once she finished swallowing and cleaning me off, she moved around behind me. She massaged my shoulders and kissed her way down my body until her hands reached my ass. She parted my cheeks and massaged my asshole with her fingers while I moaned. I could feel her kneel behind me as she reached around and slowly stroked my cock. I was still semi-flaccid when her treat made its presence known. I could feel her lips on the lower curve of my spine when I suddenly felt another pair of lips on the head of my cock.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” was all I could think as I felt the head being enveloped by the new set of lips. Katherine knew that I had always wanted to try a threesome, and she somehow made that dream a reality. I became lost in a haze of pleasure as Katherine maneuvered herself into position to lick my anus while the mystery woman performed the most excruciatingly pleasurable blow job I ever received.

The two of them worked well together, each one slowing up or making some change that kept me on the edge for what seemed like hours. I lost all sense of who was doing what as I drifted along in a state of pure euphoria. Eventually, Katherine stood up behind me, her finger sliding in and out of my ass, and whispered, “Do you want to see who our guest is before we let you cum?”

“Oh God yes,” I mumbled.

She pulled her finger out of me and undid the blindfold, “Look for yourself, lover.”

I did as she said and was surprised to find that the third member of our little party was actually a man. Part of me rebelled at the idea, but another, baser part of me didn’t care and only wanted him to continue.

“Do you want him to stop, baby?” Katherine asked. I knew that saying yes would not offend her, and that she would gladly finish me off, but lord help me, I did not want him to stop.

“No,” I grunted.

“Good.” She kissed my neck and dropped back down to her knees where she once again stuck her tongue in my ass. I watched the stranger before me work my cock as well as any woman I ever knew. He briefly looked up at me as he slid my cock from his mouth and licked me from tip to scrotum and back again. He gave me a quick wink and popped my length back into his mouth, taking me deep into his throat.

I leaned my head back and moaned, losing myself once again to the pleasure. The two of them worked in concert, building me back into a frenzy, not backing off this time. Eventually I could take no more and cried out. My cum filled a second mouth that night and I didn’t care whose it was.

When the last of my cum filled the stranger’s mouth, Katherine got up and walked around me to stand next to him. They kissed deeply and I could see my cum on her tongue as they parted. She turned and kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips. The two of them released the cuffs and lowered me to the couch. I was weak and could not have moved from there if I tried. Our visitor dressed quickly and thanked Katherine for a wonderful evening before leaving. Katherine laid down next to me on the couch, nuzzling my neck. We drifted off to sleep, another taboo breached.

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