Visiting Laura, Part Two



We practically ran to her car once we got out of the store. Hopping inside I didn’t even get my seatbelt on before Laura was tearing out of the parking lot, heading for home.  Our little interlude at the store had only served to get our desire moving in full gear.  I wanted to reach over and touch her, but I could tell she was having a hard enough time focusing on her driving, and at the speed we were traveling I thought it wisest to leave her be.

Before I knew it we were at her place.  We’d watched a lot of movies there and I’d crashed on her couch more times than I could count, so in a way her house felt like home to me more than my little apartment back in Oregon.  It was with a strange mix of nostalgia and anticipation that I entered the house behind Laura. Her house hadn’t changed much since I had last been there, it was more her and less her roommate (who had moved out a year earlier), but still the same old place.

 I closed the door behind us and we weren’t three paces into the house when I grabbed Laura’s hand, turned her around and pulled her to me.  We kissed hard, all restraint thrown to the wind as our tongues thrust and danced against each other. I moved us so that Laura’s back was against the wall and started pulling off her shirt as she worked at the belt of my pants.  It wasn’t long before her shirt and lacey bra were off and thrown to the side and my pants and boxers were down around my ankles.  I briefly sucked and licked Laura’s tits while she literally tore off my shirt, sending buttons flying in every direction.  With my shirt off, I returned to kissing her, pressing my body against hers, ravenous for her touch, wanting her completely and immediately.  I pushed her skirt up around her waist and slid my cock inside her.  Laura put her arms around my waist and cried out.  There was no romance, no soft caress, not loving whispers, we fucked in that hallway like animals, grunting, panting calling out unintelligibly.  Time lost meaning for us as we fucked; sensations became intertwined until we could take it no longer and we both came savagely.  Laura’s nails dug into my back and my fingers gripped her hips roughly as we continued on, lost in the throws of a mutual orgasm that was slow to recede.

 Eventually we slowed to a point where we could stop, and when we did, we remained where we were, Laura’s back to the wall, my cock inside her.  The immediate hunger slid from our eyes and was replaced by warmth and caring. Endorphin induced pleasure washed over us, leaving us smiling and happy.  Without a word I pulled out of Laura, kicked off my shoes and socks, stepped out of my pants and took Laura’s hand in mine.  With her free hand she pushed down her skirt until it fell on the floor, leaving her only in her stockings, garter belt and shoes.  I guided her back to her room where she kicked off her shoes and we laid down on her bed, spooning with her in front of me.

 We laid there quietly for some time, resting and recovering, finding comfort in the silence.  I drank in the scent of her hair and the warmth of her skin against mine as I slowly ran my hand up and down the length of her body.  In time she pulled away and turned to face me. “You know I never really expected that from you.”

 “Oh, no?” I smiled and let my hand caress her body everywhere except her breasts and cleanly shaved mound.

 “No, I figured I’d have to make the first move if we were going to have sex tonight.”  She lightly traced some random pattern on my chest with her fingers. “And to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t.  You were quite the animal in there.”


“Something about you just made me lose all control.” I leaned forward and gave her a little kiss.  “Maybe it was the dancing or the adult shop, but I think that the way you look tonight definitely got the ball rolling.”  She smiled and kissed me, her fingers drew lazy circles around my nipples. “When did you start dressing so…sexy?”

 Laura laughed a little, propped herself up on one arm, and said, “To be completely honest, I’ve only been dressing this way since you asked about coming out to visit.”

 “Oh really?  Well I certainly feel special.”

 “You should. Remember the night you had sex with Emma?” Emma was Laura’s old roommate.  She and I had a one night drunken fling out on the couch, and as far as I knew neither of us said anything to Laura.  We were both quite embarrassed about the whole thing.  I must have looked like a deer in headlights. “It’s okay.  I mean, I was hung up on that for a long while, but not really mad you know?”  I nodded dumbly. “Personally I think that was why that first kiss of ours was so odd; I just couldn’t get past the fact that you had screwed my roommate.”  Where was she going with this?  Was she planning on killing me in my sleep tonight?  “But she and I talked it over after you left and I came to grips with it.  I know you two were just drunk and horny and that it had only been a one time thing.”  Okay, maybe she wasn’t going to kill me, but I still wasn’t to sure about where this was going. 

 “So how did you find out about it?” I asked.  I was sure Emma had said something; she felt as guilty as I did.

 “I actually watched you guys. I came out to the kitchen for a glass of water when I heard something coming from the living room.  I peaked around the corner and saw you sitting there with your head tilted back, moaning and I figured you were just jerking off or something.  I was a little curious so I kept watching and then Emma stood up!  I was so shocked and hurt I couldn’t move.  As mad as I was I was also a little turned on.  I watched her strip and get on her knees on the couch, and when you stood up and took your clothes off I had to stay.”  Laura stopped and looked me in the eyes. “When you stood behind her and fucked her I couldn’t help but wish it was me. I watched you make her cum while I stood in the hall fingering myself, and when you pulled out and covered her back with cum I almost came on the spot.  I went back to my room and frigged myself to one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had.” Laura put her hand on mine. “You see, until that night I’d always been content to just be friends, figuring it was better to be friends than risk losing you as a boyfriend, but for some reason that night opened up the floodgates for me.  I tried to remain cool about it when you were around, and I even tried to push my desire back down, but every night I’d dream of what I had seen, only it would be me and not Emma that you were doing.”

 Laura leaned forward and kissed me softly. “When you left I figured I missed my opportunity and whenever we talked online or wrote each other in email I wanted to tell you how badly I wanted to feel your touch, but it just didn’t seem fair to do that to you. When you asked about coming for a visit I decided it was now or never.  So I figured a change of wardrobe would increase my confidence and catch your attention right from the start.”

 “Well it certainly did that,” I said. “The moment I saw you in the bar you went from, ‘my best friend Laura,’ to ‘my completely hot best friend Laura who I want to ravage right on the spot.’”

 Laura laughed. “Well then I guess my little plan worked.” Laura pushed me over onto my back and crawled on top of me, straddling my stomach. “Don’t think for a moment that just because my plan is revealed that you’re done for the night.”  She smiled a wicked little grin and said, “you’ve got four years of fantasy sex coming to you mister and I won’t hear any protests.”

I smiled and flipped her onto her back, her legs wrapped around my waist. “Who said anything about protesting?”  I leaned down and kissed her, a slow, lustful kiss that she returned with equal passion.  In no time I was hard again and the tip of my cock pressed against her pussy, begging to be let inside.

Laura broke the kiss and pushed against my chest. “Not so fast pal, I want to get a better taste of that thing first.”  I smiled and sat back on the bed, my legs spread out in front of me.  With a grin on her face, Laura got on all fours and crawled between my legs; dropping down to her elbows, she slowly licked and nipped at my cock before gradually taking me into her mouth.  Seeing her ass sticking up in the air I reached out with one hand and slipped a finger into her ass, Laura’s moan sent a shiver straight through me. I worked my finger in and out of her ass, but it was all I could do to keep my finger moving.  Laura’s mouth and tongue were magical, moving in well orchestrated concert, she never slowed down and always hit the spot that was sure to get the strongest reaction from me. 

 Before I knew it I was panting, my head tilted back, short moans and gasps escaping from deep inside me.  Laura reached forward with one hand and fondled my balls, caressing, pulling, and squeezing them until my whole body was tingling.  Then something truly unusual happened: I came.  Not that my cumming from a wonderful blowjob is all that unusual, but the fact that it caught me completely unawares.  Usually I can feel it coming; the tightening of my stomach and balls coupled with a sharp hit of raw pleasure usually signals my coming ejaculation, but this time I was so completely wrapped up in the pleasure that those warnings either didn’t occur or they were completely subsumed by the overwhelming pleasure of the moment. In that instant of orgasmic release I cried out and my whole body was wracked with strain as I had the single strongest orgasm of my life.  So intense and so instantaneous was my reaction that I nearly fainted on the spot.  Explosions of concentrated color shattered my vision as my head swam and my knees trembled.  The pleasure continued to rip through in small starts and jabs, almost as if my earth-quaking orgasm had unleashed numerous small aftershocks of pleasure throughout my body.

Laura had sucked me all the way into her throat as stream after stream of my seed erupted from me, and as my cumming subsided she slowly pulled back until I was no longer inside her mouth.  By this time my finger had pulled from her ass and my hands hung limply at my side.  I sat there before her, eyes half closed, shivering slightly.  Laura got up on her knees and pulled close to me.  Wrapping her arms around me she held me close, her head on my chest.  I don’t know exactly how long it took for me to recover, but when I did I was a little surprised to find her where she was.  I tilted her head back and kissed her, slowly and passionately, tasting myself on her lips and tongue.   I wanted to say, “Thank you,” but it just didn’t seem like enough, so I continued kissing her and running my hands over her back, eventually rolling us back down on the bed.

 “That was incredible,” I said as we broke our kiss, “but I think it’s your turn now.”  I maneuvered us around so that Laura was back on her knees, only this time my head was between her stocking covered legs and she was facing away from my body.  Her scent was magnificent, but her taste was even better.  My tongue parted her lips and slowly probed at her pussy, tasting the wetness that still lingered.  Gradually I worked my tongue inside her and was gifted with a low moan of pleasure.  I searched all about her nether regions with my tongue, searching out the points of pleasure, using my teeth to occasionally nip at her lips until I finally slid my tongue as far inside her as it would go. Laura sat back, trying to get ever more of my tongue inside, making it harder for me to breathe, but I continued to tongue-fuck her as hard as I could, catching breaths of air as she rocked back and forth above me.  It wasn’t long before she started rocking very hard and fast, making me wonder if she would break my nose, but my patience was paid for when she gave a low moan and my tongue was greeted with a small rush of her cum.

 Laura’s knees quaked and she leaned forward until she was on all fours.  I quickly leapt at the opportunity and moved up slightly so that I could get at her clit.  I flicked her little nub hard with my tongue eliciting a gasp from the beauty above me.  Focusing my attention there, I continued to flick her clit with my tongue, occasionally sucking it into my mouth and pinching it between my teeth.  Laura’s breath got heavier and heavier as she started talking in a low mumble of partially spoken words and phrases.  I reached up with my hand and slid my thumb into her quivering quim, plunging it in as far as it would go.  Again, Laura ground against my face, bucking against my hand and mouth, her word growing louder but still not intelligible.  Another small orgasm hit her and her back arched as the pleasure washed through her.  Taking advantage of the momentary stillness, I pushed my index finger completely into her ass. What had started as a small orgasm turned big in a hurry. “Oh Fuck!” she cried out and started rocking against me even harder than before. I could feel her cum dripping down my chin, onto my neck and chest. “Oh shit yeah. Fuck. Oh my God…AHHHH!” she called out as her body spasmed hard.  A new explosion of cum splattered against my chest as her pussy and ass gripped my fingers with a force that could not be denied.  Each flick of my tongue across her clit made her shiver and cum more until finally she pulled off of me and rolled onto the bed, her head near my feet and my head near hers.

 I wiped my face dry with one hand and rolled around to face her.  She was lying on her side, smiling at me, and said, “You know this is looking like it could be a fun week.”

“If it ended this moment I would call it a fun week, but I’m definitely interested in how much better it can get,”  I said with a smile and wrapped my arm around her.  “So what now?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m a little hungry and a little sweaty and sticky.  Why don’t we grab something from the fridge and hit the shower?”

“That sounds like a great idea.”  We crawled out of the bed and walked to the kitchen.  As I followed Laura I couldn’t help but stare at her ass, perfectly framed by the garter belt and stockings that she still wore, and when she bent over to pull some wine from the fridge I moved up close, and pressed my stiffening cock against her ass.

“Down boy,” she said turning around with a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese in her hands. “Food first and then we put you through your paces again.”  I smiled and backed off reluctantly.  We sat on the kitchen bar stools, drank our wine, ate our cheese and talked about the past.  At first it was easy to be completely casual, it somehow felt normal to be sitting naked in the kitchen with Laura, but the longer the conversation went the harder it became to think of anything but how much I wanted her again.  Consequently, I started getting hard again and Laura noticed right away.  “Well I’m full,” she said, setting her now empty glass on the table. “Shall we head to the shower?”

SSwallowing the last of my cheese I nodded. “Yeah, I think that sounds like a great idea.”  We made our way back to her room and turned on the hot water.  The shower was a nice, big walk in with clear shower doors that were steamed up by the time Laura had stripped down completely.  I followed her in and we took turns rinsing off in the hot water before we reached for the soap.  We each took a large hand full of the blueberry scented bodywash that was there and instantly reached for one another.  Our hands performed a poorly coordinated dance as we washed each other simultaneously and tried to turn the other on as much as possible.  Once we were completely soapy and aroused I pulled Laura too me and kissed her.  Our bodies were slick with the soap and every bit of movement felt glorious.  Our hands wandered about each other until my fingers were rubbing her clit and her hand was stroking my cock. 

Laura pulled away from me after a few minutes of kissing and fondling. Stepping back into the steamy water, she said, “You know, I do still have one place where I’d like that cock of yours.” Reaching up she angled the shower head at me, rinsing me off. “What do you say you take care of that problem?”  With that she pulled the shower head back down, turned, placed her hands on the blue tile shower wall, spread her legs and lifted her ass up just a little.  With a picture like that I could not have refused even if I was stupid enough to want to.

Moving up behind her I spread her cheeks wide exposing her anus to me.  I thought about kneeling and eating that delicious looking ass, but I wanted to be inside her too badly to wait.  I aimed my cock at her little pink button and slowly pushed my way inside until my balls were resting against her pussy.  Laura rocked her hips slowly. “Mmmm, yeah baby, you feel so good in there.  Fuck my ass baby, fill me up.”  I’ve never known Laura to swear very much, but listening to her dirty talk was making my blood boil in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

“You want it hard baby?” I asked as I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, gripping her hips tightly.

“Oh God yes.  Please, I love your cock in my ass. Give it to me hard.”  Laura looked back over her shoulder and the fire in her eyes told me she was not kidding.  I thrust in and out of her, faster and faster until I had reached a rhythm that left her crying out with each thrust. “Fuck!  Ahhhh, God damn!  Fuck!  Oh Shit!”  Her cursing was occasionally interrupted by loud moans and cries as I continued to bear down on her ass.

 Laura bucked wildly and used one hand to rub her clit rapidly, riding out an orgasm that I could feel from inside her ass.  Her muscles tightened and she clamped down hard upon my shaft, sending me completely over the edge. I grunted and said, “Here it comes baby….I’m CUMMMMING!!!”  At that moment she gripped my cock even tighter with her sphincter, and when she released me, I could feel a huge stream of cum shoot from within me, filling her bowels.  I continued to pump her ass, which grew slicker with each stream of cum, and called out like some animal. My speech lost coherence until I was reduced to savage grunting and moaning. 

When I finally stopped cumming, I pulled out of Laura’s ass and leaned back against the shower wall.  Laura walked over to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, “God I needed that.  Shall we rinse off and head to bed?”

 “Sure,” I managed, still a little shaken.  “Would you mind if I slept in here tonight?  I do hate sleeping alone.” I smiled.

 Laura smacked me in the chest. “You’d better stay in my bed.  I still expect some cuddling you know.”  We smiled, rinsed off and headed back to the bed, but this time we actually crawled under the covers.  Laura snuggled up close to me, “Good night Eric.”

“Good night.”


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