Celebrity Fantasy

Thank you to Graveyardnight for his blog about celebrities he would like to fuck. I loved it and thought I would do one myself. Now some that he had on his list would definitely make mine, but why repeat excellence? So here is my list. It is not complete by any stretch but they are the ones that came to mind tonight.

Now, in no particular order, the celebrities I would love to fuck:

1. Kat Dennings

In the movies she always seemed like the quirky girl with the jot friend, but in reality she is pretty darn hot herseld. She has a unique look and incredible tits that she is not afraid to let breath.
2. Charlize Theron
I have had a thing for her for years. She is an amazing beauty and an incredible talent. She is not afraid to dress down either. Her award winning performance in Monster left showed her without her incredible beauty. She is not afraid to show some skin and I am ever so grateful for that.
3. Christina Ricci
Another actress not afraid to play in odd roles that don’t always highlight her beauty, Christina Ricci has a smile that knocks your socks off. There is a glint in her eyes that gives me the shivers.
4. Christina Hendricks
To me she was the only thing worth watching on Mad Men. She is not the typically thin starlett. She has curves that never quit and a rack worth dying for. Add in the head of red hair and it doesn’t get much sexier.
5. Katy Perry
I am not big on pop music, but she’s not too bad and she is very easy to look at. She has a great figure and big tits that she is not afraid to show off. She seems to have a great sense of humor too and that takes the sexy up a notch.
6. Kate Beckinsale
Wow. Beauty. Sex appeal. Talent. She is the whole package. That’s all I can say on the matter.

9 thoughts on “Celebrity Fantasy

  1. I loved your list and couldn’t agree more with it. I should have put Katy Perry on my list, but didn’t think of it. After all, my wife said that if I met her, I could fuck her. I told my wife that would settle for a look-alike.

    Great post, I’m glad I was able to inspire you and thank you for the recognition.

    Graveyard Night

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    1. True enough. No one says that you can’t add more. If you look closely at the second Katy Perry pic, you can almost see her right nipple.


  2. I could do Hendricks and Perry šŸ™‚ they’re more my type body type wise (and face wise) ….i like the girl next door look….i can’t deal with a bitch face or too skinny.

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