Visiting Laura, Part Three

I slept well that night, probably the best sleep I had had in years.  When I woke in the morning I felt invigorated, ready to take on the world, and with Laura kneeling between my legs, sucking my cock with deliberate care, I felt like I could spend every ounce of my energy fucking her silly all day.  “Mmmm, good morning.”

Laura slowly lifted up, letting my cock fall from her lips, “Good morning.  I woke up a little hungry,” she said with a smile and a wink as she stroked my cock with one hand. Never taking her eyes off me, she ran her tongue along the head of my cock, wrapping, flicking, and stroking my tip vigorously.


“Ahhh, well I would certainly like to satisfy that hunger for you,” I said, watching, mesmerized by sight of my cock disappearing once again between her lips.  Laura continued to work her magic on me for another few minutes, bringing me close to cumming at least three times before cooling me back down.  She resisted all of my advances, batting away my hands and pushing me back down when I tried to sit up.  Any attempt to talk on my part was interrupted by increased hand pumping and hard sucking that left me instantly breathless and moaning.  When I felt an impending orgasm for the fourth time Laura shut me down at the last possible moment, pressing her fingers against the base of my cock, making me grunt and groan loudly, but keeping me from cumming.

“Okay baby, next time I won’t stop you,” Laura said as she released my cock and crawled on top of me. I was breathless and quite frankly felt a little weak, but as soon as my breathing returned to some sort of normal, Laura sat upright, knees on either side of my abdomen. Pressing down she rubbed her wet slit up and down the length of my cock, teasing both of us in the process.  Once she had me wet with her juices, she did something amazing; without missing a beat, she shifted her hips and my cock slid inside her with a single motion.  We moaned and arched our backs as I penetrated her as deeply as I could. 

Laura rocked her hips back and forth, gradually picking up speed.  I reached up and played with her gently swaying breasts, rolling the nipples between my fingers and occasionally pinching them until they were as hard as bullets. Laura increased her tempo to a near frenzy, popping my cock back and forth inside her.  The sensation was incredible and it was only because she restrained me earlier that I was able to keep from cumming.  Laura started gasping and fell forward, her hands landing on my chest, yet she somehow managed to keep her hip rocking rhythm.  The feeling changed for me, but the intensity still existed, and apparently it was still there for Laura.  She moaned and called out, “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. Oh!  Ooohhh!  Ooohhhhhhh!”  Her pussy clamped down hard on my shaft and undulated as her orgasm ripped through her.  Her juices flowed freely, covering my balls and ass with her cum, yet she never slowed down in her movement. “Fuck me Eric. Cum inside me.  Make me cum again.”

 Taking that as my cue I shifted her even further forward so that her hands were on either side.  I placed my hands on her hips, bent my knees and started to drive into her with everything I had. Her beautiful tits swung back and forth as I drilled he. Laura’s hard nipples grazed my chest with every thrust. I felt the tension rise within me. I knew it wasn’t going to be long, so I poured as much effort into it as I could.  Laura was panting and saying, “oh God, oh God,” over and over until her voice reached a crescendo and I felt her cum for the second time that morning.  The grasping of her pussy pushed me over the edge, and with a final few thrusts I followed her lead, cumming and calling out at the top of my lungs.  I continued thrusting in and out of her as long as I could and managed to get Laura to another small orgasm that left her shaking when she finally collapsed on top of me.

For an unknown number of minutes we laid there, content, trying hard to get our bodies back under control.  We kissed and got up from the bed and back to the shower.  This time we actually focused on cleaning up, but often found ourselves holding each other tight, kissing.  While in the shower we talked about what we wanted to do for the day, and decided that it would probably be best if we got out of the house for a while and maybe even do some touristy things.  After all, we didn’t want to burn out our libidos on the second day of my vacation did we?

It was a sunny summer day and so we dressed lightly.  I wore baggy denim shorts and a button down collared shirt, Laura wore a short cotton skirt and a t-shirt so tight that it left little to the imagination.  I loved it.  We ate breakfast at a little deli down the street from Laura’s and headed to the zoo for a start. 

Laura and I loved going to the zoo before I moved.  It is a great place to unwind, stretch your legs and have some fun. We wandered about the zoo hand in hand, but whenever the opportunity would arise we would tease each other mercilessly: while watching the elephants Laura backed into me, rubbing her ass against my cock covertly while a whole crowd of people stood around us (I swear more than one person noticed the bulge in my shorts as we walked off) and in the reptile room I kissed her and rubbed her nipples through her shirt and bra until they were rock hard and very noticeable.  On and on like this we went, taking every opportunity to turn each other on, and if it left something visible for others to see, so much the better.  By the time we left the zoo we had become so overt with our flirting and teasing that people were actually looking at us funny and we were incredibly turned on.  It was a little after noon and both of us were more than ready to head back to Laura’s and fuck like the animals we had just been visiting, but agreed that we would hold out for a while longer still.

 The next stop was to the local mall, not terribly touristy, but I’m a pretty terrible tourist.  We mostly window shopped and people watched, but we did buy a few CD’s, played some games in the arcade and made a special trip to Frederick’s of Hollywood.  We looked at a number of different outfits and finally settled on two: a black merry widow and lacey red, crotchless number that laced up the back and pushed up the breasts.  Laura teased me mercilessly in the store, even going so far as to ask one of the attendants to come into the changing room and tell her what she thought of the merry widow.  When the attendant came out a few minutes later she looked a little flushed.  She walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “You’re lucky to have a girlfriend who tastes so good.”  She gave my ear a lick and walked over to another customer.  I must have looked dumbstruck because some of the other employee smiled and laughed a little when they looked over at me.  When Laura came out in her street clothes I raised an eyebrow and she smiled and winked.  We paid for the items and walked back through the mall. “Sorry, but I needed a little relief and I didn’t figure you’d mind,” Laura whispered as we neared the food court.

“Um, nope.  I just wish I could have watched,” I said with a wink.  I really didn’t mind, but thinking about it made me harder and hornier than ever.

“Well its too late for that, but how about I give you some different pictures.”  Handing me her bags she ran into one of those coin operated picture booths. “No peeking,” she called from inside. After a couple of minutes she emerged and handed me a strip of small black and white photographs, “A souvenir just for you.”  I quickly looked over the photos and was pleased to see they were all of a topless Laura.

“Now that is the kind of souvenir I could get used to.” With a smile I gave the strip one last, good look and put it in my wallet.

By the time we had made it back to the car it was nearing 5:00 and both of us were hungry for more than just each other.  When I asked about dinner Laura got a wicked gleam in her eye and smiled, “I already have reservations at a special place for us. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Nah, you know I’ll eat just about anything.”  A few minutes later we were at the restaurant, a large, upscale looking place called The Acropolis Steakhouse.  “Are you sure we’re dressed okay for here?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a lot more casual than the exterior suggests.”  We hopped out of the car and headed in for dinner.  There was a line waiting to get in, but Laura led me past it to the reservation desk. “We have a reservation under the name Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Laura said smoothly. I tried not to laugh, but the idea of being incognito struck me as funny.

“Ah yes, the VIP room has been prepared and your special requests have been seen to Mrs. Smith.  If you will just follow Robert, he will take you to your room and your waitress will be right with you.”

As we headed toward the double doors leading into the restaurant I whispered to Laura, “VIP room. I’m impressed.” And once we walked into the restaurant proper I truly was.  The main room was large, circular and spacious, with numerous tables filled
with patrons.  The walls of the room were all mirrored except for every ninety degree of the room: the kitchen entrance was opposite from the restroom doors and another set of double doors stood opposite of the main entrance.  As we walked along the outer edge of the great room I noticed that every so many feet there was a door concealed within the wall of mirrors and I assumed these were the VIP rooms. 

 While I had at first been interested in the room at large I began to feel like there was something not quite right about the room, and then it hit me:  the waitresses were all wearing underwear, nighties, robes and other assorted negligees.  I quickly looked around to confirm my initial observation and not one waitress was fully dressed, or homely for that matter.  Laura laughed. “I told you the place was special.”

I laughed back. “You weren’t kidding.  How did you find this place?”

“They built it about a year after you left.  At first the locals freaked out about it, but after a couple of years the angst mellowed and it’s become a bit more exclusive and not every pervert with a thing for naked waitresses can get in.”

Our room was the last one on our side and was next to the double doors opposite the main entrance.  Robert opened the door, let us in and walked away, shutting the door behind him.  The room was roughly rectangular with large, bench-like cushions on either side of the table and warm light that was subdued but still bright enough to see clearly.  What was most amazing about the room was that the door we had come through, and that entire wall was see through, allowing us to look in on the rest of the restaurant. “It’s all one way mirrors.  We can see out, but no one can see in,” said Laura as I looked around in amazement.  The other walls were opaque but you could see light shifting through them, and the opposite wall had another door.  When I asked Laura about the second door she told me it was where the waitress would come in and where we could go out if we wanted to go into the club behind the restaurant.  From either end of the table to the doors there was an easy six feet of open space, I imagined to allow the waitress to take orders and serve food, but it really helped the room feel more open and kept any hint of claustrophobia at bay.  I have to say that I was truly impressed.

While we waited for our waitress we watched the people in the main dining area, often commenting on the waitresses and their attire or looks.  The customers varied dramatically, from beautiful couples to homely, single men, but most seemed to take the near constant presence of beautiful, half-naked women, completely in stride.  Occasionally a customer would get up and be taken through the double doors near our room, and Laura explained to me that they had been invited into the club by their waitress or a person in a VIP room.  When I asked what kind of a club it was Laura wouldn’t tell me, she would only say that we would go in before the night was over.

It wasn’t long after we sat down that a knock came at the back door, and when it opened in walked our waitress.  She was taller than Laura, even without her heels on, had long blonde hair and a thin, willowy figure.  She wore a tight black leather corset, a translucent black thong, stockings, leather wrist and ankle straps, a choker and leather mask that concealed just enough of her face to make her anonymous.  My eyes were drawn to the various rings and straps strategically placed about the corset, choker and wrist and ankle straps:  this girl was a bondage fantasy in the flesh.  “Good evening Mistress and Master.  Would you care for something to drink while you look over the menu?”  Laura ordered us a nice bottle of Syrah and smiled as our waitress bowed slightly. “Yes mistress.  My name is Emily, but you may call me what you like this evening.  I am your servant for the rest of the night and your wish is my command.”  While turning to leave, Emily seemed to look me over, but I thought it was just my imagination.


Laura and I watched the waitress leave, her round little ass swaying just right as she walked out the door. “I’m not sure,” Laura said, “but I think our little waitress is a bit taken with you.”

“What?  Are you kidding me?”

“No, seriously.  Did you notice the way she checked you out before she left?”  Laura reached across the table and took my hand.  “She was giving you the eye.  I’m pretty impressed actually.  I’ve known her for years and you’re the first guy she’s made eyes at, or at least made eyes at while I was with her.”

“She’s a friend of yours?” I asked, a little curious.

“Yeah, a very good friend actually.  We’ve been friends longer than you and I actually, and yes you’ve met her, but she’s not the same person she was when you last saw her so I’m not surprised that you don’t recognize her.”  Laura winked and continued on, “She’s a bit too aggressive to be a submissive, but I thought the outfit and role-play would be fun.”  A mischievous glint entered her eye. “I say we try to get her to crack. What do you say?”  As she finished the sentence I felt her bare foot snaking its way up the leg of my shorts and boxers.

I shifted downward a little to give her better access. “Sounds like a fun plan to me. How much can we get away with in here without getting into trouble?” I asked, closing my eyes as Laura rubbed my cock with her foot.

“In the VIP rooms you can get away with darn near anything you want.  And I do mean anything.”  This restaurant was getting better and better by the moment.

“So what do you propose we do?”

“I bet if we flirt with her, and each other in front of her, she’ll lose her control and make a move.  She’s become a bit of a nympho as of late, so I’m sure it’ll be impossible for her to resist,” Laura said, her foot never leaving my crotch.  “In fact, I’ll bet you she’s sucking your cock before we’re done eating dinner.  And just to make it fair, we can’t order her to do it or not do it okay?”

“Are you serious?” I asked excited, but cautious about where this was going.

“Absolutely, I’d actually love to see how she handles that nice big cock of yours.  And you actually have to flirt with her.  Just think of it this way, even if you lose the bet you’re still getting a hot blowjob,” she said as she smiled and pulled away her foot.

“Okay, that sounds fair.  But if we’re betting, what is the wager for?”

“Hmmm, good question.”  Laura thoughtfully tapped her chin. “How about the loser pays for all the drinks when we go into the club after dinner?”

“You’re on.”  This was a bet I could appreciate.  If I lost I got a blowjob and paid for drinks I would have bought anyways, and if I won I would still get a blowjob most likely and the drinks paid for.

That night was shaping up to be a great one.

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