Today Was A Good Day

Today I had to make an unscheduled trip to a client’s office to deliver and set up a new workstation. I was grateful for the opportunity since our AC was on the fritz, so I packed everything into my van and headed out.

I got to the office about an hour before they closed for the day. Susan was the only one left in the office since everyone else had cleared out early for the holiday. She smiled and said hello when I came in. “I’m glad you’re here. As soon as you’re done I can lock up and go home,” she said. Susan and I had talked on the phone a couple of times, usually it was her trying to explain to me what her boss wanted, but we had never met in person. She was tall in her high heels and had amazing legs and a great looking ass that was just a little on the large side. She wore a loose skirt that ended just above her knees and a pale green button down blouse that hugged her generous tits just right.  She was pretty, a couple of years older than me I’d guess, but she hid it well.

“Well I’ll do my best to get it done quick.” I ferried my boxes into the back office that I was outfitting and got to work.

I had been at it for about ten minutes when Susan came back and sat in the office with me. “I locked up out front. I’ll let you out the back door when you’re done okay?” She asked.

I was in a pretty good mood and feeling a little full of myself so I said, “I don’t know. Being locked in with a beautiful woman might be kind of rough.” She blushed and smiled.

“So how much longer do you think it will take?”

I got down on my knees behind the desk to connect some of the peripherals and said, “shouldn’t be much longer, a half hour. Tops.”

I felt her walk around  beside me and sit on the desk, her lags dangling close to my head. “If you get it done fast I’ll make it worth your while,” she said with a little purr.

“Oh yeah? How so?” I sat back on my heels and looked up as she shifted. My eyes followed her legs up past the tops of her stockings to the white lace panties between them.

“I’m sure I can find something you might like,” she said. I ran my hand up her calf to her thighs and upward, but the moment I passed within the skirt she croassed her legs. “Oh no you naughty boy. No touching for you until you get your work done.” She smiled and a dark light twinkled in her eyes. “Think of it as an incentive”

Without another word I got back on all fours and started putting things in place. Normally it takes only a minute or two to do that, but I was rushing and making mistakes. Next thing I know Susan’s hand is rubbing my ass, running down my crack and over my balls. I moan and try to focus, but it doesn’t come easy. Finally I finish, and as tempted as I am to let her keep at what she’s doing, I really want that reward.

I back out from under the desk and sit in the chair, ready to finish the software portion of the setup, but once again I find myself distracted. Susan has unbuttoned most of her blouse and her tits are  thrusting out, barely contained by her bra. “Sorry, I was getting a little hot. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” I say, taking a deep breath. “It is definitely a little hot in here.”

I turn on the computer and try to focus on the screen while Susan hops down from the desk, grabs a chair and brings it alongside mine. She leans closer, puts her hand on my thigh and says in a throaty voice, “I love how much you know about these things. It fascinates me.” Her lips are almost on my ear and each breath teases me and shoots a spark through my system.

“Th-Thanks,” I manage. I try to focus on the machine, setting the permissions, doing the updates, but her hand has crept upward and she is stroking my cock through my slacks.

“Wow, it seems you might be good for more than just computers,” she says as she unzips my fly and pulls out my completely hard cock. “Oh my, definitely good for something more.” I pause at my work and moan as she runs her fingers up and down my shaft. “Uh, uh, uh,” she whispers in my ear, “you have to get the work done if you want the grand prize.”

I get back to work, but it is almost impossible. Thank god I’ve prepped the machine ahead so that I don’t screw up the critical stuff. Susan is stroking my cock hard while she kisses and bites at my ear. If I hadn’t been focusing so hard on the computer I would have shot cum all over her hand.

“Finished! Oh God, I’m finished.” I leaned back in the chair and sighed loudly.

Susan looked at the screen and back at me. “So it appears.  Well very good. I suppose you’d like that reward now?”

“God yes,” I growled.

She laughed, stood and removed her blouse, bra and skirt. She was magnificent. She sat back on the desk in front of me, wearing nothing but her panties. “Lets get this straight Michael. I have a date with my husband tonight, so I don’t want your cum in my pussy or ass, but you can put it anywhere else you’d like. Understand?” I nodded the affirmative. “Good. Now take your prize.”

I Stood up and kissed her hard while I grabbed her tits in my hands. She moaned into my mouth as I massaged her tits and pinched her nipples. I wanted the moment to last, but I was so turned on I was not going to last long once my cock became involved. I reached between her legs with one hand and rubbed her pussy through her panties, pleased to find them soaking wet. I knelt down between her legs and pushed aside her panties. My tongue slipped in and out of her. She tasted amazing and obviously enjoyed what I was doing.  She had a firm grip on my head and cried out my name when she came, squirting all over my face.

When she stopped shaking she pushed me back into my chair and quickly removed my pants and boxers. She knelt between my legs and fondled my balls with one hand while she slowly lowered her mouth over the head of my cock. She started slow, but soon she was swallowing all of me, her tongue dancing about every inch. She must have sensed how close I was getting becuase she stopped and applied pressure at the base of my cock. “Where do you want to come Michael?” she asked, never releasing my balls.

I thought about it for a moment and decided. “On your tits.”

“Ooh you naughty boy. Allright.” Once again she started sucking my cock, but this time she got sloppy with it, letting her spit and my precum flow all over. She placed her tits against my balls and used her hands to spread the spit all over them. She was bringing me closer and closer before she pulled me from her mouth and fucked my cock with her tits. Faster and faster she  stroked me until I cried out, arching my back, “I’m gonna cum! Oh God!” The first stream splashed against the underside of her chin and she leaned back, stroking my cock with her fist and splashing the rest of my cum all over her beautiful tits.

“Mmm, that was amazing,” she says before taking me back into her mouth and sucking me clean. I pull out of her mouth and rub my cock through the cum on her tits before stiking it back in her mouth. As my cock pops out of her mouth once more she looks up and spots the wall clock. “Oh shit!  I have to get going!” She ran to the bathroom and I can’t help but admire the wobble to her ass as she went.

I quickly clean myself up and grab the boxes and tools that need to go back with me and take them to the back door. When Susan finds me there she’s dressed and looking as perfect as when I had walked in. “God, Michael, that was the best service job I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, it certainly ranks as one of my all time favorites,” I said with a smile.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me once more. “I just might have to break something for next Friday.”

“If you do I’ll come running.  Service with a smile and all.”

She kissed me once more and opened the door. I walked out, loaded the van and waved as she got in her little BMW and drove away. I really hope she does need some help again next week.

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